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kitchen, bedroom, nursery and living room - Ideas and Tips + Photos and Videos Wallpaper in a cage in the interior + Photo. Checkered wallpaper in the interior is a great option for those who love geometric ornaments, strict motives, as well as for those who want to make a bright room in a simple form.

Let's take a look at why plaid wallpapers are so attractive and how you can emphasize designs using them.


The brighter, the more cheerful

The brighter and more interesting the design of patterns on the wallpaper, the the interior as a whole looks more spectacular and cheerful. It is for this reason that most designers agreed on the less that the use of the cell as the main pattern on the walls of both modern and antique interiors is rational.

Despite the restraint and severity that the geometry of the cell carries, they also give the room an inner energy and make it more interesting and brighter. In addition, a muted cage is considered the best choice for a soothing and relaxing environment.

Despite the fact that this pattern has such a variety of useful functions, only a few use such wallpaper for background in the interior. Yes, checkered wallpaper in the interior is quite capricious and to use it you will need to deal with the right combination of shades and colors, as well as select furniture and accessories, and the number of styles that suggest this type of design is limited. But if you decide to take this step and checkered wallpaper will give a unique effect that can rarely be achieved using other patterns - you will create a luxurious, spectacular and respectable room in which both children and adults will be comfortable.

What should you pay attention to when choosing wallpaper?

In the home interior, checkered wallpaper cannot always be perceived harmoniously. The general style of the interior plays a significant role in choosing a similar material for decoration.

In addition, when looking for the best tartan wall covering, pay attention to these features:

  1. kitchen, bedroom, nursery and living room - Ideas and Tips + Photos and Videos The nature of the picture. Yes, yes, oddly enough, this is the first and very important requirement, since the cell itself can be different - which means that the effect we produce by it, too, with the wrong choice, may not meet your expectations. For example, if he chooses wallpaper in a "plaid" cage for the interior, they will emphasize the old theme, tradition, and the checkerboard-shaped cage will emphasize severity and restraint.

    A bright cage made in the form of a mosaic will bring more cheerful and bright notes to your home.

  2. The size of the cell, with this parameter, it is desirable to determine immediately. A large cage is perfect for those rooms with long walls that are not covered by furniture. When choosing a large cage for a cramped room, all the specifics of the interior will be lost. Checkered small prints are not advised to be used to decorate the entire room, as this will put pressure on vision.

    But this option is ideal for creating an accent on one of the walls.

  3. Shades. Choosing a wallpaper that teems with muted and gloomy colors can create a dark and uncomfortable environment as this design requires good lighting (and preferably natural). A more universal option is a light cell with barely noticeable borders, but it is more suitable for a bedroom or living room, but for the hallway and kitchen it is better to choose something else. As you have noticed, it is necessary to assess the correctness of the shade selection from both a practical and aesthetic point of view.

Note, that the square is often used specifically for accentuation. If you want to draw attention to the wall / walls with bright colors, take care of the compatibility. The tandem of raspberry and light green will look at least silly, and you will not be able to create a truly luxurious interior.

Note that checkered patterns are more inherent in the old interior, but design professionals were able to come up with variations of successful combinations even for modern style trends. Let's see how you can create a harmonious and cozy interior with checkered wallpaper without the help of professionals.

Interior and its style

The simplest and very first design option is to use a Scottish cage. It is perfect for a classic or English interior. And thanks to additional elements in the form of stylized furniture or a fireplace, you can emphasize the sophistication of the chosen theme.

Scottish stitch (tartan) is an ornament made of a large number of perpendicularly connected lines that create strict rectangles and squares. Usually, such an ornament is done on a light background, and the lines are darker.

Thanks to an interesting combination of dark and light shades, this type of wallpaper will perfectly fit into an interior with any color scheme, and will not affect the integrity of the wall design.

There is another style in which the perception of the cell will be appropriate and even harmonious - this is the country style. This involves using old furniture, plain textiles with simple patterns and matching wallpaper. It is for this reason that light wallpaper with a medium-sized cage will help emphasize the coziness of the house and warmth, and also perfectly convey the theme of the style. You can make country-style accents by using light colors.

Look at the photo of checked wallpaper in a modern interior. In such designs, the cage plays the role of the main decorative element, because it is thanks to it that the tone for the whole room is set and everyone's attention is attracted. For this reason, furniture and accessories in the style of minimalism, modernism and other directions should be chosen taking into account the palette that is on the wallpaper.

Interestingly, h then if you like monochromatic and monochrome interiors, checkered coatings with a barely noticeable ornament will suit your apartment best.

Do not forget that for each style it is supposed to use a certain palette.

