Interior sliding doors - application features, advantages

Interior sliding doors - application features, advantages Sliding interior sliding doors + photo

Recently all comfortable interior sliding doors have become more popular. More and more often, designers advise their clients to use this particular type of door, and they have many advantages, especially for small apartments, where every centimeter counts.

Agree, you really want to place as many interior items as possible and at the same time waste useful space to a minimum.


Coupe doors can be divided into many different subspecies, and therefore everyone can choose something most suitable for each interior. Options for a coupe are perfect for small apartments.

They are used as interroom. When opened, the classic options take up a lot of space that can be used for other pieces of furniture.

Doors in the form of a slider can be divided into the following categories:

  • Single-leaf - very compact, have only one sash that will slide to one side.
  • Double-leaf - used in a large area with large openings. In this case, the flaps will move in different directions.

  • Multi-leaf - an option that is very similar to the previous one, but with the only difference when the valves are much larger and they also move in both directions.

It is possible to make a classification according to a different attribute / principle. For example, by the type of opening:

  • Accordion door - in structure it is very similar to blinds, has a folding type of canvas, which consists of several parts. They are often used for dressing rooms, as well as as interroom. A distinctive feature of such a door is its moderate cost.

  • Interior sliding doors - application features, advantages Pencil doors have a high level of noise insulation, and therefore they are incredibly popular under modern conditions. Their main distinguishing feature is that when opening, the doors go into the wall, and do not remain outside, as can be the case with other models.
  • Sliding doors are the most common options, which are divided into one, two and multi-leaf.
  • Cassette cassettes are very similar to the previous version, but with the only difference that when the door is open, the canvas will be hidden in the wall, and they are often made from drywall sheets.
  • Radials are rarely found in a residential apartment, although such models are very original.

    Such sliding-type options have a rounded shape, which is why they got their name. They are installed near walls, the radius of which coincides with the radius of the canvas. Also, the guides on which the compartment door is located have a rounded shape. It looks modern and stylish, and according to this principle, doors work in almost all shower stalls.

  • Intra-apertures can only be double, and they do not slide on / into the wall, but hide one behind the other, which leaves room for passage.

    The sliding doors in the closet are made according to this principle.

  • Cascading are similar to the in-frame version, but at the same time they are triple. One part of the structure will be fixed, and the rest will be mobile. Each of the parts has guides along which they will move.
  • Folding perfectly conceals small areas in the room, for example, separating the office from the rest of the apartment.

These models are able to fit perfectly into narrow doorways, where other structures simply cannot be placed. Whichever model you choose - frameless, mounted, airframe, combined, coupes will still be more original than standard ones. An online constructor will help you choose the ideal option. It is important that the purchased door meets the expectations and needs as much as possible, because it will serve for a long time, and its price is not so low as to frequently replace the door leaf. In addition, the installation of such doors is very difficult, costly, and in almost all cases you will need to consult a specialist.


Materials of manufacture

One of the most important points when choosing interior sliding doors is the choice of material of which such a piece of furniture is made.

Fiberboard and chipboard

One of the most common and suitable materials for this is such materials as chipboard or fiberboard. We propose to consider all its advantages and disadvantages. It's worth starting with what such a structure is. If you decipher, then chipboard is a chipboard.

This plate is usually made under the influence of high temperature. The surfaces of these boards usually contain wood particles, and this material is made using formaldehyde resins. At the moment, this is a very popular option for making an interior door. But this will not guarantee the quality of the product. Always pay attention to the edge, and although chipboard is not afraid of moisture, this is only if the edge is laminated.

Chipboard is an equally popular option.


Doors made of solid wood are the most expensive of interroom doors, but they will last longer than others. They look solid, and natural wood is a trend in any season. In combination with such a canvas, in certain design options, aluminum components are used. They are far from the most durable, but at the same time the material is lightweight, inexpensive, practical, and therefore popular.

The tree is more convenient because with a thin layer of paintwork materials, the texture on the surface of the canvas is preserved. It looks beautiful in almost all interiors. Usually this option is used in the classic interior, and the additional leather trim helps to give the doors beauty, significance and a sense of prosperity.


If you want to have beautiful doors, but just barely enough money, an ideal option would be an MDF canvas. This material is very similar in properties to wood, but much cheaper.

It easily lends itself to various types of processing, including milling, and therefore the door can turn out to be unique, with intricate patterns. For fans of unusual design and creative individuals, this option is ideal. Moreover, these doors are relevant to eco-style, because the patterns can be borrowed from plants, flowers and the rest of the flora. Plywood doors are fragile, but are ubiquitous and popular among different styles and with people of different incomes.


