Items that will save time in the kitchen

Items that will save time in the kitchen Home appliances and gadgets for the kitchen, that help save time

Although all people are different, we have the same problems in the kitchen - splashing from the sink, a clogged drain hole, a dirty microwave. Cooking is quite a fun process, but most often it takes a lot of time. With the development of technology, a lot of kitchen gadgets have appeared that can simplify and speed up the cooking process.

With their help, you can not only quickly, but also comfortably prepare meals familiar to you and your family.

Mini helpers overview

Compact induction hob

Most induction hobs are designed to quickly cook and reheat food.

Compact models will not take up much space, and will also be able to fit perfectly into the kitchen space. Thanks to quick control and built-in options for regulating the heating temperature and power, the cooking process will become much more pleasant, and also several times easier. Compact induction cookers can be both built-in and portable, which increases its functionality several times and makes it possible to carry it to a convenient place for cooking.

Mills for cheese products

Cheese is one of the most commonly used products for cooking. What they do not do with it - and pies, and pizza, and salads, as well as main courses and much more.

But sometimes you don't want to waste time rubbing it at all. Then a special cheese mill can do the job just fine. This device can be of different shapes and models, but the principle of operation remains the same - chopping products using blades that are made of stainless steel. What's more, the cheese grinder can be stored directly in the refrigerator and even washed in the dishwasher.

Fruit scissors

This is an indispensable item for those who are in awe of their hands and brand new manicure.

With their help, you can effortlessly and quickly cut not only fruits, but even vegetables, without using a cutting board. These scissors are equipped with comfortable handles that perfectly follow the shape of the palm, and also have a special stop-fixer that can prevent scratches and cuts. Fruit scissors can be used not only at home, but also take them with you on picnics to quickly cut salad or other products.

Vacuum compact marinator

The marinator is the perfect gift for those who love marinated dishes. With it, you can prepare your favorite snacks as well as main dishes in minutes.

In addition, with it you can cook delicious fish or grilled meat or bake everything in the oven, while the food will remain juicy.This device is small in size, so it does not take up much space and can be conveniently hidden in a drawer. Thanks to the compactness of the vacuum-type marinator, you will not need to spend several hours or even days making a delicious barbecue.

Grilling tongs (digital)

Few cats can resist juicy meat, vegetables or mushrooms that have been grilled. With ordinary tongs, there is a high probability of dropping the product, but this definitely will not happen if you use a special kitchen technique, namely digital tongs.

Their essence lies in the fact that they are equipped with teeth that firmly grip the piece and prevent it from falling when moving or turning over. With such tongs it will be a pleasure to go on vacation to nature, because it will not only save you energy, but also time for cooking.

"Smart" egg tray

Eggs are a product that can sit in the refrigerator for a long time without spoiling, but sometimes it plays with us cruel joke. The appearance of the eggs is extremely difficult to tell if they are fresh, and even the famous scrolling life hack does not always help to understand the state of the product. The smart egg tray has been designed specifically for this.

You just need to install the mobile application on your phone and use it. The tray has a capacity for 14 eggs and has special LED indicators that will light up blue if the food has already spoiled. All information about the state will be transmitted via wifi, and you will know exactly when the eggs are fresh and when they are starting to deteriorate. Thanks to the smart tray, there is no need to find out if the eggs are fresh or not.

Package Sealer

In the kitchen space, you can refuse a lot, but the bags are irreplaceable and always needed.

They are not only convenient to carry something, but even store different products. Unfortunately, storage in bags is not always reliable because it cannot always be tied or closed. To make life easier, experts have been able to develop a bag sealer that allows you to easily keep food in tight conditions and prevent them from spilling out. The sealer is a very convenient, and most importantly, a compact device that you can take with you to any place without worrying about the safety of food and dishes.

Other interesting items to help housewives

Let's consider other equally useful items that will definitely help you out when cooking and not only.

  1. Silicone gloves for dishwashing . Silicone sponges have many advantages, but the glove option is much simpler and more comfortable at the same time.In addition, it is possible to wash them well and use them for a long time, unlike ordinary dishwashing sponges, which accumulate a lot of bacteria and food debris, and this negatively affects human health.
  2. Citrus knives . This is a very useful thing to make it easier to peel lemons, limes and oranges.

