Keramoplast - reviews of roof owners: Tips + Video

Keramoplast - reviews of roof owners: Tips + Video Keramoplast: owner reviews, material features for roofs. The number of building materials is becoming more and more every year and by more than a dozen types, which are required not only to build a structure, but also to create a roof. The performance characteristics of each type make it possible to use the material in different conditions, and this helps to determine the priority of choice.

Not so long ago, a universal, new roofing material appeared on the construction market, perfectly combining environmental friendliness, aesthetic appeal, durability and reliability. All these characteristics belong to such material as keramoplast, the reviews of which have become good advertising for word of mouth.

The material is based on natural ingredients from minerals and synthetic additives. It is thanks to the optimal ratio of all components that made it possible to favorably distinguish this building material from others.

Features of manufacturing and technical characteristics

Modern manufacturing technologies have contributed to the fact that the material has high strength indicators, which make it possible to withstand heavy loads even in extreme environmental conditions, accompanied by only a strong gusty wind, but even a hurricane and storm. A perfectly matched component structure helps to give the material a high level of thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Interestingly, that the production process involves painting ceramic plastic sheets to the full thickness, so that if there is any damage of a mechanical nature, this will not affect the appearance of the roof.

The decorative qualities of the coating will not be lost even from the action of alkalis and acids, as well as other aggressive substances. In addition, rot, mold and mildew will not be a threat for this type of roof.

Features and specifications are:

  • Keramoplast - reviews of roof owners: Tips + Video A unique combination of components, which made it possible to create a wave-type roof of unified typical dimensions. Despite the fact that the material is quite light, it has decent technical characteristics. The structure of the outer cover makes it possible to exclude the possibility of snow avalanche sliding.

    Due to the fact that the material is made according to classical size standards, it is possible to carry out installation work on the roof or replace damaged segments without problems.

  • The variety of shades of colors makes it possible to carry out real experiments with the palette and choose exactly the color that will best suit the appearance of the building and will help to give originality and special charm to the house. Sheets are packed in special pallets for transportation, on which consignments of goods are transported.
  • Sheet thickness can be from 0.3 to 0.

    5 cm and are available in geometric dimensions such as 2 * 0. 9 meters. The depth of the waves is very different.At the same time, you can buy sheets with a perfectly smooth surface and with a certain structure. There are also such instances in which a steel mesh frame is added, which is needed to give greater strength to the sheet.

  • Modern equipment and production facilities make it possible to produce not only sheets, but also ceramic tiles. This provides ample opportunities for creating real masterpieces of architecture.
  • You can get sheets of the desired configuration if you heat the material to a certain temperature. In the composition of keramoplast, only those components that in no way harm human health - this is evidenced by authentic quality certificates. The minimum life of the material is 30 years.

Advantages of the material

Despite the fact that the material appeared not so long ago, the reviews of the owners of the ceramic plastic roof are numerous and unequivocally positive.

This helped determine the advantages:

  • Resistance to natural precipitation (hail, snow, rain, etc.), which indicates the waterproofness of the material.
  • Has resistance to frost.
  • No noise is heard when raindrops hit.

  • Does not accumulate static electricity.
  • Has a long service life.
  • Due to the presence of a surface that is made of a special alloy, dirt on the material is not retained, and when it rains, all dirt is easily washed off.
  • The material has a unique property to withstand a wide range of temperatures (from +60 to +800 degrees), and this makes it possible to use roofing material in any region with different climatic conditions.


In the presence of a huge number of positive aspects, there are certain disadvantages:

  • Keramoplast - reviews of roof owners: Tips + Video The material is fire hazardous, as it has a high rate of flammability.

    This has led to the fact that it becomes necessary to think over with special attention and thoroughness the design features of the chimney.

  • Despite the fact that the sheet is colored throughout its entire thickness, as a result of strong radiation from the sun, the fading of the material becomes more noticeable, sometimes it is visible after the first year of use.
  • In order to fix the keramoplast, you should use a special system of fasteners and caps, which go on sale quite often already with defects, and this causes the destruction of fasteners in a short time.
  • Sometimes, in some batches, there are specimens that have an uneven thickness. This will not only affect the ease of installation, but also the attractiveness of the result.

Please note, that the main disadvantage is the likelihood of buying fake material, which, when used, will give terrible results, which can lead to negative reviews.When buying keramoplast, you should pay attention to which manufacturer of the material. This will not only help save money, but also your nervous system.

