Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video Any parent strives to provide his offspring with a safe and comfortable life. And it's no secret that for a children's room in many families the best room is allocated - the lightest and most spacious. Parents consider it their duty to renovate and furnish this room even better than others. But the competent organization of a useful, safe and functional space in a children's room is a rather difficult undertaking. And those who do not want to use the services of professionals, but want to do it with their own hands, should approach the issue with all seriousness.

Our ideas and color schemes for decorating children's bedrooms and subsequent renovations will help you! Where to start?


Playroom: choose a room

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
The ladder is comfortable, but traumatic

Perhaps, choosing from the available premises the most suitable for a children's room in the house is a rather difficult task. Some recommend arranging it on the ground floor, in a not too large room. This is explained by the fact that the baby, who is not yet too firmly on his feet, will not be able to injure himself if the parents are suddenly distracted, and he will make an attempt to explore the living space outside his room and fall down the stairs. But this choice can cost parents additional hassle.

Parents' bedrooms, in most cases, are located on the second floor of a private house (of course, if available).

And, placing themselves at different levels with the baby, parents should be aware that running from floor to floor, if the child needs something, is not very convenient. It is much more expedient to locate the nursery in the house in the immediate vicinity of the habitat of mom and dad.

And it is quite simple to secure the ladder: the installation of a special barrier that blocks the child's way out will make it easy to avoid the baby coming out onto the ladder, and his subsequent injury. You can purchase a specialized device that is sold in a store, or you can use a simple heavy box or other item suitable for this role.

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
A bunk bed is a great solution if you have two children or are planning another child

The doors of the parent's bedroom should be located near the nursery, to provide mom and dad with quick and convenient access to the baby.

But it is not at all necessary that the rooms are located through the wall. They may well be separated by a pantry, a bathroom or another living room. It is comfortable from all sides - if necessary, they can instantly get to the child, and at the same time they can calmly lead their usual adult life.

Adequate natural light is essential for the health and development of the little man. Therefore, it is best if the windows of the room chosen for it face the bright, sunny side.

The necessary amount of light is an important part of the formation of a healthy microclimate in the room, the guarantee of the absence of chronic diseases in the child.

Room for a child: design

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
Design in style race driver

Competently developed design is the lion's share of success in organizing a nursery. This is a rather difficult task, and it would be more correct to entrust it to professionals. They will be able to develop the desired project quickly and efficiently, taking into account the input data.

If you do not want to spend money on a specialist, or if you want to do this work on your own and to your liking, you should first study the theory of upcoming events.

What do you need to know for this?

  • Color scheme. Many adults are sure that the prevailing white color in the interior design is the most suitable in this case: it is bright, attractive, does not tire the eyes and makes the room light. However, children's perception of the world around them is fundamentally different from that of an adult. Often, what the older generation sees as moderate and calm, the younger seems dull and very boring.
Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
In blue

Therefore snow-white wall painting is not the best color option for a child's room.

It is much better to give preference to more pleasant pastel colors. For a girl, for example, it can be pink, for boys, green or blue. Bright catchy colors are good in themselves, but it is undesirable to use them for interior decoration: they are rather tedious and contribute to fatigue. It's quite another matter - their gentle, soft tones.

  • Additional interior details.

    It is best not to leave the walls clean and intact. As we have already noted, for children they look boring and not interesting. And the child seeks to know the world, he needs new impressions and sensations in the process of this cognition. Therefore, the more objects there are in the nursery, the better and more useful it is for the baby. But fragile items and decorations can be spoiled in the process of children's play.

    So they have to be strong and durable enough. It is good to use colorful wall and furniture decals. The main thing is to adhere to a single style in design, and then you can turn the nursery into a wonderful playground for games and other comfortable spending time.

  • Wallpaper will be an excellent choice for a nursery.
    Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
    Photo wallpaper in the house is an excellent option for a bright interior design

    Among other things, parents will not have to puzzle over the choice of a suitable pattern and color of wall coverings.

    But the purchase of such wallpaper should be approached with utmost attention. Better if they are bright and colorful, focusing on themselves. The landscapes of mountain lakes, flowering gardens and green forests so beloved by adults cannot be called a good choice.For the child, some cartoon plots, or favorite game characters will be more attractive. It's a good idea to choose an option where there are many small details.

    Studying them, the kid learns to concentrate, learn new and interesting things. Overly bright and catchy coatings are best avoided.

  • The use of complex design elements in the nursery is also not very desirable . Undoubtedly, the use of various modern techniques with suspended multilevel ceilings, built-in original lighting, and other decorative elements will look very sophisticated and elegant. But it is unlikely that the kid will be able to appreciate such an exclusive interior.