  3. Smart bread bin . Such a device appeared a long time ago, but this version is improved. In addition to the fact that they are equipped with a condensation control system and make it possible to store baked goods at optimal humidity inside, it will be possible to put other items / products on the bread bin. You can put a cutting board right on the lid, on which you can cut bread, and the crumbs will collect in special grooves around the entire perimeter, which will make it possible to maintain an exemplary order in the kitchen.

  4. Antibacterial mat for the refrigerator .

    While we're reviewing mostly the best kitchen appliances right now, don't miss out on simple items that are just as useful. The mat is required in order to store vegetables and fruits, and the cellular structure of the coating will prevent dampness and prevent bacteria from multiplying. As a result, fruits and vegetables will be stored for much longer, and the refrigerator will always be clean. Alternatively, you can use a drying mat.

  5. Items that will save time in the kitchen Elastic covers made of silicone .

    They are truly the best invention of mankind, because due to their versatility, they can stretch and adapt to any size of dishes, and therefore you can cover whatever your heart desires - pots, saucepans, bowls, glasses, cups and pans. You can even cover half of a melon, grapefruit, or watermelon if you don't feel like finishing them.

  6. Hanging organizer boxes. Such drawers can be used under the shelf of a kitchen cabinet, and it is extremely convenient if there are high shelves in the cabinet and useful space is lost. The drawer has a pull-out compartment.

  7. Bag holder on the cabinet door (mobile waste bin). This can be used as a substitute for your kitchen trash can if there is no room or you cook a lot. The holder has additional hooks on which you can hang various little things, for example, scissors.
  8. Bowl for quick preparation of bacon. With this special bowl, you can make a salad in just a couple of minutes.

    It replaces 3 items at once - a cutting board, a dryer for herbs, a sieve and a salad bowl.

  9. A jar equipped with a spiralizer. This extraordinary jar was invented especially for those who follow the trends in healthy lifestyle. Using a lid with sharp blades, you can quickly cut into thin strips any hard vegetables, for example, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin or beets, or you can steam or pickle with your favorite set of spices.
  10. Snake for cleaning the drain hole.

    Quite a useful and necessary piece for the kitchen, which helps in a matter of seconds to remove blockages in the sink. A snake will come in handy even for a bath, because it allows you to effortlessly remove dust and hair that remains in the drain.

  11. Items that will save time in the kitchen Protective plates with non-stick coating. If you are tired of constantly scrubbing the stove, then the best way out of the puzzle is to purchase non-stick plates that can be put on the burners through special holes. You can buy a couple of sets and change them as you get dirty.

    In addition, the plates are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

  12. Protective shield for the plate. Also a pretty useful thing for those who hate wiping off dried grease splashes from the kitchen backsplash and side walls of the cabinet. The screen is made of a thick layer of aluminum foil, it is easy to clean, it is also heat-resistant and can be folded as needed.
  13. Mechanical mixer.

    This is an excellent hand-held unit that works without the use of electrical energy (just a twist of a knob is enough) and practically without noise. Products can be whipped quickly and easily without much physical effort. The lid must be tightly closed, and this is important, because during the whipping process, the spray will not scatter around the kitchen. The bowl also has an excellent measuring scale - from 0.05 to 1.

    2 liters.

  14. Organizer for dishes. This is the perfect piece for any of your needs. If you need to store something more, then the base can be moved apart and moved the pins, and fit them to the size of the dishes. A great tool for those who hate clutter in their kitchen drawer.

  15. Vegetable peeler. A small garlic peeler is a great time saver in the kitchen and will also keep your hands free of unpleasant odors.
  16. Garlic press. The device seems to be widespread, but for some reason there is not in every kitchen. A compact press will help protect your hands from garlic and save time.

  17. Holder for tea bags. Snails of different colors on the mug will serve a practical function - they can hold the label of the tea bag so that it does not accidentally fall over and brew with the tea.
  18. Device for making dumplings. An excellent helper and just a lifesaver. If you love eating dumplings, not sculpting, then this kitchen gadget should definitely be yours!
  19. Cooking Oil Dispenser.

    This useful device will definitely appeal to those who do not like fatty foods. Using a dispenser (in our case, it is also like a spray bottle) will help to fry pancakes or chicken breast with a minimum amount of oil, or add quite a bit of salad dressing.

  20. Cutting board with food tray. These boards have a non-slip antibacterial surface and a tray for chopped food or vegetable peels.In any case, this is much more convenient than a kitchen, where there is garbage around and a lot of plates with different chopped foods.


Time is the most valuable resource, and modern gadgets make it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of tasks, as well as facilitate the process, and make cooking easier and more enjoyable.