Kitchen design elements that have long been unfashionable - what to get rid of

Kitchen design elements that have long been unfashionable - what to get rid of 10 outdated details of the interior in the kitchen, from which it is better to refuse

First, I would like to note the fact that this article is only suitable for those people who are going to order a new kitchen or remake an old one. If everything suits you, you probably shouldn't read this article. And if you are on the eve of changes in the kitchen, then we suggest finding out which interior details in the kitchen have long gone out of fashion and are unlikely to ever return.

If you do not heed these tips, then your brand new kitchen set will look outdated the next day after installation.

A bar counter equipped with a chrome pipe

Someone might call it chic modern, but it's not at all like that.

The pole, made of chrome-plated metal, which for some reason was attached 15 years ago to our kitchens from strip bars, has finally ceased to be fashionable. Moreover, the option with a bar counter is best suited for small kitchens, and then there is another way out of the situation (for example, to make a dining area near the window, and replace the window sill with a countertop). Replacing dining tables with bar counters is definitely not worth it, but in order to separate the kitchen area from the dining studio, you can.

In addition, this item has a lot of disadvantages. For example, the height of objects is from 1.

1 to 1.2 meters from the floor, and this is extremely inconvenient in order to dine with her, which means that you need to buy bar stools with a footrest. They are still good for adults, but they are not at all suitable for children and the elderly, who very often have problems with their legs. In addition, no more than 3 people can comfortably eat at the counter, and for this reason it would be a bad idea to use it for a large family. In any case, if you really love such a piece of kitchen interior, the best option would be to install modern bar counters, which are made without chrome squalor and they are minimalistic.

Facades finished with cheap PVC film

Kitchen design elements that have long been unfashionable - what to get rid of ะก It is worth being as careful as possible with PV film, because it is very easy to go over the edge and slide into cheapness, as well as get an awful quality of design. This is especially true when you have bright facades or, conversely, have a light color, and there are no curtains on the windows - in direct sunlight the film burns out even faster, and at the same time strongly changes color. Violation of the production technology of facades by manufacturers, as well as the use of low-quality materials can lead to the fact that the film even begins to peel off from the base.

Also, the surface is easily damaged by external chemical, mechanical influences, as well as the use of abrasive cleaning agents. In addition, defects caused by using the headset cannot be repaired.

By the way, if you have exactly PVC film, then you will need to buy a very powerful hood, because this is the only way you can extend the life of the cabinet facades that are located above the hob. It is better not to be low-priced, because high-quality film for a modern and stylish headset does not cost 5 kopecks, and remember the following - the avaricious pays twice (and especially the mean three times). It is better to purchase inexpensive modules from trusted factories than to make to order from a person who is willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of low cost.

Facades of "rusty" shade

It should be admitted that such facades were very popular earlier and were liked by almost everyone. This mainly applies to facades made of PVC film for wood decor.

Sometimes people want to make the kitchen warm, but in fact, this warmth comes down to the fact that the facades should be rusty. But fashion is changing, and with it our ideas about beauty and quality of life. Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers who still do not understand that these are clearly outdated models and are trying to sell even now. I am also glad that there are many trendy models that will definitely be fashionable for a very long time.

Silly milling on facades

These are very old elements of the kitchen interior that are no longer relevant.

Does anyone still buy them? It is better to completely abandon the milling, and also make the facade smooth, than to buy such a horror. Film facades of excellent quality in calm colors without any milling will always look modern. In addition, the kitchen is the place in the apartment that has to be cleaned more often than others, and for facades with milling, careful and delicate care is required. For cleaning and washing, do not use detergents with a coarse powder consistency, because after such cleaning, scratches and microscopic cracks may remain, which will spoil the appearance and lead to rapid wear. In addition, dust and grease can easily collect on patterns and drawings, which means that you will have to allocate time every day to wipe surfaces.

If you love milling, at least look at it all from a practical standpoint.

Liquid stone countertops

But in this case I feel very sorry for people - they really didn't understand the topic of artificial stones for countertops, and therefore trustingly acquire a worktop without joints, as well as with an integrated sink, and something truly awful turns out. In addition, such coatings are afraid of high temperatures, and also they cannot be washed with hard sponges. Also, a thin layer of liquid stone is 0.3 cm, and it can crack over time.

