is it worth taking a professional + Video

is it worth taking a professional + Video For all kinds of construction and repair work, a variety of devices for various purposes are used.

The screwdriver is not the last among them. The tool has a self-explanatory name: it is used in order to easily and quickly fix various elements, screw in screws. The market offers a wide variety of device models. Devices can be divided into stationary network, connected directly to the mains, and mobile battery, which can be used autonomously.

It is difficult to say which screwdriver is better, the choice depends on many parameters of its intended use.

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Cordless screwdrivers: advantages of choice

In many cases, cordless screwdrivers are much more convenient than cordless ones. Therefore, devices of this type do not lose their popularity. What advantages do they have?

  • is it worth taking a professional + Video The master does not need to think and calculate whether he has enough battery power in order to finish the job. The device is connected to the network, and you can start working.

  • Continuous, uninterrupted power supply increases the power of the device and increases the productivity of the worker. In some cases, this is quite important.
  • When the battery of the mobile device loses some of its charge, the power of the tool decreases. This affects the speed and quality of his work. The web tool is completely free from this problem.

    The main thing for him is having a working network.

  • The network tool, for obvious reasons, has less weight. Because of this, it is more convenient to use: the hand does not get tired of holding it, and at a time you can perform a larger amount of the intended purpose than with a mobile device. When assembling furniture, such a device is more convenient to hold and use.
  • The number of revolutions of the network device is higher than that of its fellow cordless screwdriver.

    The battery is not able to provide this quality of work.

  • The battery is missing, so there is no need to replace it . Specific problems associated with the operation of batteries are completely excluded: the device can operate at subzero temperatures, it is not afraid of temperature changes.

is it worth taking a professional + Video However, there are negative points that it is advisable to remember:

  • Hard-to-reach difficult places are often difficult to reach with this type of equipment because the long cable makes it very difficult.
  • The tool cord must be of sufficient length to ensure trouble-free and comfortable operation.

Corded screwdrivers are usually more preferable for professional work.

This is due to the fact that in industrial use, uninterrupted operation and its productivity are of priority importance.

For small household and household work, an autonomous rechargeable device is sufficient, guaranteeing convenience and full mobility.

is it worth taking a professional + Video

How to choose a screwdriver according to technical characteristics?

is it worth taking a professional + Video

What performance characteristics does the cordless screwdriver have?

is it worth taking a professional + Video
Control modes
  • Excellent power. The mains device provides much higher power during operation than professional battery counterparts.

    When choosing the right equipment, you should pay attention to this indicator. After all, the more powerful the motor of the tool, the more productive it is. Ordinary household appliances do not have very high power - for professional ones it is much higher.

They are also capable of working without interruption for much longer. When planning small chores, such as fixing a shelf, or assembling furniture, the simplest household tool will be enough.

For complex construction work, when carrying out major repairs, with frequent use of the device, it is better to purchase a professional model. Because in these cases, power will be critical.

  • Torque. is it worth taking a professional + Video This indicator indicates the strength of the rotation. The level of quality of work depends on it, the possibility of using the device for fastening materials of various types.

  • The torque correlates with the quality of processing: the higher it is, the more materials are allowed to work, the better the job will be.

For domestic use, the device is quite sufficient for the possibility of driving screws into concrete, wood and brick, as well as drilling. More serious work involves completely different, more complex functions. The range of processable materials that are not available for a household appliance is expanding.

  • Setting the speed control.

    This is an important indicator. is it worth taking a professional + Video Since the drill can rotate at different speeds, the ability to adjust it, for different types of work, with different materials, allows you to use the tool more efficiently and optimal.

  • Reverse Not all models have this function. What is the reverse for? For example, during home repairs, a working drill suddenly jams. Pulling it out without damaging the material is extremely difficult.

    This is where the named function comes in handy, allowing you to engage reverse. In this case, the drill can be easily removed without damaging either it or the material being processed.

Which screwdriver is better? Selection parameters

is it worth taking a professional + Video When buying a tool for his home, the owner must take into account some important parameters.

  • Household appliances are usually not capable of developing very high speed, but the available one will be quite enough for screwing a screw into the wall, assembling furniture. For a large-scale construction, you will need other equipment.

  • Ergonomics indicators play an important role: The nature and quality of use directly depends on the comfortable position of the tool in the hand. Sometimes even an expensive branded tool turns out to be inconvenient and ill-suited for comfortable work. It is both uncomfortable and heavy to hold in your hand, and it is impossible to reach the adjustment setting with one hand. Therefore, experts advise, when choosing an instrument, to try to pick it up, hold it, and maybe even turn it on.
  • Backlight.

    The work area lighting feature is useful but not required. It is used when working in toilets and bathrooms niches, in cellars and unlit basements.

  • Speed ​​mode selection. Not available on all models, however this option is highly desirable as it makes it easier to interact with different types of materials.
  • Impact mechanism .

    An important characteristic, since its presence expands the functions of the device, allowing it to be used as a puncher. This capability is often required when handling solid materials. Often, in modern buildings, an ordinary tool cannot cope with hard surfaces, the drilling process becomes impossible. The impact function easily overcomes such obstacles.

Screwdriver: Which tool of the company should you prefer?

is it worth taking a professional + Video Construction markets and shops provide a huge selection of tools, including screwdrivers.

It is not surprising to get confused in such a variety. But there are trustworthy firms.

The various tools produced by them have long and well established themselves among users. Leaders among manufacturers of Makita, Bosch and Hitachi screwdrivers. Their models are designed for a long service life, they are comfortable and reliable.

But they have corresponding prices.

You can purchase a simpler but better tool. This is, for example, the Skil screwdriver.

is it worth taking a professional + Video

Often such equipment is no worse than the market leaders, which is confirmed by the reviews of the owners of these instruments. Do you need a very simple and inexpensive tool for household needs? The Russian-made Interskol screwdriver is a good choice plus a good opportunity to save money.

Screwdriver: operating rules

is it worth taking a professional + Video In order for the device to serve the owners faithfully for a long time, the operating rules should be followed.

After all, any manufacturer always supplies its product with detailed instructions, which are often ignored by the buyer. And in it there are noted important network parameters for operation, ensuring uninterrupted operation, additional functions and capabilities of the device.

Of course, you can find out such details from the seller, but carefully read the instructions, as experience shows, it will be more reliable.

Such punctuality will allow the buyer to avoid many possible troubles associated with the operation of the device, up to its repair or damage due to non-compliance with the basic provisions.

To prolong the life of the device, follow the steps below:

is it worth taking a professional + Video
Easy and simple to mount the ceiling, hands do not get tired, as the mains screw driver is easier
  • Prevent liquid from getting on the device: this is quite capable of damaging its motor ... You can use the tool in the absence of high humidity, or with proper protection from it.
  • Before starting work, the device must be well adjusted, the mode must be selected and set correctly.

  • When changing the nature of the screwdriver, the setting mode also changes. This important condition is strictly prohibited to be violated.
  • To change the attachment, the device must be disconnected from the mains. Such manipulations cannot be performed with a working device.
  • Working with a screwdriver requires the use of special protective gloves.

    Also, goggles or masks will not be superfluous.