Kitchen for 100 thousand - Price classification + Video

Kitchen for 100 thousand - Price classification + Video The kitchen is the homemaker's workplace, as well as the most important room in the house. Not everyone can afford a kitchen for 150 thousand. Good food doesn't come cheap. A modern kitchen must satisfy all the needs of the hostess.

How to make an inexpensive, but comfortable and stylish kitchen? In this article, we will look at 3 budget options - a kitchen for 100 thousand.

General information

Before choosing kitchen furniture, you should pay attention to several aspects:

  • whether the repair work of the premises before installing the headset;
  • It is necessary to determine the size. For a convenient layout, the headsets should not exceed 20% of the total area of ​​the room;
  • Where and how household appliances will be placed;
  • Placement and options for the dining area.

After that, you can start planning your future kitchen.

Layout types

The location of the headset is: L-shaped, U-shaped, linear, island and peninsular, two-row.

Kitchen for 100 thousand - Price classification + Video L-shaped - considered a classic option for rectangular rooms.

Corner kitchens are multifunctional, which can accommodate up to two chefs.

U-shaped is suitable for large rooms of square or rectangular type. For optimal comfort in such a kitchen, its length should be from 1.5 to 2 meters, the connection area from 2.5 m.

Linear kitchen for narrow spaces with a width of less than 2 meters. It happens that the appliances for such a kitchen are purchased built-in, thus, the used space becomes more efficient and practical.

An island or peninsular layout requires a large area to accommodate, at least 20 square meters. A work area is placed in the center of the island kitchen, the functionality of which is determined by everyone himself. The effective size of such a zone is 120 centimeters square per side.

Peninsular kitchen length from 120 to 180 cm, and width 60 cm, consists of two or three modules.

A two-row kitchen is suitable for rectangular rooms with a width of two and a half meters. In such a kitchen, the dining area is weak and this is its only drawback.

Selection details

Material of the future kitchen

The most economical materials for making kitchen furniture are considered mdf and chipboard. They are used to produce a high-quality final product that meets all norms and standards.

But to a greater extent, MDF is used, which is identical to the structure of a tree. For decoration, it is covered with plastic, enamel, veneer, PVC - film or acrylic. Resistance of materials to fungal mold, temperature resistance and moisture resistance is achieved due to processing with special components and impregnations. The quality of the end faces of the chipboard directly affects the durability and service life of the kitchen set. When moisture enters the structure of the slab, swelling and deformation occurs.

Working area

The thickness of the table top is 6-10 cm, and for dining areas - 4 cm. For the manufacture of the table top it is better to use an artificial stone. This material is cheaper than analogs, has a small weight, but with a short service life. An artificial stone countertop can be created in any shape with imitation of various rocks.

Price classes

A kitchen set can be purchased both for twenty thousand, and for a large amount.

It is very difficult to find out the approximate cost of a kitchen, therefore the manufacturers have introduced a conventional unit - the price per running meter.

Due to the variety of internal content, the complexity of the design and execution - prices do not have certain restrictions.

By pricing, kitchen sets can be divided into four classes: economy, medium, premium and luxury.

Economy class. The name speaks for itself - cheap and simple.

The price of this category varies from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. / running meter. An economy class headset is practical, comfortable and has a very aesthetic appearance.

Typically linear or L-shaped, with an average length of 2 to 5 meters. In the production of the main elements (facade, body, countertop) of such a kitchen, chipboard is used.

Facades are made laminated or faced using postforming technology, a variety of colors and no decor.

The filling of cabinets and drawers is simple and standard.

Middle class. Price from 30 to 60 thousand rubles / r. meter.

Such a set can be quite long, so a spacious room is required for installation if the kitchen has a U-shaped, L-shaped (the most popular) or two-row layout.

The material of the body of such furniture is mostly made of chipboard, and only domestic manufacturers make it from pine.

Natural materials are more often used for the manufacture of countertops and facades.

These kitchens are multifunctional with a large number of silently pull-out sections and drawers. Doors can be hinged, sliding or vertically hinged.

A variety of colors often harmonize in one facade.

Premium class with a price range from sixty to three hundred thousand per linear meter and luxury class from three hundred thousand rubles and higher, but this is not our story anymore.

3 budget options

  • 1. In the first option, we will abandon the upper cabinets, which will naturally affect the cost reduction. This will also help expand the space.

    Here we will direct all attention to the kitchen apron, which will have an original stone pattern.

Kitchen for 100 thousand - Price classification + Video Note : The apron should look with the kitchen, approach it.

An interesting solution is an apron made of wallpaper behind glass. Glass itself is not cheap, but it is still cheaper than laying tiles.

Let's add some lightness to the space with the help of glass lamps.

The facades and the kitchen table will have a glossy surface.

  • 2. White kitchen with open shelves, appliances and a straight layout.

Note: Corner models are more expensive, but they are roomy.

A kitchen with open shelves does not visually clutter up the space.

It is considered the most inexpensive option.

Bright facades with panels look very cheap, and our task is to make an original and rich looking kitchen, but not expensive. Then we will use the old facades for our kitchen. Simple white cabinets with matching handles and a fancy backsplash can do wonders. In addition, pens can be purchased separately.

Note : With the help of beautiful and high-quality pens, you can transform a cheap headset.

  • And finally, the third budget option - a kitchen without a dining table. There is no free-standing table with chairs, but instead a large table top by the window, behind which you can dine and admire the view from the window.

The headset for this variant will be purchased in parts. We take a finished case according to the dimensions we need, and order the facades separately.

Note : Some firms are engaged in the manufacture of facades.

Another option, you can take an inexpensive cabinet case, and the facade is more expensive. You can save on built-in appliances by purchasing them separately.

There can be many options for a budget kitchen. And the most interesting thing is that you can do it all yourself.