Kitchen in white + photo and review

Kitchen in white + photo and review White kitchen in the interior: pros and cons, reviews users

White is a versatile color for any type of room because it looks rich and also helps to visually expand the room and matches all colors.

We offer to learn about the pros and cons of a white kitchen, as well as consider the design features of such a kitchen in different style directions.

Advantages and disadvantages

To get an objective and complete picture of the advantageousness of a white kitchen in any apartment, you first need to soberly assess all the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution. The rest of the listed qualities will apply only to a completely white kitchen with rarely used additions in the form of color and accessories.

First, it is worth considering the merits.

  1. Imaginary soiling. Although for some reason the white color has a bad reputation in the form of a stereotype about the soiled color, this is not so. But such a statement scares off potential buyers very much. Experienced designers and owners believe, on the contrary, that white is less easily soiled than the same blue, black or wenge. For example, on white furniture, water stains, dust, water droplets or plaque are not as noticeable as on a dark surface.

  2. Spaciousness. This is a particularly pleasant moment, because in relatively small rooms, this color serves as an expansion of space. All experienced designers and owners know for sure that white color can visually enlarge the room and make it lighter and more spacious. It is for this reason that all small kitchens are best done not in white, but in light shades.
  3. Lightness.

    In addition to the fact that white expands the room, it also gives it lightness. So, pieces of furniture and kitchen sets in white will seem less bulky and lighter.

  4. Lightening. The main advantage of this universal color is the natural and natural lightening of any room, regardless of purpose. This will be especially beneficial for rooms that are not located on the sunny side or are even fenced with balconies and many loggias.

    Moreover, glossy and satin surfaces can effectively reflect sunlight, and give the entire kitchen a sophisticated and light look.

  5. Kitchen in white + photo and review Excellent compatibility. This color belongs to the line of neutral, as opposed to contrasting shades, which means it can be perfectly combined with all possible colors. White is so suitable for everything that it can be successfully used for absolutely all style decisions.
  6. Refining.

    With rich and expensive colors, a snow-white kitchen is capable of giving more depth, and even faded, simple shades it will ennoble and make richer.The same will apply to both rich and very cheap furniture, as well as elements - even the simplest tiles or stools in white will look rich and laconic.

  7. Simplicity. If you wish, to decorate the kitchen in several shades at once, you will need to follow the rules of contrast and make sure that all new added colors look harmonious against the rest. If we are talking about single neutral tones for decorating the kitchen, then you don't have to make sure to choose another shade correctly.

    The same applies to the choice of suitable pieces of furniture, materials and equipment for the kitchen space - you can always find goods in white neutral design on sale.

But it would be unfair not to consider the shortcomings, which also exist:

  1. Mediocrity. With the appearance on the furniture market of the IKEA retail chain, options for decorating a room in white have become more popular. So, from the disadvantages of a white kitchen, we single out the fact that almost every apartment has a white (partially or completely) kitchen, which gives the impression of losing the individuality of the room.
  2. Sterility.

    Despite the fact that color is universal, as noted earlier, when decorating a kitchen space, there is a great chance to create a faded, colorless and uninteresting interior. Some even say that this design is associated with a hospital - the feeling of living in a ward. The only problem is that people often choose inappropriate shades of white or incorrectly use free space and arrange furniture items incorrectly.

  3. Constant care. Yes, the kitchen itself is non-marking, but in order for the desired whiteness to remain so for a long time, you should take care of the pieces of furniture relentlessly.

    Any grease stains, a smear of ketchup or crumbs are quite noticeable, and in addition to constant maintenance, to keep the headset in perfect condition, you should arrange a general cleaning at least once a month, during which high-quality detergents and cleaning agents will be used.

  4. Exhaust. If in a kitchen with black or dark facades the effect of fat and steam on the kitchen facade may not be noticeable for a long time, then on light furniture everything will be displayed much faster. It is for this reason that you really need a high-quality hood, and constant wiping of the apron near the hob in order to remove grease stains in time.

Now that you know all the pros and cons, you can consider finishing options.

Finishing variations

How successful the design of a white kitchen will be will depend on many interior elements and how well and harmonious everything looks together. Below we will consider the features for the design and placement of the finishing key elements of the kitchen.


The floor surface of the kitchen is one of the most important design elements.

It is he who sets the mood for the entire kitchen:

  • The dark floor in a snow-white kitchen will focus on the details of the room, namely pieces of furniture, facade, kitchen table, dishes and handles.
  • Light or white floor will visually expand the space of the room, and make it lighter, lighter and more elegant.

