Kitchen design with an area of ​​7 sq. m. in Provence style - Review + Video

Kitchen design with an area of ​​7 sq. m. in Provence style - Review + Video Kitchen 7 sq.

m. in Provence style + interior photo. Would you like to be mentally transported to the South-East of France during breakfast, and when preparing dinner, feel at least like a chef in a cafe among the fields that are full of lavender? in the interior of the kitchen is created for you! Just try to imagine how your room can become a real branch of a French village, albeit very small, less than 10 square meters in size.

About Provence style

You will learn about the secrets of Provence style kitchen decoration, and you will also understand how to make the rustic chic envelop your kitchen from ceiling to floor.

Yes, today there are several distinctive features of the Provence style, namely:

  • The presence of calm tones in furniture and interior decoration.

  • Excellent lighting.
  • A lot of textiles.
  • For the most part, only natural materials are used.
  • An emphasis on antiquity and a rough finish.
  • Lots of decorative details that are made in vintage style.

  • Use for interior decoration of flowers, and especially lavender.

Let's take a closer look at all the listed features, other beautiful touches that help to give the style the very originality and originality, and also try to create a similar-looking design in our own kitchen.

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Rustic Kitchen Interior Colors

The very first and yet important rule to remember is this is that Provence will never stand out with flashy shades or detachment, coldness, and there are some modern kitchens that may seem aggressive or even "none" in their color scheme, but Provence design can become a breath of clean air. In such an interior, the following colors are traditionally used, namely yellow (the color of butter, sunflower, straw shade - all shades of such yellow will look good on the surface of the walls). Olive green, which is typical for headsets and cabinets, almost all "earthy" colors (dark brown, terracotta - they all look great on the surface of the floor), and blue and light blue look very good on aged surfaces.

Ivory, milky white, creamy or beige can be great for painting wall surfaces. Each shade should have the illusion of a burnt-out material in the sun, but bright accents are indispensable - textiles, tableware or other accessories can become such very noticeable "flashes".



When decorating the kitchen space in the style of Provence should be given special attention to bright lighting, and they try to bring it as close as possible to sunny, natural. Two options are possible at once.

Working with window units

Windows as a source of natural, real and "natural" light can occupy an important place in the interior of kitchens.

An ideal window option would be a huge canvas from ceiling to floor, but in modern apartments it is extremely difficult to do this, and therefore, when finishing, they highlight everything with the help of light curtains, bright colors that can perfectly reflect and make daylight stronger. By the way, to make it even better, it is recommended to adopt the option with the installation of the sink near the window.

Artificial lighting

Kitchen design with an area of ​​7 sq. m. in Provence style - Review + Video For kitchen interior 7 square meters in style Provence artificial lighting should be selected in such a way as to imitate natural - the light from chandeliers, lamps and lamps should be soft and strongly resemble sunlight, and also spread over the entire area of ​​the room.

For this, all light sources should be placed in such a way that they can perfectly complement each other and can remove all dark and unlit places. Light shades in the interior of the kitchen will be of great help, and it is also important to highlight the chandelier. Due to the fact that lighting is to some extent a design element, everything should be chosen correctly - at the same time rough and graceful, hanging brightly in the middle of the room and in a beautiful lampshade, it will fill the entire space with a magical atmosphere of comfort.

When choosing lamps, you should give preference only to those in which there is wood, porcelain and forged elements, and a lamp with a fabric lampshade is also great, but in this case the fabric must be light. Moreover, it is important to choose the right chandelier so that there is no dissonance with the dimensions of the room and the lamp.

Textiles are an important component of comfort

Things that are called textiles are a kind of visiting card of the Provencal style. In such an interior, you will find beautiful tablecloths made of natural materials such as linen or rough cotton, curtains and light curtains with floral prints, chair covers or pillows, napkins and towels.

In addition, textiles help make the kitchen look "lived-in", cozy and help to create cute accents.

Traditional motifs for textiles are floral or floral prints, rare flat and checkered. Materials can be cotton, coarse linen, but fabrics like satin should be discarded. Remember that a Provence style kitchen is always the one that has a certain touch of aging, scuffs, and you need to create the effect as if your grandmother was still cooking in this kitchen - for this reason, vintage motifs, including on textiles, will be very helpful.

Curtains should not be too dense, and ideally you should use cafe curtains or air curtains made of light fabric. Roman blinds will also be appropriate, but also in a light color scheme.

Please note, that curtains can be placed not only on the windows, but also freely walking curtains can be placed on the lower part of the headset (by the way, the doors on the lower modules can be dispensed with as just for the sake of such a reception), or even on the table, and then you can store some of the dishes under it.

