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interior design + Photo and Video For storing things, various decorative pieces, there are different cabinets, special modules, dressers, shelves and the like. We'll talk about shelves in this article. Even a small family living in a house or apartment needs to place their belongings, dishes, interior items and the like.

There are different storage modules for this, but they are always in short supply. This problem can be solved by buying storage furniture, but not everyone has enough space to place, for example, a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

Therefore, many people decide to order custom-made furniture for their premises, but this service is expensive.

Plasterboard for shelves

We will tell you how you can save money by building your own drywall shelves.

interior design + Photo and Video Plasterboard is considered an excellent material, for creating not only partitions in the room, installing a plasterboard ceiling, but also it is used for the construction of niches, cabinets or shelves. They will become a functional, practical place to store not only things, but kitchen items and interior items.

After the repair, there may be scraps of drywall sheets, they should not be thrown away.

Even if there are doubts that your room is not spacious enough, there may still be a place for a small shelf. This shelf will decorate your interior.

interior design + Photo and Video Drywall sheets are easy to work with and easy to install. When working with drywall, certain skills are not needed, it is enough to have quick wit and accuracy. Also, a positive quality of drywall is its light weight.

A lightweight material is not only drywall, but also a frame made of metal profiles.

Decorative finishes are always given special attention in any work. Various materials are used to decorate drywall shelves.

DIY drywall shelves

interior design + Photo and Video First you need to choose what will be your future drywall shelf is intended.

If you plan to put or put something heavy on the shelves, then it should be made very durable.

If you have plans to install a TV or other heavy equipment on a drywall shelf, then the shelf frame is reinforced with a profile.

In this case, a regular profile will not work, but corners made of metal will do, and plasterboard parts will be fixed on them.

Such a measure is necessary and cannot be neglected. This is necessary for the shelf to be strong and withstand all loads.

If the shelf is only a decorative element, then the structure can be made light.

And so you have chosen the design and strength of the drywall shelf, now you can start preparing the necessary tools and calculating the amount of material.

Tools and materials

interior design + Photo and Video To build a drywall shelf tools such as:

  • Hacksaw with fine teeth;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Drywall knife ;
  • Punch;
  • Square.

For work you will need materials such as:

  • interior design + Photo and Video Drywall ;
  • Dowel - nails;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Guide profile;
  • Direct hangers.

And so you have all the tools and material, now start working with drywall.

Before you start building the shelves, you need to make its blueprint.

interior design + Photo and Video This drawing at the initial stage will help to make some changes to the design of your drywall shelf.

If you put the drawing on the wall, you can see how the final drywall shelves will look. Once you have chosen the dimensions of the shelf, you will need to calculate the required materials. These calculations are not complicated and will not take much time.

Plasterboard sheets come in various thicknesses and sizes.

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A drywall sheet can be 2 to 4.5 meters long, and its width can be from 1.2 to 1.3 meters.

The thickness of drywall should not go beyond the permissible limit, and this limit is from 6 to 24 millimeters.

These characteristics allow you to select the required sheet size, will be calculated for different loads.

The design and functionality of the shelf in the future depends on the choice of drywall.

Installation of drywall shelves

We begin the installation of the frame. For the construction of drywall shelves, the UD profile is used, it is not wide.

interior design + Photo and Video

Due to the fact that the profile is not heavy, the structures are not bulky and lightweight.

First, you need to measure the distance where the drywall shelf will be.

After you take measurements, you need to attach the profile to the wall using a level. The profile is nailed with metal dowels 6 * 40, and nylon dowels can also be used as fasteners.

It must be remembered that it is necessary to strengthen the frame of the shelves, that the structure was strong and reliable.

After the metal structure is ready, then proceed to the installation of drywall sheets.

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This work is considered not as hard as the installation of metal profiles. Attach drywall sheets to metal or nylon screws. The size of the self-tapping screws is twenty-five millimeters.

It is not difficult to sheathe the metal frame, but it is worth watching so that its sheets are not skewed, otherwise this can lead to the fragility of the shelf. At all stages of the construction of the shelves, it is necessary to compare all the design parameters with the drawing, and so that there are no distortions of the drywall sheets, it is necessary to use the level.

interior design + Photo and Video Shelves are sometimes made not standard, that is, of any shape. Drywall is a very malleable material and can be used to make the most intricate surfaces. For example, make a shelf in the form of honeycombs or wood, but it is worth considering in advance the mounts for the shelves. You also need to be careful and have patience.

Plasterboard must be used to place heavy items such as TV on the shelf.

It is also necessary to strengthen the structure with additional slats.

Illumination of drywall shelves

A drywall shelf is most often equipped with lighting, it gives it an elegant and interesting look.

interior design + Photo and Video

The illuminated one is still an additional source of illumination. The backlight can have any light and any intensity, and it depends on your idea or the idea of ​​the designer.

To install the luminaires on a shelf, you need the following tools:

  1. Round crown, for cutting holes;
  2. Drill.

The crown diameter depends on the luminaire size. Determine the place for the lamp in advance.

interior design + Photo and Video It is not difficult to install the lamp, but you have to work hard with the wiring. If you do not have wiring skills, then it is better to use the services of a professional.

An LED strip can also be installed as a shelf lighting, because it can be laid anywhere, even in hard-to-reach places.

This strip illuminates the shelves evenly and can serve as a full-fledged light source.

The LED strip has a wide range of colors and has energy-saving ability.

Finishing work

Finishing work on the construction of a drywall shelf is putty and further decoration.

Before interior design + Photo and Video you start to putty and decorate the shelf, you need to fasten the shelves with metal and plastic corners.

  • The inner corners of the shelf are glued with a reinforced mesh to avoid cracks in the future.

  • Then the shelf is putty and the putty is applied in a number of layers.
  • If the shelf will be painted in a different color in the future, its surface must be sanded and then primed.

interior design + Photo and Video You can see the options of ready-made shelves on the photos on the Internet.

As you already understood that drywall is the material from which a structure of any shape is constructed. Products made from such material are budgetary and not labor-intensive.

Although the drywall itself does not look aesthetically pleasing, the products from it turn out to be very interesting. We hope this information was useful to you.

Good luck and inspiration!