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is it worth buying or not Tempered glass kitchen worktop - features, photos

Recently, furniture made of glass is becoming more and more popular. Transparent chairs and tables help bring a touch of elegance, grace and lightness to the interior.

Even being large in size, glass products will not visually clutter up the space.

At the moment, tempered glass kitchen countertops have become the sales leaders, but first, let's talk about glass furniture in general.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of glass tables include the following qualities:

  1. Practicality - glass products are very easy to clean.

  2. Hygiene - the material has excellent resistance to moisture, temperature changes, dirt, and therefore will not be susceptible to rotting, mold and insects.
  3. Beautiful aesthetic appearance.
  4. Ability to enlarge premises (visually).
  5. Durability and strength are achieved through hardening.
  6. Reliability and safety.

    Glass is an environmentally friendly material for humans, because it does not emit toxins and allergens.

  7. Versatility. Glass structures can be used for every type of interior - from the living room to the kitchen and even in the office.

And here are the main reasons why doubts arise when buying glass tables:

  1. Fear that children will hit the edges or adult households.
  2. Fear of breaking a countertop that feels fragile.

  3. Feeling cold.
  4. Hand marks that remain on the glass surface.
  5. Some people don't like the clatter of dishes on a glass surface.

In fact, many reasons that make you doubt the purchase can be solved quite simply. In order not to be afraid of impact, you should equip the edges and corners with silicone pads.

Ordinary transparent glass should be replaced with tinted or frosted glass in order to create an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort.

Please note that if you put napkins under the dishes, the knocking will not be heard at all. As for stains, you will need to wipe any table, and you can remove prints from the glass surface with a microfiber cloth.


What are

Glass tables can be classified according to certain criteria.

By type of construction

Most often, tables are selected for their functional purpose, and this will determine its design.

  1. is it worth buying or not Standard stationary designs are very popular for all interiors. Elite models will look great in the living room, and designer coffee tables, which are completely made of glass, will perfectly fit into a room decorated in one of the modern styles.In the children's room, preference should be given to modular systems, and therefore desks should be either side-mounted or collapsible.
  2. Mobile tables are usually equipped with elements that make it possible to change the location without much effort. The console version is often used for a library, living room or study.

    A coffee table equipped with wheels is very compact and popular for many years among all people, regardless of their income.

  3. Folding structures are ways to change their dimensions both in width and in height, which cannot be said about the tempered glass countertop for the kitchen. They are very convenient for small apartments, because when folded they will not take up much space. Glass sliding tables are often used to decorate the interior of a small kitchen. The system of extending the transformers makes it possible to increase the dining area if necessary.

    By the way, manufacturers often offer the purchase of retractable mechanisms in order to lengthen the surface, and lifting mechanisms to change the height.

By shape

The main and most popular shapes include square and rectangular, oval and round , triangular and other complex designs. The choice of geometry for the top will largely depend on the size and capacity of the room.

By glass used for construction

Different types of glass are used during the creation of tables:

  • Hardened usually goes through a processing process in order to increase its strength. It is usually colorless and transparent.

  • Triplex is a glass that has three layers, and a protective film can be glued between its layers. It will provide anti-impact properties, and this will prevent the fragments from flying apart on impact.
  • Tinted and frosted glass will serve as a decorative function.
  • Lacobel is made by adding dye to molten glass, and this will guarantee the stability of the shades. As a result, the material will have a colored, opaque appearance.

  • Reinforced glass is made by fusing a thin metal mesh, which provides an increased level of product strength.

And consider one more property.

By the material of the table base

As a rule, tables are not completely glass, but of a combined type, and therefore they can be divided into groups according to the type of material , which are used to create legs and underframe. On loggias and verandas, artificial rattan options are popular. Usually they buy a set, which includes chairs and a table.

Glass countertops in a wicker frame will look aesthetically pleasing and natural.

A table with a metal frame with a glass surface is a classic option that is used in the kitchen, dining room or living room.Chrome-plated steel elements fit perfectly into hi-tech, loft or techno interiors. Moreover, the metal base makes it possible to build in various sliding-type mechanisms. A decorative combination table can include different elements.

Forging and marble with glass will add prestige and brutality to the interior. The Scandinavian style will make it possible to use solid wood or timber as a base and frame. An economical option would be the use of chipboard

For other elements

In addition to the main elements, the design of a glass table may include other things:

  • is it worth buying or not A double top is an option that has a shelf that is located at the bottom when it is sized matches the size of the table surface. This is how the illusion of doubling appears.
  • A desktop for a personal computer may have many shelves and compartments for storing small-sized accessories.

