Interior details of the apartment that are worth considering so that you do not get bored with new renovations

Interior details of the apartment that are worth considering so that you do not get bored with new renovations The interior of the apartment, that will not get bored

Probably, from time to time, everyone wants to change something in their apartment and this is an absolutely normal desire. But there are things that are initially doomed to get bored after a couple of months. In order not to spend an impressive amount of money on momentary purchases, we suggest that you consider in which cases you will definitely risk.

Instead of describing the interior of the apartment, which will not get bored (and each person has his own tastes and it will be difficult to do this), we suggest that you dwell on what will get bored quickly.

How to create an apartment interior that will not get bored

Strict adherence to a single style

It is impossible to feel comfortable in an interior that can be an excellent illustration of encyclopedic articles "Provence", "Art Deco" or "Minimalism".

Much more questions arise when the interior of the apartment, like a school essay, is made on a given theme "Beach in Miami" or "Noon in Morocco". The right loft is not one that was copied cleanly from the picture, but one where you truly feel at home. Naturally, professional design projects are built specifically for a specific style, but if a specialist works on the interior of an apartment, he usually tries to create a picture as a whole. And when creating such an environment, it starts from the client's worldview, and not from what impressions were brought from vacation a couple of weeks ago.

Please note, that if a certain style is close to you, then you should learn, first of all, to honestly answer and admit for yourself what exactly it is close to.

This is the only way you can decide which style elements resonate with you, and you can understand how to apply them in the interior of the apartment. Sometimes it also happens that the client does not like the combination of colors or the layout at all, but the light fluxes from the large windows and the interior, which is decorated without the use of curtains, are to their taste.

Images that are known to everyone

We are talking about the Eiffel Head, "acidic" Marilyn Monroe from Andy Warhol, Wangog's sunflowers, workers in New York who dine on a crossbeam, posters with Che Guevara are, of course, very vivid images, but you already see them too often in everyday life. A fiery revolutionary from Argentina wearing a beret decorates anything imaginable today - from CDs of fashion groups to lighters. Give them all (and yourself too) a rest! Yes, empty walls can be much more depressing than posters with a hackneyed plot, but if you need to decorate the space above the computer desk, then believe me, you can find less trivial options.

Good advice! To make the walls come alive, it's worth starting to visit flea markets - especially if you live abroad.There you can find real treasures at a normal cost, and it will not be superfluous to look closely at the little-known publications of the authors, because it can be not only a picture, but also photographic prints or graphics. If you have discovered a particular artist, then you should google his site with paintings and find the one that best suits the philosophy of your home.

Strange home shows

Interior details of the apartment that are worth considering so that you do not get bored with new renovations Collecting is a great hobby, but the organization of permanent and temporary compositions should be extremely thoughtful. Putting all 140 porcelain cats on display is not a good idea.

Things for the interior of the apartment should be chosen wisely, for example, leave only a few decorative figures in order to decorate the interior, and then change them as often as you want. If you love photography, you shouldn't make a real gallery of your work on the wall. It is better to print a limited edition on a specific topic, put the pictures in beautiful frames and place them harmoniously on the wall surface. Further expositions can be changed!

Don't forget that the decor was invented in order to please the eyes, and not simply because "I have nowhere else to put this thing." In other words, designers will not hang pictures from the ceiling, they will not put figurines on the wardrobe.

A win-win idea would be to arrange the accessories that can be picked up using publications describing interior projects.

Shop Ideas

Have you noticed before that the most boring sofa cushions are the ones that are offered to buy in a set with this sofa? Yes, there is a great temptation to succumb to the perfection of the showcase and buy everything together, but those who think that it is possible to live in a room that seems to be taken from the IKEA catalog will later understand the following fact - buying here and now all the furniture is a sure way to get an interior. in which there will be no character.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to lie on all the beds, mentally hang your dresses in the locker and imagine how you will prepare dinner for the whole family in this particular kitchen. But if you find yourself at home on a completely different "chamber" scale, you are unlikely to feel the same as in a store, when you perceived the finished interior in a completely different way.

An additional question - is this buying strategy somehow different from the headsets of the Soviet era, when otherwise it was even impossible to buy what you like. In fact, you have a pseudo-choice from a set of ready-made modules. If you are unsure of the powers of your own designer, then it is worth buying basic items and placing them all in the way the designers suggested. But it is best not to rush with the choice of auxiliary pieces of furniture, decor, textiles - it is better not to copy the whole picture up to the vases.Take your weekend shopping outings, look at the world with your eyes wide open, and you will most likely find interesting things that can reflect and shape the image of your home.

Memorable things and the need to keep them

Often we do not get rid of unloved things just for the reason that you got them for inheritance from some second cousin's grandmother and "cost a lot of money." But still I want to believe that your grandmother wished you happiness, and this is possible thanks to things that are pleasant to this or that person. Why not find someone who will be happy to have an antique dresser like yours? And for yourself (for the proceeds) it is better to buy what you like from some other granny or from a fashion designer.

Part with unloved things without regret. Old pieces of furniture, a china set that was presented for a wedding, as well as a stool that the godson put together in his first labor lesson can be easily put into more household hands using online flea markets.

A new owner is also worth picking up for household appliances that you do not use. The bread maker has the right to occupy space only in the apartment where bread is baked regularly. Leave what you really like in the interior. This is especially true for "conditionally valuable things", the value of which was assigned by the master of antiques. If for you this item is not related to the branches of a family tree, then you can sell these things and buy decor and furniture that will fit into your history and also will be to your liking.

Very fashionable interior items

Interior details of the apartment that are worth considering so that you do not get bored with new renovations Old things in the interior of the apartment depress and annoying, but the paradox is that the same thing can happen after buying a trendy thing. It's the same as when you buy clothes - after a year you cannot look at your photos without laughing. Only in the interior is the obsession with fashion much more expensive, so it is worth remembering that if everyone, as one, decided to call rose quartz the color of the year, then painting an apartment in it is not at all necessary.

It is worth assessing whether a potential purchase is in line with the idea of ​​beauty and whether it will really be convenient to use it. There are also things that are always out of fashion.

This is not only a classic dining table made of solid walnut, but also a handcrafted chest of drawers from recycled wood boxes, or avant-garde lamps that cannot be confused with anything else.

Impractical solutions

It will be equally important to observe the principles of expediency. For example, in most apartments a bar counter was unnecessarily equipped. Such an element of decor will correlate with a certain lifestyle and culture of recreation - if energetic alcoholic parties in the form of a buffet are not close to you, then such an item will annoy you with its impracticality, clutter and meaninglessness. Do not overlook the purpose of the space.

A good table and chairs are required if you want to get the most out of your home dining experience. And you can zone the kitchen from the living room with the help of other items, for example, using a rack.

And a little more

It is worth leaving the bed linen from the grocery hypermarket for the students. You will soon get tired of inexpensive pillowcases, blankets and bedspreads "for 300 rubles". At the same time, it is not a fact that they will quickly become unusable, and you can get rid of these items with a light heart.

If you want to enjoy the interior, then it is worth using only those fabrics that will delight you with shades, textures and patterns. It is an incredible pleasure to cover a simple bed with an incredibly beautiful bedspread.

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