Kitchen island for a small kitchen - implementation ideas: Review + Video

Kitchen island for a small kitchen - implementation ideas: Review + Video Kitchen island for a small kitchen - implementation ideas. Initially, the kitchen island was used in the kitchen in public places like cafes or restaurants. The island, which is located in the middle of the kitchen area, made it possible for several workers to cook at the same time without interfering with each other. But why are kitchen islands now so often used for apartments and houses? The answer is not difficult to find. You can't even imagine how functional and convenient it is.

Naturally, a kitchen island for a small kitchen is far from the most versatile piece of furniture, and a balanced, serious approach is required for the design. We decided to collect in this article for you the most valuable recommendations from experts and inspiring photos, so that you can decide and understand whether you specifically need such an island in your kitchen, and if so, what size and functionality to choose.

Who will like a kitchen with an island

An island in the kitchen is a table that stands at a certain distance from the headset. It has a countertop and can also have a hob, sink, and even a storage system. A kitchen island is an optional piece of furniture, and it will not be appropriate in every kitchen.

But who can afford the installation of such a table?

  • A fully-sized island for the kitchen is suitable if the area of ​​the room is at least 20 m 2 and more, while there must be a separate dining area.
  • A mobile island or peninsula is suitable for a forge with an area of ​​15 m 2 and above.
  • The island will look great on the border of zones in the kitchen-living room, which are combined, or in the studio.
  • An excellent option for a spacious cottage or a country house.

Is it possible to put the island in a standard city apartment? Yes, but there will be problems with that.

If we are talking about Khrushchev, and not about a modern studio apartment, then you will need to get rid of the partitions that combine the living room and kitchen, and also get permission to use only a small model of the island anyway. But if this is your real dream, why not?

Why do you need an island

A kitchen island is capable of performing one task, or many functions:

Experts also call the island the best achievement in terms of ergonomics for organizing space in a large kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages

A small kitchen with an island, in addition to its huge functionality and its large dimensions, has a number of positive and negative qualities.

First, consider all the good that he can give in the kitchen:

  1. Ergonomics and convenience - due to the presence islands, all the main elements can be put closer to each other. The hostess will spend much less energy running between the stove, sink, work surface and refrigerator. Therefore, it can save time, effort and increase comfort. Moreover, if there is an island, several people can cook at the same time.

  2. During the preparation of a culinary masterpiece, the hostess will be able to communicate with guests or household members, and at the same time without turning her back on them.
  3. Kitchen set can replace the tangible part of the set and accommodate a hob with an oven, dishwasher or just a sink.
  4. The island can become the main element of the zoning of the kitchen space, which is combined with the living room.
  5. The island is ideal for a kitchen with a large area, will add zest and chic.

There are also disadvantages:

  1. Depending on the size, the island can take from 1 to 3 m 2 area, and you will also need to provide enough space around it for free movement.

    In general, for a small kitchen, this is rather a pipe dream than a reality (unless you combine the kitchen with the adjacent living room).

  2. If you want to place a sink on the island or build in a dishwasher, then get ready for the difficulties that are associated with transferring communications and obtaining the desired level of slope, which can entail an increase in the floor level. Plus, it's not easy to do in a city apartment.

If you nevertheless decided on an island, consider how and at what distance it is worth placing it.

Distance between the island and other objects

So that the island in the kitchen does not interfere with anyone and does not become an obstacle to free movement, opening drawers and dishwashers , you should leave a sufficient margin between it and the set in the kitchen / wall.

The minimum allowable distance is 1 meter, but better than 1.2 meters. Only in this case will the kitchen island be ergonomic and comfortable, and also not inconvenient. The optimal parameters of the island will depend on the size of the kitchen and the personal preferences of everyone living in the apartment.

Island shape

Kitchen island for a small kitchen - implementation ideas: Review + Video Designers strongly recommend that the shape of the island matches the configuration rooms, which means that an island of a similar shape is suitable for a rectangular room, and a square for a square one.

Such models have become so popular that most people can no longer imagine this element in a different form.

In addition to standard shapes, table island for a small kitchen can be semicircular, fancifully curved, oval, triangular and more. An island of any shape and size can be made to order. The main thing is that, together with the unusualness and extravagance, the island turns out to be functional, fits perfectly with the resulting interior. Round and oval tables are convenient in that they have no corners and reduce the risk of injury, but they take up much more space.

