Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, specifications + Video

Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, specifications + Video Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, characteristics

Over the centuries, all people have tried to improve their life, and even now, when our time is considered the era of high technology, the problem remains relevant. There is a lot of interesting, unidentified things around, and people spend a lot of time and energy to improve their living standards.

A kitchen faucet with flexible hose will help you get out of your routine.

General information

Types of kitchen faucets

Almost every process in the kitchen requires the use of water. Hence, there is no need to mention how important a sink and faucet is in the home.

Low taps do not make it possible to properly wash large dishes and fill the container with water. When the gander is raised strongly, water will constantly spray when it hits the bottom of the sink. To solve all the problems described above, experts have developed a faucet for the kitchen with a shower and a sliding canister. The emergence of such a design made it possible to direct the flow to any place that needed to be filled and to fill any containers with water, even if they were outside the sink.

Several mixers can be distinguished on the basis of their functional characteristics:

  1. Kitchen shower.

    According to external features, there are no additional structural elements, but if you pull on the spout, it becomes a watering can, which is attached to a flexible hose.

  2. Semi-professional models. This is the case when the flexible shower is installed as a nozzle parallel to the stationary tap pipe.
  3. Mixer with removable attachment. There is no hose, no parts of the mixer can be pulled out, but due to the high raised spout and water divider, there are additional possibilities.

Flexible kitchen mixers can be made as all kinds of modifications that differ in size, method of attachment, as well as features of functioning and material of manufacture.

Materials for making a kitchen faucet with a flexible spout

It is interesting that the list of metals from which modern plumbing fixtures are made for the kitchen is quite large. These are both homogeneous compositions and alloys.

The most common materials that are used to make a faucet in the kitchen are:

  • Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, specifications + Video Nickel.
  • Bronze.

  • Chrome.
  • Ceramics.
  • Brass.
  • Copper.
  • Stainless steel.

Most of the mixers are made of brass, as it is a fairly strong and heavy alloy of zinc and copper. Brass products are durable, reliable and have a low price. Faucets that are made of stainless steel are extremely rare on the market. They are inexpensive, but their service life is short.

Nickel and chrome are used for kitchen faucets with a flexible spout, but only as a decorative coating, as they help to create a smooth surface that does not allow metal to oxidize and maintain the aesthetics of the product.

The nickel-chromium coating is easy to clean and resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.

In the past few years, more kitchen taps with flexible hose type, which are made of ceramic, have been released. Such devices are quite expensive, but they are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and long service life. Products made of bronze and copper are a real exclusive, as the models are very expensive and each of them has an original, unique design. Mixers made of such metals require special care, which is quite laborious and troublesome.

Good advice! If you decide to buy a faucet of this type for the kitchen, be sure to consult with a sales assistant about the care of the product. In some cases, even small mistakes can damage the top layer, resulting in a loss of aesthetics and a decrease in service life.

Features of functioning

One of the points regarding the ergonomics of kitchen faucets is the way of switching off and on the water. Taking into account such a functional feature, mixers can be divided into three subspecies:

  1. Valve. In this case, there are valves at the bottom on both sides, and when they rotate, a cold and hot water flow will open.

    This is a rather difficult method of operation in comparison with the others, since it is assumed that at least one hand is occupied for a relatively long time (and if you want to set the required temperature as soon as possible, then two) to create the optimal temperature and power flow of water.

  2. Lever. Has only one lever, which, depending on the shift to the left or right, will regulate the temperature and intensity of the water jet. It is many times more convenient to use such a device than a valve one.
  3. Sensory.

    The most convenient (but also the most expensive) option, since no physical effort is required to turn on the water - the motion sensor will react to the hands, but in order to increase / decrease the intensity and adjust the temperature there is a mechanical adjustment.

The price gradation for kitchen faucets corresponds to the order of types of faucets - the cheapest valve, a little more expensive lever and the most expensive sensor. In terms of durability, each option has its own "Achilles heel", which will significantly affect the service life.

Mounting methods

Depending on the shape and size of the sink, you can choose any attachment point. There are three standard ways.

Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, specifications + Video K attachment to the sink, and most of the offered sinks have a special hole for this, and then the mixer will be installed in a strictly designated place.If there is no hole, you need to do it yourself using certain tools. To Attaching to the worktop involves creating a hole to the kitchen worktop. In this case, it is worth taking into account the size and shape of the spout, as well as the remoteness of the location of the sink, so that the hit of the water jet is correct.

Wall Mounting requires the purchase of a flexible hose kitchen faucet that is designed to be wall mounted.

a pull-out spout is standard, that is, a hose with a watering can, which is pulled out from the main spout. The opening method is usually lever-type, and the structure is usually very large in size and also rigidly attached to the water pipes. Such models can be installed during the renovation, before the installation of the kitchen unit, as it will be necessary to embed pipes into the walls. Note that the large size of the mixer does not imply a high water pressure.

Important! When choosing a place for installation on a sink that has no hole, it is worth considering that the flow of water without using a watering can must fall into the middle of the sink.

Semi-professional faucet models

Semi-professional faucet models have gained particular popularity, which is a design in which a hose with a splitter will complement the main spout. In order for the soft element of the mixer with a watering can not to be damaged, as well as to be rigid, the part of the hose that is located under the spout must be covered with a spiral metal frame. These faucets are very handy if you have two or more hours, as they can supply water from any angle and distance. It will not be difficult to use a hose with an extension of this design, since it will be enough to make a simple movement with your hand.

There are many popular semi-professional models of basin faucets with a pull-out spray, where the flexible hose is not the top addition of the main spout, but is simply fixed parallel to it.

In this type of construction, the moving part also has a rigid metal frame. As you can tell, according to customer reviews, it is these mixers that are recognized as the most durable. But along with this excellent property, they have a rather high price.

Good advice! When purchasing a semi-professional type mixer, select the models that will have the optimal hose length. In a design with a retractable part with a length of 1 meter or more, during operation, the laying of the hose sometimes begins to create loops.

Shape and design

When you've figured out how the various models function, it's worth paying attention to product design. Most of all, the quality of the coating will affect how well the mixer will fit the interior. It can be matte and glossy, metallic or other shades (this includes purple, red and blue).

Types of thermo mixers, manufacturers and models

If you have chosen minimalism for your design style, the standard shape and chrome-plated glossy finish will be appropriate. In the case when the interior is pretentious, you can choose a mixer, the shape of which will resemble a tulip or other intricate shape.

Copper and bronze faucets will look perfect in classic style, as well as in loft and ethno. For those who love contrasting shades in the interior, a black mixer with a sliding can is definitely suitable. Some of the home appliance parts in this color will help to complete the decoration.

In order to create harmony in kitchen design, both the size and shape of the tap are important. Tall graceful spouts should be combined with bowls and create a single composition.

Massive wall-mounted models are worth installing if you have large kitchen furniture, and separately a work surface.

Is it possible to buy a separate flexible spout

Retractable hose, also called a flexible spout, like any structural element can wear out, and there may be the most different:

  • Frequent tension at maximum.
  • Lack of proper care, or improper care.
  • Features of the content of chemical elements in the water that passes through it.

Most often, it is the watering can that becomes unusable, as holes begin to clog, plastic inserts burst, and the thread is damaged and so on.

The replacement process itself is not difficult, but finding the element you need is not so easy. It is much easier to find a replacement part for retractable hoses of Chinese manufacture than on a brand-type model, and this can be easily explained, because manufacturers who follow their reputation give a warranty period for the mixer for at least 5 years.

Good advice! When buying a kitchen faucet with a flexible hose, ask if it can be repaired if necessary.

Replacing the hose is a little easier, as the flexible spout is much easier to find. Naturally, it will be better if you find a "native" part, but sometimes you can use analogs - the main thing is that they perform their functions perfectly.

The most important thing is to choose the size that it was originally, as well as the connection and fastening elements that will make it possible for the watering can to function fully.

Do-it-yourself installation

If you want, you can change the conventional mixer for a model with a pull-out spout, and it's not difficult at all.

To complete this task, you need the following tools:

  • Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, specifications + Video Spanner wrench.
  • Adjustable wrench.
  • Screwdriver.

All the required elements for installation will come with the mixers. You may only need to purchase a flexible water connection hose and pad. Such details are in every plumbing store.

The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. First, close the valves for supplying cold and hot water, remove the old mixer.
  2. Connect the flexible hoses to the tap, pass them through the hole in the sink / countertop.