Low-quality products can not only quickly lose their original appearance, but even be hazardous to health, because expensive ingredients are often replaced with cheap and rather toxic substances.

Even in the first months after installation, liquid stone can emit an unpleasant aroma of styrene (this is a solvent for polyester resins). Countertops made of artificial stone are definitely not a cheap pleasure, and the desire to please the buyer and offer something cheaper, craftsmen often begin to use materials of unknown origin and quality. If there is no money for a good countertop, then it is better to buy chipboard material with a strong plastic coating than after having problems with the countertop, which is made of some unknown source.

Cheap body edges

Kitchen design elements that have long been unfashionable - what to get rid of Oddly enough, but even in the era of overproduction of furniture items, substandard manufacturing is still encountered.

Even more surprising, even such furniture finds its customers. Please, carefully inspect the quality of workmanship not only of the facades, but also of what is behind them. The fact is that the appearance and durability will depend on how well the edge banding was performed. Any defects are associated with something, for example, with the quality of the materials used, the design of the machine, the correctness of its settings.

Uneven gaps between facades

In fact, there is a caveat that very uneven gaps can be a sign of either the curvature of the walls, or the curvature of the facades themselves.

The uneven lines between the facades will indicate that the facades have not been adjusted by anyone. It also happens that facades cannot even be adjusted, because the curves are by themselves.

Inaccuracy in the dimensions of the facades, even by 0. 1 cm of the ability to lead to the fact that there will be uneven and ugly cracks on the front of the kitchen. For this reason, it is worth taking furniture at home as carefully as possible so that such kitchen design elements do not spoil your entire renovation.

If nothing can be fixed, then ordering such furniture was a waste of money and it remains to repair either on your own or to re-order the set.

Please note, that irregularities can also form for other reasons, for example, a leaking tank from a five-stage filter for water purification. Because of this, the furniture frame can swell and deform, which leads to the appearance of large gaps. All that remains is to replace the damaged cabinet with a new one and everything will be as needed.

"Wave" configuration

Do you think that such waves are a thing of the past long ago? But no, it's quite the opposite! Such "convolutions" are still found.

Not only does it look like "hello from an aunt from her native village", but it is also very expensive. With furniture, as well as with clothes, it is worth adhering to the rule "the classics are always in fashion, and today's trend will lose its relevance tomorrow." Better to buy something simpler than spend money on non-standard forms of furniture and next year find that you are now the same "aunt from the village" with a wave set.But the notorious toad will not allow changing all the "beauty", because a wave headset is incredibly expensive. Straight lines always remain modern and relevant.

Backlit visors

These are perhaps the most beloved kitchens of ten years ago. Now it is completely irrelevant. Such a point is often combined with a wave configuration, but sometimes it can even go separately. Even 10 years ago, such wings were extremely popular, but now they are changing a lot, and our kitchens are changing with us.

Such visors are not popular, and yet do not carry any functionality:

  • It is much more convenient to use ceiling lamps, or those that will be built into kitchen set.

  • The air duct is best hidden in a plasterboard ceiling box.
  • All visors are just a waste of money, but at the same time they do not make the space more useful, and they will have to be washed once again from grease and dust.

No, to some extent the visor is able to visually narrow or expand the room, but there are a lot of other ways for this, and do not forget that this design has already gone out of fashion.

Photo printing

Skinali with the Eiffel Tower and New York, apples, lemons, flowers and birds, as well as their own photos were quite popular 6 years ago, but on at the moment, the actual design option will be plain or transparent (albeit red!) glass. Photo printing, even if it should be in the project, is only minimalistic, with imitation of tiles, abstract, not very bright drawings or geometric shapes.

This is not the best choice for a kitchen apron, and cheap MDF products are especially terrible, because nothing can save such an interior. If you still adore glass, then pick up laconic drawings. And at the expense of your own photos - often the repair turns out to be stronger than the relationship, so you will post your photos on the apron. . stupid?

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