Keep this in mind when planning your U-shaped kitchen.

Keep this in mind when planning your U-shaped kitchen. How to create a U-shaped kitchen + photos and important nuances

Kitchen is a very important place in every apartment or house. One of the most common layouts is the U-shaped kitchen. This name corresponds to how the pieces of furniture from the headset are located, that is, such a kitchen layout implies that everything is placed near three walls.

There are many options for this type of kitchen layout.

The specifics of the placement of pieces of furniture makes it possible to make the most of the free space in the kitchen, as well as to use the entire height of the wall, and also to rationally approach the implementation of windows or doors for arranging a kitchen set. Compactness can be achieved thanks to the creation of wall and floor cabinets, shelves, sliding tabletops, a bar counter, and the use of additional decorative items of practical importance.

Layout of the U-shaped kitchen

As a rule, a kitchen made in the shape of the letter "P" is made to order, taking into account the specific parameters of the room, location various communications, doors, windows and other interior elements. This type of layout is suitable for large and spacious kitchens, because ease of use implies a lot of free space for the full use of work surfaces, the correct functioning of each cabinet and maintenance.

Keep this in mind when planning your U-shaped kitchen. Such planning will imply the use of instrumental measurement, the calculation of technical parameters (stove, hood, washing and dishwasher). This is required in order to determine the depth of the countertop of the work surface, as well as functional pedestals. Moreover, this is also kitchen zoning, which is required in order to determine the location of all elements.

So, the instrumental measurement will be to determine the dimensions and dimensions of the kitchen furniture. In addition, zoning is very important and required in order to correctly place the sink, stove, refrigeration equipment and the work surface in relation to each other, because there are certain norms and standards for completing a headset in the kitchen. For example, it would be an irrational and even stupid decision to place the refrigerator near a heating element, for example, near a stove, sink or battery.

In addition, planning will involve determining the number of shelves, drawers and cupboards. Selection of materials of manufacture, accessories and color combinations will remain important.

It should also take into account the presence / absence of sources of evening and daylight (for the convenience of using kitchen equipment). Additionally, the distance between the lockers should also be counted. Studies and surveys have shown that it should be no more than 2 meters. This was provided so that a person does not get tired quickly and for convenience when eating and preparing food.

The rational distribution of the U-shaped kitchen space helps to fully justify planning.

It is important that you observe the stylistic content of the kitchen space, as well as competently combine the texture, colors and shapes. Harmonious planning should be maintained in order to design the kitchen for the physiological parameters of the apartment owners. You can also use a window as a decor element or an extension of the workspace.

The rule of the working triangle

The design of the U-shaped kitchen is a real standard for allocating space in accordance with the rule of the working triangle, which indicates that that the main elements of kitchen utensils should be placed like an isosceles triangle (tiles, sinks and refrigeration equipment should be located at the vertices). This will be the ideal layout for a spacious kitchen.

It is possible to place items asymmetrically, which will give individuality to the style and design of furniture items.

So, functionally a kitchen of this type can be divided into the following zones:

  • Work area where food is processed and prepared for cooking.
  • Cooking area (hob, oven and other kitchen items).
  • Food and inventory storage area (free-standing and wall cabinets, refrigeration equipment).

Keep this in mind when planning your U-shaped kitchen.</p><p> The working area includes a surface for cutting, washing, and processing products before how to start cooking them. This zone has countertops and a sink. Direct cooking takes place within the next zone, where the hob and other auxiliary equipment occupy the leading positions.

Storing food in the freezer or refrigerator compartment takes place in another functional area, where there is space for food stock.

Special attention will be paid to the dining area, which can be located aside from the kitchen, or be its continuation with a smooth transition to the adjacent kitchen. It can be made in the form of an island (inside the layout of the kitchen set). It will also be important to allocate storage space for crockery, waste, and cutlery.

Rational design of the kitchen space, taking into account all the technical nuances, will make it possible to comfortably put it into operation without any inconvenience.

The planning of an area that will be free from cabinets and other storage places for forge inventory should be carried out while observing all data on the depth of the drawer, the distance between the worktop and the table.

Various design options, as well as kitchen filling, have long departed from generally accepted standards. Design tricks will make it possible to fully use the space, as well as make the kitchen space cozy and exclusive.Housing layout helps define the type of kitchen because a U-shaped kitchen can seamlessly transition into a dining room, living room or hallway.

Materials for creating a kitchen in the form of the letter "P"

Previously, natural wood was considered a traditional material for manufacturing, which is quite suitable for large kitchens size. The uniqueness of forms and elegance of the execution of kitchen furniture made of natural wood helped to emphasize the status of the owners and the elegance.

The material is perfect for lovers of everything ecological, natural, natural. It is worth considering the fact that wood is whimsical to maintain and use correctly. In addition, it is worth considering that the surface must be cleaned on time, not exposed to excessive moisture, because this can provoke deformation of individual elements, loss of quality and appearance of the furniture set. It is best to try to avoid sunlight, aggressive influences, because they can cause color loss.

Please note, that a wooden kitchen is expensive in all respects (compared to other materials).

The texture and shades of the material will depend on the type of wood, and different shades and cut styles are also possible.

That there are ready-made kitchen sets made of laminated chipboard - this is a sufficiently strong material that is resistant to wear, does not lend itself to deformation and mechanical damage. The abundance of shades and colors is much greater compared to natural wood, and at the same time it is important to control the quality of such material, because the manufacturing technology involves gluing wood chips. But if the chipboard areas are damaged, they can cause unfavorable chemical fumes. A kitchen made of laminated chipboard is suitable for wallpaper, a copy or photo of which should be shown to the designer so that you can correctly choose the color palette of the kitchen.


Wood-fiber materials are the most versatile for creating kitchen furniture, because they are a material of natural origin, which is much more economical than others. It is possible to apply paint to the surface, enamel of different colors, which makes it possible to use the material for modern production of kitchen sets.

The color scheme is suitable for every interior, but it is imperative to take into account the specific features of surfaces, which after a while will begin to lose color or will be subject to mechanical damage.


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