laser or bubble? Review + Video

laser or bubble? Review + Video Without a spirit level, or a building level, it is difficult to imagine the high-quality performance of many construction, finishing and repair works. Its working purpose is to accurately determine the possible deviation of any surface from the vertical or horizontal. Using it, you can create perfectly straight lines on a plane, measure out the desired angles and slopes.

Levels are absolutely irreplaceable for laying pipes and arranging surfaces with special requirements for the angle of inclination. You cannot do without them when installing equipment that vibrates during operation, which requires a perfectly parallel positioning of the mounting surface to the floor.

This device is necessarily present in the arsenal of tools and professional craftsmen and amateurs. Therefore, it is important to be able to correctly choose the building level.

laser or bubble? Review + Video The technical conditions for this instrument were established by GOST. A detailed standard defines various types of devices, their size, weight, what they are made of, what color the filler should be. It would seem that he chose the device in accordance with GOST, and no extra thought is needed.

In fact, the designated standard was adopted back in 1983. For such a long time, which has passed since then, much has changed a lot.

Among other things, the market offers a large number of foreign-made tools that are manufactured according to the manufacturers' own standards. And the native industry does not stand still, there are many new models of a variety of tools on the counter.

What types of building levels does the domestic trade offer us?

laser or bubble? Review + Video
Hydraulic construction level
  • Hydro level, or construction water - serves to fix deviations of the surface horizon.

    This is a hose with a length of five to twenty-five, equipped at the ends with calibrated flasks. Water is poured into the hose through the caps on the flask. Without water, the device weighs from 300 grams to 1.1 kg.

The obvious advantage of the water level is extremely easy operation.

The device has a long length and low cost (less than a hundred rubles). What are the disadvantages of the instrument?

  1. Care must be taken to ensure that no air bubbles enter the hose along with water, which may be the culprit of the error.
  2. The device is designed strictly for work with horizontal surfaces.
  3. The level should not be near heat sources and radiators. The minimum distance between them is at least one and a half meters.

  4. A level of this size is unlikely to be in demand indoors, since the scale of finishing work there is completely different.

    laser or bubble? Review + Video
    Laser level

  • Laser building level. It is one of the most modern, convenient and accurate instrument types.The most budgetary options of this type can be compared in cost to serious professional bubble models. The neat, compact device can be mounted on any convenient surface.

    There are various options for their reliable fastening: on belts, on magnets, on tripods. The range of its action is up to one hundred meters. The most accurate results are obtained when measuring up to 10 meters.

Such devices provide perfectly straight straight lines. Models with special functions are provided, allowing you to perform a wide range of work on the construction of not only directions, but also planes.

Advanced models are equipped with a special optical system that can turn the laser beam into a plane. Crossover models can have up to ten laser lines for superior measurement quality.

What are the distinguishing features of laser levels?

    • Quite a high price.
laser or bubble? Review + Video
Bosh ppl5
  • Wide range of applications for different jobs.
  • High accuracy of readings.

The simplest laser level can be purchased for about two thousand rubles. The average range of prices for these products is from 3 thousand rubles to 17 thousand rubles.

The German Bosch is recognized as the world leader in the manufacture of such devices. A huge line of products is presented in its products. The smallest of these is the compact Bosch PPL5.

laser or bubble? Review + Video
How to choose a bubble level?

Bubble. One of the most popular construction levels. This is an irreplaceable device for a variety of construction and installation work.

This is a very simple but quite functional device . Its base is a bar made of a rigid and durable material, into which several ampoules with liquid and air are mounted.

They are marked with the help of which the position of the moving air bubble is tracked.

When the surface is completely flat, the bubble is exactly in the center. For surfaces that are inclined, the count is different: the air deviation is monitored in comparison with the center of the control ampoule. The liquid poured into it (usually industrial alcohol) is an important part of the device. To facilitate work, in low light conditions, luminous fluorescent components are added to it.

If the integrity of this element of the device is violated, then it will become unusable. In improved models of devices, an ampoule equipped with everything necessary is called an eye. laser or bubble? Review + Video

For professionals, special shockproof models are very relevant. During transportation, or during work at a construction site, devices are often subjected to shocks, vibrations, falls, from which they often break. Models with an increased size are especially affected: the impact force that occurs when they fall will be greater, due to their size.

The price of the shockproof device will be slightly higher, but worth it. It is better to spend money on a reliable device once than to endlessly replace those that have failed.