Airy, light and transparent doors will perfectly match the wooden facing of the room.

options with glass inserts also look elegant, and 100% glass models are ideal for dividing a living room and a loggia / balcony. They can restrict access to the veranda in a summer cottage. Less wide glass doors are often installed in saunas and baths, and this is to the liking of visitors. For confined spaces, this is the best solution.

Other materials

Doors made by combining materials are used less often, but in vain, because the combination is style, beauty and practicality, from which definitely shouldn't be denied.

Often in fashionable interiors you can see polycarbonate, plastic and plasterboard doors that fit perfectly into the room, and at the same time do not look vulgar or defiant.


It is possible to talk about the thickness and size for a long time, but the main defining moment in the issue of double-leaf interior sliding sliding doors is the size of the doorway. Usually its height is 2 meters, and its width is from 0.6 to 0.9 meters.

These are standard sizes. Under them, you can find cheaper doors, because they are produced in bulk, and narrower or wider options will cost a pretty penny, since they are made to order. If it is required to install the structure not in the doorway, but as a partition for the room, then the question will arise of calculating the correct size. This does not cause problems for professional architects or interior designers, and therefore it is better to turn to them. Usually, in this case, the canvas is much more than 0.

9 meters wide. Sometimes the doors just consist of several parts, some of which are generally fixed (you will read about similar ones in this article). The height of the model should be less than the height of the ceilings. But this is only when a full-size partition is assumed. If an additional structure is erected above the imaginary door frame, then it will no longer be possible to consider it exclusively as a partition 0, it will turn out to be an interior full-fledged partition, and not a temporary type structure within a single room.

Color palette

Already far ahead, modern technologies have been able to step, and therefore absolutely all interiors can be matched with a door that ideally matches the color. In this case, the material for making the canvas will not matter.Alder and other light shades are usually the most popular colors for residential premises. White is used for office space and bathrooms. But this color is suitable not only there, because the designer is increasingly making the interiors of living rooms in minimalism, where white will play the main role.

But if the owner of the room prefers dark shades, he can be advised by the wenge door. These doors look stylish. But do not overdo it with dark shades, so as not to turn an elegant room design into a basement room. Light and dark areas should be, if not 50/50, but at least be in the ideal ratio.

It will be great if you decorate all the doors in the same style, and although each room will be individual, the door leaves will become a kind of bridge that will connect all the rooms into one whole.

Moreover, all rooms are united by a hallway / hall, in which the style variety of doors will be very striking. If all room interiors are very different, you can make a two-way door. She will have a couple of different canvases and colors, i.e. styles on each side.

Structural mechanism

The main feature of the doors is the opening / closing mechanism. There are a couple of basic types of devices:

  1. Interior sliding doors - application features, advantages Hidden mechanism. Such a system is installed only during the construction of a building, and the exception will be the case when the built-in doors must be installed in a new wall, which is erected after the house is made. This is usually the case with the owners of premises in monolithic frame houses, where apartments are sold by the size of the area, and not by the number of rooms. Recessed doors are hidden in the walls when closing / opening.

    It is difficult to install such a structure, and therefore it is important to call the masters. Craftsmen will perfectly cope with the installation of rails, rollers and guides. If you call a competent master, then no alterations are required, whereas when you try to perform this operation with your own hands, difficulties may appear and you still need to call the masters.

  2. Open mechanism. They can be mounted at any stage, because there is no need to intervene in the construction of the partition between rooms.

    All mechanisms are outside the doors, and therefore everyone can install the components, even if they are doing it for the first time.

You can make a division according to other criteria:

  • Model with 2 guides - in this case the profiles are attached to the ceiling and floor. This design has a smooth ride, as well as a secure fit. This option is used very often, although it has certain disadvantages. To install the bottom floor guide, a recess is required in the floor surface.

    If this is not done, then the rail will constantly clog up, and after a while it will fray and start to look ugly. Due to regular blockages, the opening and closing process will be difficult and will be accompanied by a grinding noise.

  • One rail - easy installation because there are only hanging rails. All you need is a bar that will be under the ceiling. The peculiarity of the method is that the doors should be light, and the mass should not exceed 30 kg, since otherwise the structure will not support the weight.

    If a heavier blade is required, additional rollers are required, as well as stop mechanisms. If this is not the case, the door is capable of falling out from strong efforts.

  • A special fastening at the door, whose appearance can be attributed to the accordion. The whole structure will be supported on the top rail, because these models are usually very light. At the same time, there is a side profile, and this structural filling needs to tightly hold the canvas in the opening.

    The movement is provided by rollers in separate sections.

For information on which interior sliding doors to choose, see the video.