Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Plastic windows are no longer a privilege of the rich and successful - now they can be found almost everywhere, from residential buildings to massive office buildings. Traditionally, however, PVC windows are dull white. Undoubtedly, it will perfectly suit any style of interior, but sometimes you want the frames to be of a different shade. In this case, the choice of the owner of a house or apartment may fall on laminated windows, which, thanks to a special coating, can be painted in any color.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated windows

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Example of laminated timber-look windows

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated windows in the bedroom

What makes them special?

Plastic windows are used in great demand due to the large number of advantages - they are able to provide good sound insulation of the room, and at the same time they look elegant and neat.

And thanks to them there will be no drafts in the room - plastic windows perfectly retain heat. That is why most of the owners of apartments and houses are happy to get rid of old "pieces of wood" and put plastic.

Unfortunately, if a wooden frame can be repainted in absolutely any shade, then this number will not work with plastic ones. They are traditionally available in white or brown in various shades. And this is extremely boring variations with modern creative demands of people.

Previously, it was completely possible to change the design of a plastic window only with the help of unusual curtains.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Plastic windows

But, since 1982, the so-called laminated windows began to appear on the market - about 35 years ago the company Rehau pioneered the plastic lamination procedure, that is, using a special film, it turned an ordinary white window into a color one. Since then, window frames made of plastic have been produced in color, and the shade can be matched absolutely to any interior - even a strict dark one for an office, or a colorful one for a children's room.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Colored plastic windows

Note! For a long time, only residents of houses located in the private sector could purchase and install laminated windows. The fact is that in most apartment buildings there are special requirements for a certain style of the facade, because of which all windows must have a single color.

However, now there are new lamination technologies, and now everyone can buy and install colored windows. It's just that the color at the window will be only on the inside, and on the outside it will be normal.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated windows - several popular colors

How is the coating made?

Changing the color of window frames using a special film, that is, lamination is a rather complicated process, it has several stages. First of all, the surface of the plastic is primed, thereby increasing the adhesion of the profile.Next, the processed profile of the future window (about a day later) is sent to a special installation, where the base is heated to +130 degrees and the film is applied to the plastic.

It is fixed on it thanks to a special glue solution, after which it will not be possible to remove it in any way.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Colored PVC profile

Next, the already glued profile is sent to another installation, where it is processed with various rollers acting on the surface with a different level pressure. Thanks to this stage, it is possible to remove from under the film all possible air bubbles remaining there.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Lamination of PVC windows

Attention! At home, laminating ordinary plastic windows will not work. The whole process must take place under special conditions on special equipment under high pressure and temperature under the supervision of experienced specialists.

In case of violation of technology, the film will simply lag behind the plastic or cover it unevenly.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Finished laminated windows

After all stages of processing, the workpiece is removed to a special room where it is stored for about 10-14 days, and only after that a full-fledged window is created from the profile. Thanks to this stage, it is possible to eliminate the risk of deformation of the coating, since the film "shrinks" during this period. That is why the production of colored windows takes longer than conventional ones. And they are, accordingly, more expensive.

On average, the price increases by 20% due to color change.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated window in the kitchen

Note! You can laminate not only the window frame, but also the glass itself. Due to this, it becomes tinted and protects from the sun's rays.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Sunscreen film for windows

A little about the film

Film for window lamination is a multilayer PVC coating, although its thickness is very small - only 0.2 mm.

It is based on acrylic substance of a certain color - exactly the one that the window customer wanted. By the way, acrylic not only changes the color of the window profile, but also protects the plastic itself from overheating. It is worth remembering that colored surfaces in the sun, especially dark ones, heat up much more than white and light ones.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Film for window lamination consists of several layers

For the top layer of the film - transparent - polymethylacrylate and polyvinylidenefloride are used. Due to these substances, the material becomes glossy and shiny, moreover, it resists well the effects of external natural factors.

After passing through all stages of processing, all layers of the material are firmly connected to each other into a single whole.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Window with layout

Note! Thanks to modern technologies, wood-colored windows look so natural that only a professional can distinguish them from the original.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Window under natural wood

Prices for self-adhesive colored films

Colored self-adhesive films

Types of lamination

Window lamination technologies do not stand still. Now there are 3 ways to change the color palette of windows.


Types of window lamination.

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Double-sided lamination In this case, the film is applied on both sides of a regular white plastic window. By the way, the white background can be seen on the fold of the frame if you open it.
One-sided lamination In general, this type of lamination can be divided into two subspecies. They differ from each other only by the side of the application of the film, that is, the window can have either an internal (from the side of the room) or external (from the side of the street) colored side.

The second part of the window will remain white.

Double-sided lamination on a colored base In this case, PVC film is also applied to both sides of the profile, but the latter has a brown color. In this case, the film can also have only a brown tint - there is no way to use bright colors here.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Types of window lamination

Note ! There is also volumetric lamination, when the window frame is completely covered with PVC film and does not have a single gap. But this service is extremely expensive.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated windows in the interior

Advantages of PVC film

Film PVC itself has a lot of useful properties and endows them with the window during the lamination process. It is very durable, not afraid of mechanical stress, it is not even afraid of sudden temperature changes (it will regularly continue to serve even in the temperature range from -80 to +130 degrees). Accordingly, laminated windows serve for a very, very long time, do not fade under the influence of the sun, are easy to clean and are not afraid of the effects of aggressive cleaning agents. In addition, they will be able to give the interior a zest or completely change it beyond recognition, which is especially important in the modern creative world.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated windows in blue

Advantages of laminated windows:

  • a wide variety of colors, which allows match them to any interior;
  • durability, coating strength (not scratched), practicality;
  • environmental safety;
  • the window is easy to clean, does not need touch-up;
  • film protects the window surface from sun, water and temperature.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

A few more examples of laminated windows

Separately, it is worth dwelling on the laminating of window glass. Such glass does not transmit harmful ultraviolet light, trapping about 98% of the total radiation volume. Mirror PVC film is also capable of hiding, by the type of tinting, what is happening inside the apartment.At the same time, for a person inside the room, it will be transparent. Laminating glass will protect the room from overheating in the sun, and will not release excess heat outside in winter.