Surface finishes - walls, floor and ceiling

The kitchen, which is decorated in the Provence style, is famous for the fact that it contains many materials of natural origin, which used almost everywhere - wood, ceramics and stone. The surface can be roughly finished, because "smoothness" is not at all in the spirit of Provence.


Standard wallpaper can be replaced with plaster or even brickwork. True, the latter option is more suitable only for spacious rooms, and not for a kitchen with an area of ​​7 square meters, because it makes the room visually and functionally smaller.

Naturally, Provence-style wallpapers for kitchens are also used, but it is better that they turn out textured and match the pattern and color (for example, with floral patterns). In addition, wood panels in a light shade are used to decorate the surface of the walls, and it would be wise to lay out the wall with stone or ceramic tiles near the dishwasher or hob.


It would be nice to make a wooden shelf, which can be a beautiful design solution for a Provence-style kitchen - wooden decorative beams painted in characteristic colors can be installed under the ceiling, and right on it to add a special grace to the interior. It should also be remembered that serious decoration of the ceiling is possible when it is high, and in any other case, all the elements will strain the eyesight and perception in general. If the ceiling turns out to be low, then it is worth decorating it with extreme caution - along the entire perimeter using details that will not take up much space.

You can also use plaster to finish the ceiling surface.


Ceramic tiles or wood are well suited for flooring. You can also lay laminate, but not glossy. It should match in style and color, be matte, sometimes a rag effect is allowed (these tips also apply to tiled flooring). It is recommended to use mosaic tiles to lay out a beautiful pattern on the floor.

When choosing another option that will be more economical, use a neat and dim linoleum covering. To see all the beauty of the kitchen with your own eyes, we suggest looking at the photo of kitchens that are decorated in Provence style.

Choosing the right furniture

There is no place in the interior of Provence for glossy surfaces and excessive grooming. Rough surfaces made of natural material and old (or artificially aged furniture) will create exactly the effect you are trying to achieve.

Furniture must be made of wood, and there is nothing wrong with pieces of furniture inherited from your grandmother - in terms of durability, such items will still give shape to modern products, and scuffs and small chips will only add chic in the design of the kitchen space.

Moreover, the characteristic style for Provence is open cabinet types.

From the point of view of utilitarianism, the solution will be rather controversial, but it looks very nice. It will also be convenient to get dishes from such shelves, and if you prefer closed cabinets, as well as shelves on the walls, then you should pay attention to headsets with glass - this will suit the style and expand the small space of the kitchen.

Forged parts look very nice if they are in the decoration of furniture - try to pay attention to dining groups that are equipped with forged legs. Beautiful cushions can be placed on the chairs, and the seats themselves can be folded, as if intended for a terrace.

We remind you that dining groups do not have to be new at all, and it's okay if something doesn't match in color and style. Bring a table forgotten by everyone from the dacha, whose tabletop is cracked from time to time, sand the surface and the furniture will be ready for use.

Plumbing and kitchen appliances

Kitchen design with an area of ​​7 sq. m. in Provence style - Review + Video Naturally, it is best to emphasize the design in the Provence style, a technique that is made in the appropriate style will be able - choose copper or bronze instead of a chrome mixer, and the sink should be installed from natural or artificial stone, it is best to take the technique "antique". The good news is that today almost all manufacturing companies have the necessary copies among the lineup.

Kitchen utensils and dishes

Like everything else in the design of the kitchen, the dishes will not differ in their elegance and pretentiousness. It will be good if we are talking about standard dishes in soothing colors, or if it repeats textiles in motives - plant / floral patterns.

For special occasions, you can purchase a set with bright motives. If you have been planning to throw away your old enamelware for a long time, then you can give it another chance in a Provencal interior. The design will be perfectly complemented by wicker baskets, which will help, albeit partially, but solve the issue of storage or act as a stand for fruits, cutlery and flower arrangements. As a stand, you can use tin buckets or wooden boxes, preferably vintage.

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Beauty in the little things

This is really very important for this style, because it is formed by the little things, which means that they should be given special Attention.

You should choose such things that can emphasize the graceful beauty and simplicity of the kitchen:

  • Unusual dishes with floral patterns.
  • Wall clock (strictly mechanic), "antique" or antique.
  • Painted vases.

  • Boxes with coffee, sugar and spices.
  • Flower pots.
  • Pictures with a beautiful landscape.
  • Unusual bread bins, cutting boards.

By the way, you can even do such things with your own hands.

It will be enough to pull out the old table, update it a little, decorate it and you're done. The presence of fabric elements favorably emphasizes the interior, and it will be possible to knit or sew a certain composition, a light curtain or a tablecloth. You can also collect beautiful field bouquets in the summer and put them in the kitchen, or if you have artistic skills, decorate the kitchen yourself. Such a kitchen will not only delight you every day, but also open up opportunities for creativity and creativity for everyone.