Karksany baths - is it worth building? Reviews from builders and owners - What should you know and what mistakes to avoid? + Videos and Photos

Karksany baths - is it worth building? Reviews from builders and owners - What should you know and what mistakes to avoid? + Videos and Photos In the modern world, there is a huge variety of materials for construction. Any building material has its own disadvantages and advantages. There are both positive and negative reviews about frame baths. Frame baths have become quite popular recently and therefore those who are just planning to get a bath on their site are interested in the owners' feedback.

What are the pros and cons of a frame bath?

Advantages of a bath using frame technology

All owners distinguish the following advantages of a frame bath:

  1. Karksany baths - is it worth building? Reviews from builders and owners - What should you know and what mistakes to avoid? + Videos and Photos A simplified version of the foundation is mounted under the frame bath.

  2. Low price. For little money - you will get a full-fledged bath. The cost of one square meter of such a building varies within 5000 rubles.
  3. Fast construction speed. Due to the simplified technology of the frame bath, the construction period will take no more than a month, together with the finishing and insulation of the building.

  4. Due to the correct design, the frame bath in terms of thermal insulation properties is in no way inferior to log or brick baths.
  5. The frame bath is an environmentally friendly building, because it is made from natural materials.
  6. You can build a frame bath at any time of the year.
  7. There will always be a comfortable, correct microclimate in a frame bath, because the material has the ability to transmit and absorb air.

The owners point out such an advantage as the weight of a frame bath - it is lighter than a regular bath and therefore you can significantly save on the foundation.

The load on the foundation from the frame bath is 6-7 times less. Plus, the frame sauna heats up faster than its classic competitor. Despite the fears, the owners of frame baths claim that such a bath keeps heat well.

Many are interested in the speed of construction of such a bath. It is important to note here that the speed will largely depend on who will be engaged in the construction: you are yourself or hired workers.

If you are going to build a bath with your own hands, do not worry, it is quite simple (compared to building a regular bath), here are the steps you will need to take:

  • Lay the foundation (as mentioned above, a lightweight version of the foundation is used);
  • It is necessary to fill the pipes;
  • It is necessary to waterproof;
  • Finish the installation work.

After a series of these simple steps, the frame bath is ready for use. There are many positive aspects in a frame bath, but there are also disadvantages.

Disadvantages of baths

The owners of frame baths note such disadvantages as:

  1. Very expensive finishing works.
  2. It is necessary to quickly close the insulated frame.

  3. The use of extremely expensive insulation.
  4. The frame bath will shrink.

Let's dwell on each item in more detail.Despite the low cost of building a frame bath, the cost of installation work is quite high. Finishing a frame bath is the most expensive stage in the construction of a bath.

Why is it necessary to use only high-quality = expensive insulation? If you save money and buy cheap insulation, forget that you will get the effect you should from the bath. If you decide to save even more and use foam as insulation, remember that this is a FIRE-HAZARDOUS material.

Bath shrinkage. This process is quite long. On average, a bath will shrink within 2 years and it can settle up to 10 cm.

As a result, this will lead to deformation of the finish and this is again a cash injection into your bath.

Builders point out that the frame bath has very high requirements for ventilation and vapor barrier. In frame construction, ventilation is a must. Ventilation performs such a function as maintaining the required microclimate in a building. Due to the fact that frame walls with vapor barrier are used in the frame bath, a "greenhouse effect" arises inside and without ventilation you can simply suffocate.

Reviews of the owners

  • "I bought a dacha with a small plot and at the family council decided that I needed a bath. Of course, like everyone else, I wanted to quickly We started looking for and found a solution on the Internet - a frame bath. We turned to specialists to calculate the estimate, and we liked this financial situation.

    Construction of the bath took us about a month. They did not skimp on materials and decoration, so the bathhouse has been pleasing us for several years already! "

    Sergey, Smolensk

  • " On the advice of colleagues at work I decided to build a frame bath.

    I was very inspired by the cost and speed of work. But the result was disastrous. These are just my subjective feelings, but if you think about building a frame bath, it will be useful to know. I insulated as soon as possible, did not save money, but the steam room is all equally cold.

    A couple of months after construction, I even removed everything and sheathed it again, but the situation has not changed.

    eter. They will still build a normal bath. "

    Andrey, Moscow Region

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