Landscaping in the country yourself? Yard Tips: Styles, Decor, Flower Gardens + Video

Landscaping in the country yourself? Yard Tips: Styles, Decor, Flower Gardens + Video Modern trends in landscape design allow you to implement any, even the most extravagant ideas.

If you are the owner of a suburban area, and the territory allows, you can build small ponds, swimming pools, make paths, plant various plants, flowers or fruit and berry crops on the site.

Your main task is to try to harmoniously fit all the design elements into the overall picture.

Adopt the main rules of landscape design in the country and at home with your own hands. This will allow you to easily make your suburban area attractive and comfortable not only for yourself, but also for guests.

Stylistic directions in the landscape design of the courtyard at the dacha

Before starting the important work on the improvement of the territory

... do not be lazy draw up a plan of plots or a project on which it will be necessary to indicate the placement of zones. The combination of untouched nature and modern technology is the main feature of design in our time.

English style

Stiffness, pedantry and maintaining proportions are the main distinctive features of this trend. Your task is to foresee all the nuances down to the smallest detail, place decor items on the territory in such a way that they interfere, are not superfluous and complement others. The British are very fond of walking, so walking paths must be done without fail.

Also, build a lawn, preferably a large one, break a front garden, put up a gazebo, make a small pond and plant fruit trees. The division into zones occurs by planting a hedge.

Build flower beds of the same size and shape.

Note. Landscaping in the English style requires an area of ​​at least 12 acres.

Other styles

  • Landscaping in the country yourself? Yard Tips: Styles, Decor, Flower Gardens + Video Regular style. It requires a large territory, and has a number of its own nuances.

    The direction is formed with the help of the construction of the center, and other decorative elements are placed around it, observing a special order. Symmetrical placement of objects on the territory and geometry of strict order are the distinctive features of this style. Place flower beds, lawns, and decorative fountains on the territory of the cottage.

  • Landscape style. A distinctive feature of this trend is complete freedom in the choice of flowers, trees and other plants.

    Rockeries and alpine slides will decorate your summer cottage and attract attention.

  • French Provence style. To achieve maximum similarity with French courtyards, use colors in the decor in pink, purple, blue tones. Arrange gazebos for summer cottages in landscape design, garden wicker furniture, plant fruitful trees and various herbs. Lavender was and remains the symbol of Provence, so don't forget about this fragrant herb.

    Add openwork white arches, steps, bridges and more to the composition.

  • Japanese style. To arrange a summer cottage in this style, you need to pick up old dry branches and driftwood, break a pond on the territory, decorating the sides with stones. The color palette should be restrained and sophisticated; bright exuberant colors are unacceptable.
  • Russian style.

    The territory should fit a small house, vegetable garden, front garden, garden and flower beds. Also, very often they build a gazebo, a bath. If space permits, you can make a pond and run the ducks.

Planning the area in the country landscape design with your own hands

The most popular and simple is the rectangular layout. This shape makes it possible to divide the site into zones without problems.

Plant a hydrangea near the house, it is unpretentious and attractive in appearance. You can choose any furniture based on your financial capabilities and preferences.

  1. Round layout is easy, and the rectangular shape is taken as a basis. Flower beds, flower beds, lawns are placed in a circle, and decorative elements can be placed in the corners.
  2. Landscaping in the country yourself? Yard Tips: Styles, Decor, Flower Gardens + Video The diagonal layout of the site allows you to visually enlarge the territory.

    Items are placed on parallel lines.

  3. Free planning of a beautiful landscape design in the country makes it possible to arrange all the decorative elements, flower beds and lawns in any order. But still, we must not forget about accents, otherwise you will not achieve attractiveness and harmony.
  4. We divide the suburban area into zones.
  5. The size of a summer cottage dictates how many zones you can build on it.

    The main rule is adherence to a single style. The main areas are household, recreation, and vegetable or garden. Additionally, if there is enough space, you can make a sports or children's playground.

  6. Paths on the territory can be constructed of stone, paving slabs, gravel, concrete slabs, bricks, pebbles. Low-growing shrubs or flowers are suitable as borders.

  7. Flower beds and flower beds are able to decorate any territory, make it attractive. The selection of plants depends on your preferences and imagination. Choose types of flowers that will bloom at different times of the year, delighting you until late autumn.


Arenaria - a method of planting flowers, in which an area of ​​soil must be covered with sand, and then succulents and related plants are planted.

Also, nearby you can place old driftwood and natural stones.

If there are slopes on the site, use them to create landscape design in the country. Build a waterfall or an alpine slide.