Since in our case we are talking about a light kitchen, it is worth choosing gray, white and soft shades for the floor. As for the materials that will be used for laying the floor in a white kitchen, then you can use laminate, tile, parquet or even linoleum. For a greater degree of lightening of kitchen areas, it is worth choosing exactly moisture-resistant and shock-resistant tiles - the glossy surface of the tile materials is capable of casting sun glare and visually making the room larger.


In the interior of a white kitchen, you can choose absolutely any option for decorating the ceiling surface. Here, both standard snow-white ceilings and panel or stretch options can be successfully combined.

Kitchen set

Another rather important finishing element for a kitchen is a properly selected kitchen set. Wood can be used as a finishing material for the decoration of facades in the kitchen and furniture, and the surface is matte or glossy.

  • The classic design of the kitchen set is wood. The fact is that such a surface will look both rich and simple at the same time. The tree is versatile and environmentally friendly, which means that it will definitely successfully fit into any type of interior and will be safe for human health.

    Despite the unambiguous advantages, the natural finish also has a drawback - it requires constant high-quality care. Moreover, wood is very unstable to fumes and moisture, and these are constant companions of kitchen rooms.

Please note, that modern wood kitchen sets are no worse than counterparts made of cheaper material and ways to maintain their original appearance for several decades ...

  • Glossy surface. By the way, gloss is also considered a popular option for decorating kitchen units, and all due to its property of repelling the sun's rays, water and dirt. This makes it possible to brighten and visually make the kitchen look larger. The advantage of such a surface is that it does not allow dirt and grease to be absorbed into the material, and also does not suffer from detergent. The main disadvantage is that it requires constant cleaning (stains and fingerprints remain on the surface).

  • Matte surface. Unlike the gloss described above, matte finishes in the design of a white kitchen should give the room coziness, harmony and peace. The matte kitchen is more discreet, calm and practical. The obvious disadvantage of such surfaces is that they strongly absorb dirt and moisture. It is for this reason that such surfaces should be wiped down too often if you do not want the dirt to be absorbed into the furniture forever.

Next, consider other finishing locations.

Walls and wallpaper

In a white kitchen, bold colors or contrasts are rarely used when decorating the surface of the walls. As a rule, the color scheme in this case will only be used where the apron or dining area is located. Modern white kitchens are often decorated with white plaster or paint to resist dirt and water. If you want to see exactly the wallpaper in the design, then you should make a choice in favor of pastel and soft tones - beige, pearl, light aquamarine, light wheat (by the way, some experts recommend painting only one wall and leaving the rest white).


A window is just as important an element of kitchen decoration as a set or ceiling. The choice of well-designed windows in this case will depend not only on color schemes, but also on the view outside the window, as well as the design style of the apartment.

Please note, h if your kitchen is decorated in a loft style, then metal blinds will look best here, in Provence style - wooden windows with standard curtains.

The choice of pieces of furniture and household appliances

White kitchen, regardless of the chosen design, can look great with any kind of household appliances and furniture. But to make such elements look more successful, you should heed the following recommendations.

  1. Kitchen in white + photo and review Choose pieces of furniture and appliances not only by functionality, but also by external data. Neither appliances nor furniture should be in strong contrast to the rest of the kitchen furniture.
  2. A white kitchen needs good white furniture in the form of a table and dining chairs, but this does not mean that the chairs should be in the same shade. Try to choose options that are bluish or gray to reduce darkening and blemishes.
  3. Don't be afraid to choose only white furniture.

    In the future, if it seems mediocre to you, you can paint it or refresh it with covers, stickers or stands. For dark furniture, such a modernization is not possible.

  4. As for the choice of technique, based on the style you choose, because you will definitely agree that a metal grinder will look better in a hi-tech than a plastic one.

And then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the real reviews of users who have already lived with their snow-white kitchen for about a year.


Anna: "I have a white kitchen, materials - wood, glass, white stone countertop and sink I only have problems with the edge of the countertop, because it is poorly glued and the gap is thin.

Well, there are problems with washing, but this is due to the fact that the stone is natural, and so there are no problems. "

Marina: "It's all silly prejudices that white furniture, walls, and kitchens in general are impractical. In fact, the option is even one of the best in cleaning plan, especially when it comes to matte white.

Tiles, furniture in matte design always look clean, household dirt is not visible as much as on black or other dark colors. the kitchen is beautiful, and I will not hesitate to say that I use it both in the tail and in the mane, and not just brewing coffee from morning.

And so that the lower cabinets get less dirty, I have provided the table top hung deeper over them. Believe me, the table top, which protrudes by 4 cm, protects from a lot of drops and splashes when working. "

( 2 marks, average 5 of 5 )