  3. Install the mixer, and under the sink or countertop, using an adjustable wrench, tighten the nut, onto which the rubber washer and washer should first be put on.
  4. A crane with a flexible neck must be equipped with a sinker, as it will provide a limitation when pulling out and returning the hose to its original position. It should be set at a level convenient for you and check how efficiently everything is functioning.
  5. Connect hoses to pipes that supply water and they are color coded - blue for cold water and red for hot water.

Important! When tightening the nut, fix the mixer in the desired position, and this may require the help of another person.

After all work has been completed, remove the diffuser and spill a lot of water so that in the future, when using the filter, it does not clog up with debris that forms during installation work.

Selection Algorithm

So, we suggest focusing on such individual points when choosing a mixer with a pull-out shower head.

Pre-assessment is best done in the following sequence:

  1. Material quality. The service life and cost will largely depend on it. In this case, you should pay attention not only to one case, but also to other elements.

  2. Type of use. The lever type of control is much simpler, and the valve type is more familiar, the touch type is more convenient than all types, but also more expensive.
  3. Features of the valve for locking. In lever models, instead of a valve, a cartridge is used, which is ceramic (the most durable and expensive, but it is impossible to get any solid particles), ball (durable, cheap, but sometimes loses the required mobility) and plastic, which is inexpensive and does not last long.
  4. Spout height and hose placement.

    The size should be selected depending on the size of the sink, and the attachment points are at your discretion, taking into account the fact that in semi-professional models it is much easier to switch to the shower mode.

  5. Additional functions - the ability to supply drinking water.
  6. Appearance. Consideration should be given to the consistency of the appearance of the mixer, as well as the sink and kitchen design in general.
  7. Reviews.

    Such cranes are no longer a novelty, and the opinion of consumers has formed, so it will never be superfluous to read reviews about such a crane.


Yes, the opinion of those who use such installations is very important, since it is true reviews that help to take into account all the nuances , which consumers and sales managers did not pay attention to during manufacture.In general, there is no opinion that this type of mixer is not needed, everyone noted the ease of use. But there are still some problems.

Kitchen faucet with flexible hose: description, features, specifications + Video Polina, Barnaul: " the mixer, although it is Chinese, but for 30,000 rubles.

There are no complaints about the work. It is difficult to say that with this use there is water saving, but the quality is comforting, you can wash off all the dirt under pressure. But there are problems with cleaning, because at first everything was washed off from the metal spiral with a regular sponge, and now everything has to be cleaned with a brush. According to the instructions it is written that you can use only gentle means, but they simply do not help. It is difficult to say what exactly the manufacturer meant about cleaning.

The only thing that upsets me at the moment - the appearance of the crane. "

Sergey, Syktyvkar: " We bought a kitchen faucet with a flexible spout, but we do not use it often, although we are glad that it there is, because without it in some situations it is impossible to cope. But after a while he began to get involved badly, you have to push. Life does not interfere, but annoying, thank God, there is a guarantee from the manufacturer and you will probably have to contact the service center ".

Kristina, Saratov: "There is no dishwasher at home, so I wash it by hand with dish detergent and wash it off under the nozzle- shower, as it is safer.

The mixer has a third goal, it works well, but my husband and I did not think it over and put a new tap on the old sink. And this is inconvenient, since its depth is only 17 cm, often water is sprayed past the sink, everything is wet and puddles. Still, a pull-out watering can also needs a large bowl for washing. "

Lydia, Krasnodon: "I decided to buy such an unusual mixer, I bought a matte one, and it looks like copper in color. I was delighted with it, but now I realized that it would be better to buy a shiny chrome model, since this mixer is inconvenient to clean and after two days it looks like it has not been washed for a month.

It turns out that it is almost always dirty, and only after a couple of hours cleaning looks decent. You have to remove the nose every time, otherwise you won't be able to wipe off the plaque at all. "

Tatiana, Armavir: "I have a husband and three children, so comfort in the kitchen is above all for me. With a serious approach, I chose a model with a flexible hose, which I liked and which does not require a lot of time to clean (thanks to the previous bitter experience). Such a faucet is more than satisfactory for me, so I do not plan to change it, I want to install the same one at my mother's house.