The landscape design of the recreation area in the country is combined with a barbecue or barbecue. They put a table with chairs nearby, or all this can be placed in a gazebo.

It comes in a variety of types and materials. The construction with a roof that will shelter from the rain is very convenient.

Variants of landscape design in the country

General information

Any water bodies, whether it be a pond, a rivulet or a small lake will decorate a summer cottage. It is good if the cottage is located near natural reservoirs, otherwise, you can create a pond on the territory yourself. Landscaping 10 do-it-yourself runoff will allow you to equip a pond or pool on the territory.

The stylistic direction sets the shape of the reservoir. Regular style involves adhering to strict geometric shapes. The landscape direction allows any shape and design, using natural materials.

Very often a well is installed on the site. It is both beautiful and functional at the same time.

You can decorate the well in any style, again, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the overall look.

When choosing flower arrangements for flower beds, take into account the possibility of combining different plants. The garden rose is friends with levkoy, cosmea, vervain. These flowers need sunshine. Complement this flower arrangement with dolphinum, lavender, asters, veronica.

Also, next to the rose bushes, you can plant a hydrangea, which pleases with flowers until the end of autumn.

Choosing plants for landscaping

Green spaces are very often used as fences in the country, and also divide the site into zones. Climbing plants in the country in landscape design beautifully frame arches, gazebos, terraces, for example, hops, grapes, sweet peas, clematis.

When planting trees or shrubs with flowers, consider how much these plants love the sun, or vice versa, prefer to hide in the shade. Low trees are planted in the south of the site, tall ones in the north.

When choosing shades of plant foliage, try not to make the combinations very variegated and bright, you will soon get bored of this. Opt for soothing shades that go well with each other.

The choice of lighting in the summer cottage

Landscaping in the country yourself? Yard Tips: Styles, Decor, Flower Gardens + Video Very many owners summer cottages, forming a landscape design on their territory, forget about lighting. One lantern at the entrance, above the entrance to the house and in the gazebo, that's the whole set. But this is fundamentally wrong.

You will be surprised with what colors your summer cottage will sparkle in the evening if you approach this issue competently. First of all, make a layout for the lighting fixtures. Add more bulbs, lanterns, lights.

First, you need to take care of the lighting, which you can't do without: lights at the entrance to the gate, front door, on the terrace or veranda.


On paths where juniper, thuja or pine are planted, you can put special built-in lamps.

Flowerbeds and trees can be spotlighted. Mini spotlights are suitable for this purpose, and the special glasses in them create a varied glow that looks very attractive. To save money, get energy saving bulbs.

Choosing decor for landscape design in the country

Landscaping in the country yourself? Yard Tips: Styles, Decor, Flower Gardens + Video To decorate a summer cottage with taste, you do not need to come up with difficult solutions.

Beauty is in simplicity, as you know. The fence is made of stones, bricks, wood or metal. Plant along the fence for a more attractive appearance. A hedge has always been considered the best option. If you are not lazy and will trim shrubs and low-growing trees in time, this beauty will look just wonderful.

Reservoirs, rockeries, alpine slides can revive even the most boring area in the country. Do-it-yourself landscape design of a small area is aimed at the fact that you do not need to pile it up with unnecessary decor. Lightness, airiness and simplicity are your main friends.

Also, not a very good choice would be high massive fences made of stone or brick. They create the illusion of a closed gloomy space.

Take a picket fence, a chain-link netting for the fence, plant climbing plants next to it, this will be enough, and you will achieve the desired effect of spaciousness.

To create a landscape design plan in the country, you can use special computer programs or draw what you want to see on paper. Mark all buildings, the location of paths, gazebos, flower beds, reservoirs, decor items, and more. So, you will see clearly where, what will be located, where you can move and move the element.


As the basis for a flower bed on the site, you can take an old rotten trunk. To do this, you need to cut out the middle, fill the space with soil and plant the plants. They can be absolutely any, and choose a combination of colors at your discretion. If you love tenderness - plant blue flowers, pink shades along with white. Or, alternatively, choose bright combinations of yellow, blue and orange.

To visually expand the site in the country, use the techniques that designers advise. Accentuate smooth lines, smooth shapes. Arrange the paths with bends and curls that smoothly bend around objects. This will help make the area more spacious than it really is. Additions of flowers and decor elements will also help you solve this problem.


There is no need to try to place a large number of flower beds and bushes on the site. Restraint is the main thing in this matter. Far corners and areas can be highlighted by planting white or yellow flowers. This will help to visually lengthen the space.

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