There is also an anti-vandal film that will protect windows from bullies.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Tinted plastic windows

The main disadvantage of any plastic windows, including laminated ones, is the complexity of installation. Yes, and such windows, like ordinary white plastic ones, "breathe" badly.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules Panoramic windows

In various articles, this term refers to frameless glazing, French windows, and metal-plastic glazing. This variety of names is due to two reasons: misunderstanding of the term and advertising gimmick.

What constructions can be called panoramic windows in the correct sense of the word?

Choosing windows

It is quite simple to choose laminated windows, but it is still important to choose wisely ... The appearance of the room and the quality of the product will depend on this.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

REHAU laminated windows

Note! If the white color of the window frames is suitable for any type of interior, then the color makes them reckon with in a special way.

In the future, you will have to choose the interior decoration in such tones that they match the previously chosen color of the windows.

Step 1. The first step is to evaluate your financial capabilities and choose the best price-quality ratio in a certain price category. There are a huge number of companies engaged in the manufacture of plastic, including laminated windows, and the choice should be made towards a proven organization. In this case, the probability of getting the windows exactly what you would like is higher.

And not only in terms of color variation, but also in terms of quality.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Making plastic windows

Step 2. It is necessary to opt for high-quality PVC film. This will significantly affect the performance and durability of the window. The best films are produced abroad, in Italy or Germany.

Usually her choice of colors is quite large.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Available colors of plastic windows

Step 3. It is important to accurately determine the choice of color. Perhaps this is the most difficult stage. It is necessary to take into account all the colors that are used in the interior, that is, the color of the walls, floors, doors.

It is best to match the color of the window to the color of the floor or door.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Competent color choice is very important

Step 4. To determine the type of lamination (double-sided or single-sided ), it is important to find out if there are any requirements in the city or microdistrict for the design of the facades of apartment buildings. If all windows outside must be the same color, then one-sided lamination should be chosen. If there are no special requirements, then you can order windows and fully laminated in one color.

Owners of private houses can miss this point of choice.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

All windows of this house are the same color

Step 5. By the way, the color of the film for owners of private houses you should choose, taking into account the design of the facade of the house. It is bad if the inside of the room looks beautiful and harmonious, and the outside of the window frame will sharply and ugly contrast with the decoration of the facade. It is best to match external lamination to the color of the basement or roof.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

An example of a competent choice of the color of laminated windows

Step 6. Along with the choice of color, you should choose a suitable texture. The film used for lamination can be different and resemble leather, wood, be smooth and glossy.

Step 7. It is also worth focusing on the color of components, accessories, seals.

They should be selected to match the window profile.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Colored plastic windows

Tips for choosing a film

A few tips for choosing the colors of the film for lamination will help you acquire windows of exactly the shade that the owner of the house will like and perfectly harmonize with the interior and design of the room, as well as the front of the house. If you choose the right color, you can visually increase the size of the windows both outside and inside the room. In addition, individual shades are capable of calming a person or, on the contrary, exciting.

Tip! You shouldn't choose flashy bright colors for bedrooms.

Red windows may look great, but they still annoy the person too much and will not allow him to rest where it is needed. And from the outside, a house with red windows is unlikely to look beautiful, unless, of course, this is included in the wishes of the customer.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Bright multi-colored windows. Kiev Comfot Town

Large-sized and gray windows are great for a minimalist home, while visually cooling the room. But for small windows it is better to use pastel colors.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated windows and doors

If, nevertheless, a decision is made to buy windows of bright colors, then it is desirable that they are surrounded by calm colors pastel colors. Otherwise, both outside and inside, the house will be too "flashy".

There are also "tried and tested" colors that almost always look good. Besides white and brown, it is green, blue. Yellow is good for a child's room, but red for the kitchen, as it whets the appetite.

You need to be careful with dark tones so as not to make the house too gloomy. But surprisingly, these colors look good in the bedroom.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Colored windows

Note! A tree-like window is always in trend. It looks like natural, and natural materials, as you know, are in harmony with almost all other colors. Such windows look especially good in private houses.

Dark colors are best avoided in the front of the house.Firstly, dark shades quickly heat up in the sun, and secondly, the house will look gloomy.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

Laminated plastic windows

Prices for self-adhesive sun-protection films

Self-adhesive sun-protection film

Laminated window care

Laminated windows should be taken care of in the same way as ordinary plastic ones. The material is not afraid of the effects of various chemicals, so the frames can be treated with any detergent. The only condition is not to use abrasives, hard sponges, solvents.

PVC film will not withstand such a test.

Laminated windows - features, types, selection rules

How to care for laminated plastic windows

It is best to wipe the window with a damp cloth, if necessary, treat with a soft sponge and detergent, which then washed off with water. The surface is then wiped dry.

Video - Laminated windows

Laminated windows are a great way to change the look of your home and the interior of your rooms beyond recognition. The main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

If there are doubts about the choice of the color of the window profile, then it is better to buy white or beige windows - they will never go out of fashion, but in this case it will be easy to re-glue the wallpaper or change the interior of the room without prejudice to the appearance of the living quarters or the facade of the house ...