KCHM 5 - a boiler that will not let you freeze- Instructions + Reviews and Photos and Videos

KCHM 5 - a boiler that will not let you freeze- Instructions + Reviews and Photos and Videos Solid fuel boiler KChM 5: reviews, advantages, overview. As a rule, domestically produced boilers are quite popular among owners of private houses and plots. Today, one of such units will be considered, namely, a heating device made in Russia - a solid fuel boiler KCHM 5, reviews of which contributed to the growth of this model through word of mouth. Now we propose to consider what the advantages are, what is the opinion of the buyers, and you will also receive some practical advice on how to install, connect and strap at the very end.

First, it is worth mentioning the manufacturer.

JSC "Kirovsky Zavod" has an incredible experience in cast iron casting, which is more than 250 years. In addition to solid fuel boilers for heating, the plant is also engaged in the production and sale of gas, liquid fuel boilers, fireplaces and stoves, as well as many other equally interesting and useful cast iron products. The boiler model KChM 5 is a universal device of its kind, which has an outstanding design.

Technical characteristics and design of the boiler

The peculiarity of this boiler is that it does not have a one-piece heat exchanger, like a large number of heating devices, but a special one, consisting of cast iron sections. The number of sections helps to increase the power of the device.

Another feature of the device is its versatility. If necessary, a solid fuel boiler can be easily converted to operate on gas, diesel fuel, mining or fuel oil.

If you install a pellet burner, as well as a hopper with a feed auger, the unit will become an automatic long-acting pellet boiler. As you can see, even a small modification, which consists in installing a burner for the desired fuel, helps to completely transform the device. This versatility can come in handy if the gas through the pipeline is only in the process of supplying, and a heating device is required here and now.

In this case, everything is extremely simple - install the KChM 5 boiler, and then, at minimal cost, you can switch it to gas.

So, we propose to consider which parts the boiler consists of:

  1. KCHM 5 - a boiler that will not let you freeze- Instructions + Reviews and Photos and Videos As already mentioned, the heat exchanger consists of sections. In the lower part of the closest section there is a branch pipe for connecting the return line of the heating system, and in the upper far part there is a branch pipe for connecting the direct one.
  2. There are 3 doors on the front panel - cargo, skimming and ash pan. The loading room has several openings to allow secondary air to enter.

    By adjusting the amount of ash pan door opening, you can adjust the intensity of combustion. This process can be done manually with an adjustment screw, or using a draft regulator.

  3. On the back of the device there is a chimney pipe with a damper.Due to it, it is possible to regulate the output of combustion products.
  4. The entire boiler drum is insulated with special materials to prevent heat loss and increase efficiency.

    the outside of the body is coated with paint that is resistant to wear.

  5. In order to prevent boiling and monitor the temperature of the water in the heating system, there is a thermometer. It measures the temperature of the water inside the middle section and displays information on the front panel

Now you should consider the technical specifications from the manufacturer's website:

Number of sections 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Power, W 21000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 80000
Building area, m 2 200 290 400 500 590 700 800
efficiency not less,% 79 - // - - // - - // - - // - - // - - // -
Consumption of solid fuel (coal), kg / h









Cost, rub 950 620 230 710 950 840 285

As you see those such boilers stand out from the total mass of solid fuel boilers. Now we should move on to what are the pros and cons of this device.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

So, we can consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of the model. As the reviews about the KCHM 5 boiler show, it has a lot of positive points.

  1. Due to the fact that the material of manufacture is cast iron, which has been tested for years, and the design and workmanship are at their best, KChM 5 will serve you for at least 25 years.
  2. One of the main advantages is that this boiler is versatile. Using it, you can connect additional equipment, and then the boiler will be transferred to other types of fuel, namely gas, fuel pellets, diesel.

  3. Due to the simplicity of the design, maintenance of the device is very easy. The unit is easy to clean and fix minor problems that are common with any device.
  4. Due to the fact that there is a sectional heat exchanger, it was possible to create a large model range of devices with a capacity from 20,000 to 80,000 watts.
  5. Thanks to the design features and the presence of thermal insulation, it turned out to achieve an efficiency level of 70% when working on coal / wood.

Good advice! The best fuel for achieving the highest efficiency of the device is "anthracite" coal, the diameter of which is from 4 to 6 cm.