You can cut or saw the sheet as needed, thus giving the desired configuration and size. During the installation process, the overlap is done in only one wave, and it will be enough to use 10 nails for fastening.


The main areas of use of keramoplast, reviews of which are positive, are:

  • Keramoplast - reviews of roof owners: Tips + Video This type of roofing material is versatile, as it can be used for roofing, and for sheathing surfaces, creating fences. Keramoplast is used not only on an industrial scale, but also privately.
  • Due to its ability to withstand heavy loads, it can even be used as a floor covering in the attic. It is thanks to the increased strength that such opportunities are available for use.


In order to carry out the installation of this roofing material, it is not necessary to be a professional and have any skills in this matter.

Everything is quite simple and the process will not take much time. In addition, you can buy large sheets, and the material will be easy to drill and cut, and if necessary, it can be bent.

  1. First, you need to install a wooden crate with a step of 38 cm. This structure is used to fix the classic variety of asbestos cement. In this case, it does not matter at all what angle of inclination the roof will have.

    Now it is even possible to purchase sets that make it possible to assemble the structure of the under-roof space in a short time.

  2. Keramoplast - reviews of roof owners: Tips + Video Do not forget that wooden elements should be treated with a special solution that will help prevent premature aging of the battens. In addition, neither mold, nor fungus, nor other microscopic organisms can damage the structure.
  3. After that, calculations should be made for the required amount of material. It is important to take into account all end and side overlaps (approximately 5-10 cm).

    According to the reviews of the owners of keramoplast, it becomes clear that its use is much more economical than other roofing options.

Installation is carried out in two ways, and which one to choose is up to you:

  1. Offset relative to rows , which is carried out 1/2 sheet. This method involves joining sheets in the middle of the next row. Its second name is "zigzag", the use of this method helps to exclude the possibility of overlapping all four sheets at once.
  2. " Checkerboard ", which is the classic version.

    It does not assume an offset, but an overlap of four thicknesses.But there is still a possibility of excessive overlap and to avoid this, you should slightly trim the corners of the two sheets that will be located in the middle.

Since keramoplast belongs to the category of materials whose performance characteristics are impeccable, they cover very large areas. First of all, the bottom row should be laid around the entire perimeter, and after that it will be easier to install the side rows. Fastening sheets at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the first row is not difficult.

Important! Do not immediately fix the sheet in the crate. You can pre-bait the material with several screws. After installing a certain section of the roof, the overlaps should be carefully checked and only after that the final fixation of the sheets in the crate should be performed.

There are several nuances of installation:

  • For example, it is advised to use a rope so that the fixing in the center of the board is done correctly. In addition, keramoplast, which is located in the bottom row, should be fixed with a large number of elements for structural rigidity.

  • Installation of the comb should be done very carefully, in this case it is not advisable to overtighten the mount. If this moment is not taken into account, then there is the possibility of deformation of the sheet with a sharp temperature drop.
  • Holes are best created at a distance slightly wider than usual. In addition, it is advised to use not nails, but rather screws for fastening the sheets, since during the process of working with a hammer there is a possibility of damage to the roof.
  • The final step will be the installation of the skate.

    This procedure is carried out only after the final fastening and laying of all the ceramic plastic sheets. In the event that the ridge has a bend angle less than required, then it will be enough to use a blowtorch and warm up the inner surface. Thanks to this, the material will be heated to the required temperature and will be easy to deform.

Additional features, reviews

And now you can talk about what additional features are and what reviews about keramoplast :

  • An excellent alternative to sheet ceramoplast is a tile made from the same material. Such a product can withstand any weather conditions and delight the owners with its originality and beauty for a long time.

  • Tile laying is one of the simplest activities that are associated with the improvement of the roof. This does not require specific education and special tools. A standard screwdriver will be enough, with which the fastening will be carried out.
  • A huge number of positive reviews, which were left by both construction companies and ordinary owners of suburban homes, indicate that the popularity of keramoplast is gaining momentum every year.This type of roof is able to compete with more expensive materials, but at the same time it is in no way inferior in quality and presentability.

Today, making your home stylish doesn't necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Many can afford to buy such material as keramoplast, regardless of their financial situation. The light weight of the sheets helps to relieve the load of the roof structure on the entire building, and small scratches on the surface can be removed by heating the surface with a blowtorch, which even a beginner can handle.

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