The base of the appliance is usually made of wood, aluminum or modern plastic. Wooden elements are made solid, bases made of other materials are hollow inside. Products with an aluminum component are more common.

An important role in the choice of the device is played by its mass, because the heavier it is, the more reliable its readings. Professionals consider the best devices to be those with a cruciform shape and rubber grips: they are more precise and comfortable.

laser or bubble? Review + Video
Types of magnetic levels

Special magnetic levels designed to work with metal surfaces. An addition, quite necessary for the work, is a ruler located on the long side of the instrument. It turns out to be very useful when making various measurements, and is quite capable of replacing a tape measure.

The simplest representative of these devices is equipped with only one measuring ampoule. Such modifications are extremely rare on the shelves.

Most often, manufacturers offer devices with two or even three working ampoules. There is one ampoule on the wide long side, which serves to determine the quality of the horizontal planes. On the short, narrow side, at right angles to the main one, there is a second container for vertical operation.

On the back of the narrow part, a third ampoule can be located, which should control the correct operation of the device itself. The industry offers devices not only of various modifications, but also of different dimensions.

The model of the small standard has a length of 20 cm and a width of about 4. The dimensions of the level determine its narrower purpose. For the correct installation of household appliances, and for the implementation of minor repair work in the premises of a residential building or apartment, a small device is enough.

For working with finishing materials, when laying tiles, devices from 40 to 100 cm are more convenient. Professional, the most dimensional of their bubble levels, are needed for large-scale construction activities. It is believed that the length of the building level correlates with its accuracy: the larger it is, the more reliable the instrument readings.

How to choose a building level?

Building levels have always enjoyed a certain demand from buyers. After all, these devices are used not only by professionals, but also by ordinary citizens who may need the product for simple repairs.

The industrial production of levels is not a super difficult task, but it needs high-quality materials, accurate calculation and careful processing. These constituents ensure the high performance of the instruments for accurate readings.

laser or bubble? Review + Video
Selecting the level

The following brands supply high quality:

  • Stabila
  • Bosch
  • Shark (Israel)
  • JYC
  • Kapro
  • Ermak
  • Gross Laser
  • Leader.

Even knowing the leading manufacturers, in order to make the right choice, you need to know some important features.

After all, many buyers do not dream of buying a product of a famous brand at an incredible price: people do not want to overpay for an item that is occasionally required in the household.

  1. First, we determine the size of the desired device. They depend on his purpose, on the tasks and goals assigned to him. If you have to level surfaces, carry out finishing work, then you need a sufficiently large device. If minor repairs are coming, such as installing sockets and switches, arranging hanging shelves, fixing paintings, installing individual pieces of furniture, then a medium-sized level is quite enough. The most suitable tool for household and household needs is about 60 cm long.

  2. In the store, you should take a closer look at all the parts of the device made of glass. They must be intact, not damaged, without traces of extraneous influence. It is necessary to check the reliability of their fastening, all elements must be tightly fastened, and not dangle to the sides. On sale you can find options for devices with the function of adjusting containers, but its expediency is rather doubtful. It would seem that the possibility of adjustment allows you to correct the lost level of the device? But at the same time, the device becomes more sensitive to mechanical stress and shaking.

    Professionals recommend a tool with fixed parts.

  3. The flask is not the only subject to close inspection. Pay attention to the calibration applied to it, and to the air bubble inside. Everything should be clearly visible and located at a certain, strictly verified distance from each other. A very convenient variant of the product is in which the control strips are located inside, thus being protected from mechanical stress.

    With such an arrangement, you can be sure that they will not be erased.

  4. Another important factor is what the base of the building level is made of. Whatever material is used to make it, it must be strong and heavy enough. Good options for devices that have special stiffeners inside. Each manufacturer chooses their own, individual design for their products.

    But it should not in any way affect the reliability of the device readings.

  5. When the external study of the device is completed, you can proceed to check it. Profile building stores should be equipped with special stands with a flat surface to check the products sold. If there is none, the check can be carried out as follows.Place the device horizontally and mark the position of the air bubble.

    It's okay if he moved from the center position. Then the device is turned 180 degrees, in the same place. If the air has not changed its position, then the instrument is adjusted and is working correctly.

  6. Without the presence of a tested surface, with known indicators, it will not be possible to determine the accuracy of the instrument readings. However, you can check them later by comparing them with those of other devices.

    You can use a laser level or a level, the working qualities of which have already been tested. You should not neglect checking, even when it comes to expensive branded products: the technical characteristics that determine the operational properties may well be violated during the transportation of goods.