Triangular, broken lines and other design options can rarely be functional; it takes a lot of space to place them without risk to health.

When choosing a shape, you should pay attention not only to the shape of the room, but also the type of location of the headset. If you have an L-shaped arrangement, then a square-shaped island would be an excellent solution. For U-shaped kitchens, as a rule, rectangular tables are chosen, but the final decision will still depend on the size of the room. If the headset is placed in one line, then you can choose an island of any type.

Tables that are unusual in configuration are best supported with an unusual set.

Main varieties

An ordinary kitchen island is a free-standing stationary element. But what about those who have small kitchens and really want to have an island in their kitchen?

It's great that now there are several interesting types of standard islands:

  • Peninsula - differs from the island in that it will adjoin one end to the wall, window sill or kitchen unit. Such a solution will make it possible to significantly save space, and keep the benefits of a full-fledged island to the maximum.
  • Compact mobile island - similar models are now in the new IKEA collection.

    When required, it can be kneaded in the kitchen, fixed and used as another countertop, as well as storage space, and then rolled back into the pantry or moved to the wall.

  • Archipelago - This kind of kitchen island is designed for a spacious room. It is a system that consists of multilevel structures. In this way, it turns out to achieve maximum functionality. One part can be used in order to cook dinner, and the other for eating; the third is suitable for raising it a little to the height of the bar and only for short snacks.

And now we propose to consider several options for organizing space.

Organization options

We have already mentioned that the kitchen island is multifunctional.

Below are examples of how it can be used in the kitchen:

  1. As an additional work surface - , this option is the simplest for implementation, and therefore do not have to carry out the transfer of communications. If you love to cook, or all family members love to experiment in the kitchen, then an additional workplace will be very useful. Do not forget to place several sockets on the ends of the small kitchen island to make it easier to connect kitchen appliances and charge your smartphone.

  2. An island with a bar, which will be an excellent additional element for zoning. The organization of the bar counter is possible thanks to the countertop protruding from one side, but in terms of height, such a solution will not reach a full-fledged counter. An alternative solution would be to raise part of the countertop.
  3. An island flowing smoothly into the dining table - Isn't that a dream? In this case, it will be desirable that its width is at least 0.9 meters.

    As for the height, then it is more convenient for someone. Someone gives preference to high tables and semi-bar chairs, and then the level of the island will be the same, while others like dining tables to the usual height, and then it will be necessary to provide for the transition from one level to another.

  4. An island with an electric hob is already more difficult to organize, but really. Not only will it be necessary to conduct electricity (and it is best to bring the power cable out over the floor surface), but also an exhaust hood will need to be provided. You will only need to choose a certain model, and also carry out an air outlet, and then hide it behind the ceiling structures (here you will find suspended and stretch ceilings to help you).

    This would mean sacrificing room height. But there is a way out of the situation - you can buy a recirculation hood, which will draw in air, purify it, and then return it back. Filters will need to be changed frequently, but if the ceiling is low then this is the only option available.

  5. Kitchen island with sink. In this case, it will be necessary to transfer water and sewer pipes, ensure the desired slope, and sometimes even install a pump.

    It will be great if you are just building a private house and can plan in advance the location of communications according to all the rules, but if we are talking about a city apartment, what to do in this case? It will also be necessary to coordinate the project, and maybe such that it will not work at all to install the sink. But even if this option can be performed, then do not forget that the pipes that run in the middle of the kitchen under a slope should be hidden somehow. This means that the floor surface will be raised and the room height reduced. The same problems will arise if you want to install a dishwasher in the island.

  6. Showcase Island - It has many open shelves with beautifully arranged souvenirs, cookbooks and plates.

    For effect, you can highlight them using LED strip or special furniture lamps. Open shelves and cabinets can be located around the entire perimeter of the island, or they can decorate everything partially, for example, the place that is turned towards the living or dining area.

K As you can see, one and the same island can perfectly cope with several types of tasks at once. For example, it can serve as an additional work surface, a place to place an oven and a snack area. To finally understand whether a kitchen island in your apartment will be appropriate, it is worth drawing a floor plan on a convenient scale and drawing an island of the desired size, adjusting its shape and parameters if necessary.

Next, think over the option with folding tabletops, and then analyze whether it is necessary to supply communications and how to do it. It is better to consider everything in advance than after, halfway through, meet with disappointment that some plans were not implemented.