If you use firewood, then their moisture content should be no more than 20%. With fuel with a moisture content above 20%, the boiler efficiency will decrease.

But the disadvantages of the model include high fuel consumption and short operating time at one load, as well as low efficiency in comparison with a pyrolysis solid fuel boiler. Low efficiency is not so terrible as the fact that this entails another drawback - the boiler must be regularly cleaned and a competent chimney system created for it.

Features of installation and connection

When installing KCHM 5 with your own hand, you must comply with a number of specific requirements.

If you follow all these rules, you will be able to extend the life of the boiler to a significant extent, and also make its use safe and convenient. Let's consider all the installation requirements in more detail :

  • KCHM 5 - a boiler that will not let you freeze- Instructions + Reviews and Photos and Videos The boiler should be installed in such a way so that the distance from the rear wall of the boiler to the boiler room wall is at least 0.25 meters The distance between the side walls and the boiler walls must be at least 0.1 meter. In order to provide access to the rear, a passage should be made from one of the sides, and the minimum permissible width in this case is 0.

    4 meters. There must be at least 1 m 2 free space near the front of the machine for easy filling and cleaning.

  • Installation can only be carried out on a non-combustible floor or on a special plinth. In no case should there be any combustible materials around at a distance of at least 0.4 meters.

    It is also forbidden to store fuel nearby, the minimum allowable distance is 0.4 meters from the boiler.

  • Only clean water without various impurities should be used in the heating system. When using a liquid with a high hardness, scale will begin to form, and this significantly reduces the service life of the heating boiler and the heating system itself.

According to reviews of the KCHM 5 solid fuel boiler, the installation order is as follows:

  1. First, you should install the boiler on a support made of non-combustible material, you can base.

  2. The device should be connected to the heating system and the chimney.
  3. The system can be filled with water and then checked for leaks. Also KCHM 5 can be used for systems with forced and natural circulation.

If you follow the simple rules described below, you will be able to protect your loved ones and yourself, as well as make the use of the device convenient and pleasant.

Customer Reviews

The desire to get acquainted with someone else's experience of use, to learn about impressions is quite natural, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several reviews that are taken from forums.

Sergey, Krasnodar: "I have been looking for a solid fuel boiler for my house for a long time and in the end I chose KCHM 5. My house two-story, made of foam concrete blocks, without insulation, so the basement and attic are cold.The choice fell on the seven-section KCHM 5 with a capacity of 60 kW.In terms of consumption, I will say the following - I spent 70 tons of coal during the heating season. Taking into account the fact that there is no insulation in the house, the indicators are already quite good, but in order to reduce it, thermal insulation should be done in the summer.

He stoked it 2 times a day. Of the shortcomings, I will single out the small volume of the ash pan, since it was constantly filling up quickly, and it often needed to be cleaned. I corrected everything the way I need it, now everything suits me. "

Igor, Kostroma: " three-storey cottage with an area of ​​360 m 2 . For heating such an impressive area, it was decided to buy KChM 5 combined into 6 sections with a power of 50 kW.

I use Krasnoyarsk brown coal as fuel 2 to 4 times a day, everything largely depends on the temperature outside. About 3 tons are consumed per month. I think that next winter I will put on an electric boiler so that the devices work in pairs, since night climbs for heating are a significant minus for me. In general, I like the boiler, although the efficiency is low, but the cost is very decent. "

Roman, Voronezh: " Recently I built a house outside the city, they planned to move into it permanently, but the issue of heating was acute.

Since the house has an area of ​​240 m 2 , and insulation is not the best, the option to heat the rooms separately with electric wind blowers is not the best idea. I decided to listen to the advice of a friend, I installed the KChM 5. So far, in a month I have about 1.3 tons of corners, but after warming, the consumption, in theory, should decrease. I am glad that if you wish, you can switch to pellets, but so far there is not enough money, so I will first of all deal with insulation.

I'm satisfied with the boiler. "

We hope this review helped to understand what the KCHM 5 is and the reviews about it were able to convince you that the device is worth its money. As you can see, the device is reliable and durable, and its versatility makes it possible to go to other types of fuel if necessary, and the boiler will last many years due to the fact that it is made of cast iron.If you want to find an inexpensive and reliable solid fuel heating boiler, then this model is ideal for you.