  • Single legged coffee tables often have an additional base that is required for stability.
  • Backlight.
  • Decorative fittings.

And now more about forms.


This parameter is determined by the geometry of the tabletop:

  1. The rectangular version is the most practical, and such tables can stand everywhere - in the center of the room, in the corner or near the wall.

    Models of this shape are especially good for long rooms.

  2. The square glass decorative table fits perfectly into the interior of the living room, and it will also look good in a compact kitchen.
  3. Tables that are round in shape are spectacular and stylish, but this shape is less practical. Typically, such models are located strictly in the center of the room, and therefore sufficient free space will be required. An oval table with a glass top is used for loggias and verandas.

    It should be noted that it is better to use models with 3-4 legs, because products on one support are unstable.

There are other forms, more complex, helping to bring design ideas to life.

Tempered glass for kitchen countertops

Glass is a great choice because it will also work as a finishing material for your kitchen, and also unusually decorate the room. Glass countertops for the kitchen are a novelty on the market, and they look very beautiful, and also, like the countertops made of artificial stone (Corian), are perfect for small kitchens and for modern interiors due to their minimalism.

If you value modern style, then glass worktops in the kitchen will definitely appeal to you.

Contrary to the popular belief that glass is a brittle and easily shattered material, there is a special type of glass that is often used in the manufacture of pieces of furniture, panels and kitchen countertops. It is stable and safe to use.When ordering pieces of furniture made of glass, it is possible to choose usually glass or tempered. The second version is recommended, because such glass is 5 times stronger than usual in terms of thermal and mechanical impact. In addition, tempered glass is recommended as a material that comes in contact with a gas or induction hob for cooking.

Such a protective glass has excellent resistance, and due to the hardening process, which occurs when the material is heated to a temperature of +600 degrees, and then it cools down sharply. With this process, the structure also changes - the material becomes stiffer, and when destroyed, it breaks up into small pieces. Another way to improve the safe use of such a material is to apply a special coating layer, or rather safe foil, on it. To obtain such a surface, a pair of glued glass sheets are used, which become reinforced. Moreover, there are no sharp fragments during the destruction.

You can also find such products made of satin, frosted glass or even with an ornament. Such products are usually made to order, and their rather high price is associated with this. The indisputable advantage of such a table is that it is completely resistant to moisture. Any stains will need to be carefully removed, as streaks and marks can be seen on the surface, and the glass itself is easy to scratch.

Glass is a temperature and humidity resistant material, and its surface for a kitchen countertop is thicker than 1.

5 cm, it becomes resistant to mechanical damage. Frosted glass is easy to keep clean and the cost for a good quality glass countertop will be the same as a quality natural wood kitchen countertop. The length and thickness of laminated glass is not limited, and with the tempered version, the thickness will be from 1 cm.

For the production of this type of table top, laminated glass, tempered or reinforced, is used, which we mentioned earlier. Such glass is also used to make a dining table for a kitchen with a glass top.

Key features of tempered glass kitchen worktops:

  1. An expensive solution - both as a product in itself and a method of installation.
  2. Will be the perfect solution for modern high-tech design, and this surface is perfect for combination with simple interiors. An unusual effect can be obtained by using corrugated edges or even LED backlighting at the very bottom.
  3. An incredibly large selection of shapes and colors - you can choose both plain and multi-colored surfaces for the kitchen. You can also choose interesting prints on the glass surface.

    More than TOO, glass is matte or glossy, and can be transparent or opaque.

  4. The kitchen glass countertop is stain and moisture resistant because the surface will be easy to clean and uniform.
  5. Difficult to keep clean - after drying, water can stain, and other liquids leave streaks on the surface that will take a long and tedious job to wipe off. Moreover, fingerprints are strongly visible on the tempered glass.


To summarize, we can say with great confidence that there is definitely a great future behind this new material for kitchen workers.

It allows designers to work not only with shapes, but also be able to use different lighting options and create fantastic countertops.

Its great strength and chemical inertness will give additional practical advantages, and food acids, various detergents, high humidity levels and other unfavorable factors that will be associated with the cooking process will not be scary with it. Also, this material is very hygienic, easy to clean, and although it cannot be rubbed hard so as not to scratch, there is no need for this, because nothing will stick to it or stick to it.

The obvious disadvantage is the very high cost, because most of these products are made to order.


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