its types and do-it-yourself installation + Video

its types and do-it-yourself installation + Video For the finishing touch during the repair, you need to choose the right finishing material. A very large number of people use siding for interior decoration of rooms.

Siding for interior wall decoration is a modern and attractive enough material that is easy to install with your own hands.

Materials for interior decoration should not be as strong as materials for exterior decoration of a building.

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Requirements for materials

When choosing a material for exterior decoration, you must pay attention to the resistance to the following :

  • High humidity;
  • Wind loads;
  • Temperature changes;
  • Sunlight.

For external finishing materials, these characteristics are not important, but for interior finishing materials should be environmentally friendly.

All of the above characteristics have such a finishing material as siding for interior decoration.

Not so long ago, siding was the name given to boards with which walls were sheathed. But in our time technologies are developing and therefore this material is produced from metal, wood and plastic.

Since metal siding is suitable for exterior decoration, wood, MDF and PVC siding is most often used for interior decoration.

Types of siding

When comparing different types of siding, you can find out all the pros and cons of the material.

Wood siding

its types and do-it-yourself installation + Video

For example, wood siding is considered environmentally friendly and safe for human health, but wood siding does not tolerate high humidity well than plastic siding.

Interior decoration plays an aesthetic role as well, but it can also act as soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Wooden siding for interior decoration

Wood siding is also used for finishing the premises, but its price is not budgetary.

To ensure that the wood is not damaged or exposed to erosion, its surface must be pickled, then waxed and polished.

They are also impregnated with a fire retardant and antiseptic , this is necessary in order to protect the wood from fire and decay.

Panels are made of soft and hard wood. To make wood siding, sound, front and back veneers are used. They are connected to each other with glue, and then under pressure in the oven, they are connected to the main panel.

Plastic siding

its types and do-it-yourself installation + Video

Positive quality plastic siding is its low weight, as well as the fact that you can install this siding with your own hands.

Also, plastic siding does not lose its color, is not affected by fungus and has a sufficiently long service life, it is also easy to take care of it.

PVC siding for interior decoration

PVC siding is not subject to fading in the sun and therefore its installation can be installed in rooms where there is a lot of sunlight.

PVC siding is easy to maintain, because if dirt or dust appears, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. This material does not deteriorate from high humidity and for this reason PVC siding is most often trimmed with bathrooms and bathrooms. Due to the structure of the material, it provides sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Also, this siding has a low price and a rather long service life. But this material also has a minus, it does not tolerate high temperature and deforms under its influence.

Acrylic siding

its types and do-it-yourself installation + Video

Also produced and acrylic siding and performance is slightly better than vinyl siding. After all, acrylic siding is very resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

Siding from MDF and fiberboard

Modern and the most popular is MDF siding.

This material is produced according to the most modern technologies and this provides high strength, well cut and does not crumble. Fiberboard siding has good parameters. If their resins are used in the production, then they are usually not harmful to human health and such material is suitable for interior wall decoration.

A special wood glue (lignin) is used to compact and glue wood chips, these materials are also safe and environmentally friendly.

Metal siding

Such material is almost never used for interior decoration, but it is often used for interior decoration of warehouses, garages and hangars.

Metal siding is not afraid of temperature changes, it is resistant to aggressive environments, has good strength and different colors.


It doesn't matter what the siding is made of, its installation is almost identical.

  1. First, the surface is cleaned, then the frame is mounted for attaching the siding.
  2. The frame can be made of wood or metal profiles, they are usually fixed at a distance of 30-40 cm. If wood is used for the frame, then it must be dry.

  3. Panels are fixed to each other with locks. In order to snap the lock, forces are directed from the bottom up.
  4. Also, for the installation of siding, you may need skirting boards, internal and lower corners, connecting and end profiles.

In this text, we talked about such a finishing material as siding. We hope this information was useful to you.

We wish you good luck and patience!