For example, a Scandinavian-style interior should be decorated using a cold-colored cage, and if you chose the American design direction during the renovation, bright contrasts will help. The ideal option is to decorate the room in high-tech style, in which black and white wallpapers will be used.

Coatings with a checkered motif will be useful not only as a decorative element, but also to hide imperfections and surface irregularities. In addition, thanks to the cell, the perception of the room is influenced, which is also important if you are decorating a small room.

Since working with a cell is a painstaking and complex process, it is advised to familiarize yourself with the design features of the rooms separately.

Living room

As a rule, it is to create accents that checkered wallpaper is used in the interior of the living room. The bright colors of the cage on the center wall will be a great addition to the design and will draw attention to the TV, fireplace or other interior elements. Since this room should be solemn, for decoration they often make a choice in favor of a bright cell. The colors that are used for wallpaper can be duplicated with curtains, accessories, upholstered furniture.

Attention! the wall, which was decorated with such wallpaper, in no case should be covered with furniture.

Shelves with frames, figurines, clocks and other accessories are also best placed in another part of the room.

If you do not want to decorate the entire wall or just one in a checkered style, you can use similar wallpaper to highlight niches or create inserts. In an old interior (or in a classic one), it is permissible to use a combined horizontal cell with striped wallpaper or single-color wall coverings.


When choosing a checkered pattern for decorating the main room itself, remember that such motives should not be irritants. Checkered wallpaper in the bedroom interior should not be bright, on the contrary, they should be muted, light.

Bright shades of the cage are by no means acceptable for the entire room, the only exception is the bedside area. An English or dark Scottish cage can be around the entire perimeter of the room, then it is desirable to lighten with decorative elements in pastel shades.

Good advice! In order to harmonize a bedroom with a cage, try to find textiles with the same cage for decorative pillows, bedspreads or curtains.

The cage is rarely used in the children's room. The fact is that small children do not perceive this drawing as it should, and when children form their own preferences, the cage is unattractive to them.

And, nevertheless, when using bright shades, wallpaper in a cage in the interior of the nursery will be ideal.To start decorating a children's room, look for non-standard options, for example, a mosaic covering of multi-colored squares.


Using a cage in the kitchen is to create a pleasant atmosphere of coziness, a home environment that awakens the appetite, and besides, they look more respectable than ordinary tiles. The use of patterns of this type can be appropriate for decorating a kitchen space or highlighting certain functional areas.

Please note, h when choosing wallpaper in the kitchen, you should take into account the peculiarities of textiles - your room will be many times more attractive if the tablecloths and curtains depict the same ornament as the wallpaper .



kitchen, bedroom, nursery and living room - Ideas and Tips + Photos and Videos Since there is no it always turns out to create a custom design because of the accessories and textiles, it is the wallpaper that can save the day. Bright wallpaper in a cage for the interior of the hallway will do an excellent job of the task, but if used excessively, it can give the opposite effect and visually reduce the size of the room. The cage is in good harmony with wood coverings, and also with light glossy pieces of furniture, so the arrangement of this room will not cause any difficulties.

Good advice! The ideal option for decorating a checkered hallway is wallpapering the walls with light print or choosing combinations with protective panels / plain wallpaper.


In some apartments or houses a room is allocated for a study. Naturally, the design of such premises should be restrained and calm, so as not to distract from work. A bright cell is inappropriate in this case - yellow, red and other lines will be irritants. For this reason, such rooms choose strict wallpaper in a cage with muted and dark tones, namely brown, green, gray and the like.

For the interior of the study, as well as for other rooms, you can use the method of combination with other types of wall coverings. It is not difficult to choose a color, so we suggest considering what combinations would be successful with a checkered wallpaper pattern.

Successful combination options

The most popular combination method is horizontal. In the upper or lower part of the walls, you can glue wallpaper with stripes or lines, patterns, classic ornaments, abstractions, as well as plain colors. Vertical combinations should not be too flashy and bright, so it is best to choose coatings with matching shades in a solid color.

Combination with other types of coatings is possible if you use them as a decorative panel or as inserts - a rich and bright check will be an excellent accent on one of the walls.

Interesting, that the patchwork technique, which is also done with your own hands, can perfectly emphasize the beauty of the checkered motif.

In the interior of a bathroom, kitchen or hallway, you can use wallpaper in the form of a checkerboard or mosaic and combine with a similar floor covering. The combination of such a coating with plain curtains and curtains will look no less original.

Plaid is a great option for creating unique, individual designs with accents and restraint.

With the help of additional accessories, this interior can be made both more cheerful and stricter. That is why such wallpapers are in demand, as they make it possible to experiment, embody interesting ideas and create.