    As a result, a rather impressive amount of cash will be spent virtually in vain. Better to use them to decorate a bedroom, living room or improved bathroom. Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video

  • Compliance of the design with the wishes of the baby is of great importance. But you shouldn't overdo it either. In a desire to please their offspring, parents often follow his lead, and decorate the nursery in the form of a pirate cave or a spaceship cabin.

    And children grow up pretty quickly, and their preferences change rapidly. And a lot of effort and money is spent on a thematic device. Who guarantees that in a few months the child will not be bored with pirates, and he will not be carried away by dinosaurs or robots?

And then what, to redo the annoying entourage? previously planned repairs, or exacerbate relations with a capricious child. So the best option for decorating a room is a more neutral style, which is set off and decorated with bright small details.

There are actually many more similar rules.

But to list them all, you will probably have to write a whole novel on the design of rooms for children. But even these simple rules will help you create a real dream room for your offspring.

Children's room: choosing furniture

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
Designer furniture for a children's room

Any room in the house needs furniture. In the nursery, it should be especially comfortable and functional, therefore it is advisable to approach its choice seriously and responsibly.

Often parents, either wanting to demonstrate their viability, or to amuse their vanity, choose too expensive branded furniture for the interior of the children's room.

A bed from France, a table from Italy, a wardrobe from Hungary, and other delights. The child is not able to assess the amount spent, and due to age characteristics, he still does not know how to take care of things.

Prestigious furniture in a nursery can cause frequent generational conflicts.The child wants to frolic and play, and he hears constant remarks from his parents: do not jump on the bed! Don't paint on the walls! Don't scratch the table!

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
This is often the case when a child is playing

The worries and worries of adults are understandable, but try to understand the baby too. He is not interested in knowing how many banknotes mom and dad had to spend on his room, he is interested in actively developing, and for this he must research, create and redo.

Well, sometimes destroy. But this is a necessary stage in the natural and harmonious development of a person.

Therefore, you should not go out of your way trying to furnish the nursery with exclusive furniture.

It would be much more expedient to give preference to budget options for finishing materials and furniture. Children will also be able to rush around the room, hide in closets and jump on the bed: but for their parents it will be much cheaper.

Another parental mistake is the abundance of furniture in the child's room. Why does a baby need a huge bed, several wardrobes, an additional sleeping couch? And there are many more toys ...

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
Lighting in a small children's room with wardrobes and beds

As a result, the spacious room of a country house is practically cluttered with furniture unnecessary for the child, while the size of the living space is drastically reduced.

A tiny piece of space in the center of the room is left for the kid to play. But children just need free space. They need to jump, run, crawl, play, but never sit in one place.

Is it possible to fully develop in the storeroom, into which, against his will, the parents turned the children's room?

Therefore, it is advisable to approach the planning of the nursery premises more reasonably, and be guided by common sense and expediency. Here it is desirable to have only the necessary minimum, which cannot be dispensed with.

This is a comfortable bed, a study table, a wardrobe for clothes and linen, and a couple of chairs. This set is quite enough for a child, and at the same time his room will be spacious and comfortable for active activity.

Children's room in a country house: game device

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video Whoever a person does in childhood: a pilot, a hairdresser, a doctor, an athlete, an artist and a cook.

Babies embody their fantasies in games during which the nursery is sometimes seriously attacked. The room may be damaged in some way, and to exclude this, you need to properly prepare it for mobile children's entertainment.

How to properly equip a playroom for a child?

It is desirable that it contains various sports equipment. Of course, we are not talking about expensive branded exercise machines and dumbbells. For children, special kits are produced that correspond to their age.You can purchase the required items separately: a horizontal bar, a Swedish wall, a punching bag or a sports mat.

With the help of these devices, the child will be able to spend the accumulated energy and work up an enviable appetite.

You can purchase materials and build sports facilities yourself. This design will cost parents quite a budget.

Interior and Design Ideas- Review + Video
Paints mean a lot to children

When equipping a nursery, one should consider with the hobbies and passions of the child. Does your kid love to draw? You can place a special board with crayons or markers here. The child will improve his skills, delighting his parents with masterpieces and clean wallpaper.

The floor covering in the playroom needs special attention. It will be rational to use practical inexpensive linoleum in this capacity. Perhaps the carpet looks much richer, and the laminate is more fashionable and elegant ...

But paints, gouache, and even spilled ordinary water can cause them irreparable damage.

Linoleum is not afraid of water and pollution, it is easy to wash and clean, and it will not be difficult to replace it. Yes, creating a full-fledged and useful in every sense of a children's room is a rather difficult process, requiring time and effort. But isn't your child's health, wellness, and mood worth it?


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