Invector type welding machine for manual electric arc welding: Instruction + Photo and Video

Invector type welding machine for manual electric arc welding: Instruction + Photo and Video Forsage-161 is a domestic inverter type welding machine for high-quality arc welding using welding rods. This small-sized unit is produced at the instrument plant in Ryazan.

A little about the manufacturer. JSC GRPZ - Ryazan State Instrument Plant, which is the largest manufacturer of welded equipment, including the Forsage brand. In production, a base is used, which is taken from a local aircraft building plant.

Here, using the latest technology, on high-quality equipment, units are produced for both private home use and on an industrial scale.

Today this brand is very popular abroad. Forsage-161 is a portable invector type welding device used to perform electric arc welding using electric wires.


This welding unit, like its analogs, is designed to solve problems of strong connection of various metal elements. Welding differs from a fastener in a long service life.

When used carefully, a welded joint can retain its characteristics long before these conditions deteriorate.

Welding is a reliable way of joining elements of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. This explains the wide range of use from domestic to large-scale industrial.

In addition to the main purpose, such units are designed to solve additional tasks. So, with their help, an old part can be quickly removed, a threaded connection damaged by rust can be removed.

It turns out that this device is multifunctional, which will undoubtedly be a good find in everyday life.

Main advantages and disadvantages

The inverter is equipped with protection that allows you to safely connect to a network with unstable voltage. When the network drops to one hundred and sixty Volts, the inverter still maintains an operating condition with electrodes up to three millimeters in size. Thanks to the automatic ventilation system, power consumption is reduced and the ingress of dirt into the device is reduced.

The parts for the inverter are overseas manufactured and designed to make high quality welded joints.

The device can be used on a professional level and in everyday life, it has a feature to adapt to difficult working conditions.

Experts note the well-thought-out design of the device, surpassing in many characteristics the common counterparts produced in China.

The advantages of Fast and Furious 161 are highlighted:

  • Invector type welding machine for manual electric arc welding: Instruction + Photo and Video Portable device with light weight;
  • Low indicators of electrical energy consumption;
  • Ability to recharge from autonomous stations;
  • Can be connected to a network with unstable voltage;
  • High-quality manual arc welding;
  • Versatility;
  • TIG welding can be performed;
  • Little metal spatter during operation;
  • Ease of arc striking;
  • Robust body, shoulder strap;
  • Resistance to overheating;
  • Three-year warranty;

The only drawback here is the high price of an industrial-grade device.


There is a large model range of Forsage company - for argon-arc welding and semi-automatic. And also a huge number of suitable accessories such as cables, automatic assemblies, torches.

When purchasing a unit, you can immediately determine its performance by designation. Any welding job involves the use of electrodes of various sizes.

Working with a single-phase model, electrodes from 1.6 to 4 millimeters are used. The maximum current value is considered 160 A, and the regulation of this parameter starts from 15 A.

The load at the highest current is forty percent of the possible.

The Forsage 180 model is considered the most productive device. Here the connected electrodes are taken with a large diameter, and the maximum current is 180 A. The Forsage-315M three-phase boiler is also distinguished. The size of the electrodes for this model are up to five millimeters in diameter.

Furious-502 is considered the most productive execution of the group of semiautomatic devices. And the group of argon-arc welding has a leader in maximum productivity in the form of the Forsage-315 AC / DC model. If the voltage is below 100V and more than 265V, the device will automatically shut off. A signal icon is displayed on the control panel. It signals to the worker that the invector remains operational but is unable to continue functioning due to a power surge.

An important technical indicator of the device is the duration of the load at a current strength of up to one hundred amperes and is one hundred percent. This means that the welding machine does not need to be interrupted during operation. When using the maximum current, the invector operates according to the scheme: work for 4 minutes, then cooling for 6 minutes.

Up to six kilowatts can be consumed by the invector when operating with normal voltage and highest current. This is a fairly high figure.

However, if an extension cable is used, this value is considered more than acceptable.

Features of Furious 161 maintenance

Invector type welding machine for manual electric arc welding: Instruction + Photo and Video The maintainability of the Forsage welding machine has good characteristics.It is manufactured using standardized elements and blocks, so replacing a failed element is not difficult. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the Ryazan plant produces, in addition to invectors, spare parts for devices. The price of these parts is quite reasonable.

Note: The manufacturer declares that the 161 will function without fail up to 6 years. The unit's passport documentation indicates 3 thousand hours of work before overhaul. Users claim that the welder needs preventive maintenance a little earlier. The Inverter requires careful maintenance in order to eliminate the possibility of premature failure.

Tips of specialists on the use of Forsage-161:

  • It is not recommended to work with the device at critical temperatures from + 40 20;
  • It is necessary periodically clean the device;
  • Do not neglect the operation of the invector in case of overheating and automatic shutdown;
  • If the device has not been used for more than a year, then before starting welding, it must be idle for about an hour.

Note: Also, at the end of each working process, it is advisable to run the convector idle for ten minutes. This is necessary to cool the parts of the device and extend the service life.

Consumer reviews

Fast and the furious -161 is characterized by stable operation. This can be seen in working with metal, the spatter of which does not exceed the permissible limits, as well as with light arc striking. Buyers emphasize that the device copes well with its tasks, is convenient to use due to its compactness.

Many people place an emphasis on the ability to work at reduced voltage.

Therefore, the Forsage brand welding equipment is in great demand. They are made by one of the most popular domestic manufacturers. A wide range of devices with different technical characteristics make it possible to choose the right unit for any conditions.