Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video The size and layout of any home must be rational. Sometimes it’s worth wondering if you really need a huge house? And what is it like to clean it, and walking from one room to another is not so convenient. A huge house (if there are no special indications for that, for example, a large family) is not so easy to use, as evidenced by not too happy reviews from the owners of such buildings. And the cost of heating such a dwelling is probably not small. It is worth remembering about the considerable real estate tax, which is directly related to its area.

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We choose the best arrangement of rooms in two-storey houses, for any size you can choose a good layout, let it be: 6 by 6, 10 by 10, in wooden houses, everything is possible!

A similar question applies to the number of storeys of housing: is the second floor really necessary? Should she manage with a one-story dwelling?

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Staircase and house plan of the second floor

Although, of course, a two-story building has its significant advantages. For the arrangement of the same size of living space, the construction of the roof and foundation will be cheaper. The amount of heat loss will also be smaller. In such a structure, you can think of a more interesting and original layout. And for a house on one floor, you do not need to be puzzled by the construction of stairs.

Location of rooms

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video Already at the design stage it is necessary to decide which rooms the house will be light, sunny, and which are quite dark. Through the northern windows, the rays of the sun practically do not get inside. The living room, or hall, is conveniently oriented to the west, and the bedrooms should preferably be turned to the east. For kitchen windows, the south or east side is suitable, it is better to place the stairs closer to the north side. It is worth deciding in advance which rooms will be equipped with air conditioning.

If the bedroom windows face east, you will have to think about blackout curtains in advance. Otherwise, the bright morning sun will interfere with good rest.

It should be noted that from this side, early heating of the room by the sun's rays is quite possible even in late autumn. True, in the summer the star rises faster, and it does not have time to sensitively heat the room. In case there is a noisy freeway or just a busy place under the windows, it is better not to plan lounges in this side.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Room lighting

South windows is a great option for those who love light and warmth. Plants in such a room generally do well. True, it is better to cover them from the scorching spring and summer rays with special screens. Without air conditioning in such a room, it can be quite difficult in summer. On the south side, in front of the house, it is good to plant trees.

During the warm season, they will close the building from the burning sun, in winter, having lost their foliage, they will not close such a desired luminary at this time of the year.

In a two-story house on the first floor there is usually a kitchen and utility rooms, all bedrooms are placed on the second.

Private house: tips for planning rooms

There is an unspoken rule: if possible, you should avoid corridors. It is better when the room is directly connected to another room. If you cannot do without it, then you should make it as wide as possible.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
The required width of the corridor in the house

It should be such that a couple of people can easily disperse in it, which means at least one and a half meters in width. A common mistake many would-be homeowners make is forgetting to consider wall thickness. But it is not so small: the internal and external load-bearing walls sometimes reach a thickness of half a meter.

It is not recommended to make rooms narrow, as in old buildings such as Khrushchevs.

Better to strive for the most square shape of the room.

It is good if the width of the rooms is at least three meters. Large interior openings look good, without doors. Rooms that do not have sharp corners can be very comfortable. It is not necessary to equip rectangular rooms with straight walls, it is often the non-square rooms that benefit more.

How to correctly calculate the area required for each room?

You can first draw a plan of the future room, and mark on it the location of all furniture to scale.

This operation will help to find out if the dimensions of the future premises are correctly planned. It may well turn out that there is nowhere to squeeze a table in the hall, and there is too much free space in the living room.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
We arrange furniture in the house

Desirable make a list of the necessary rooms in advance, and then schematically try to arrange all the required furniture in them. So ​​it will be possible to find out the minimum required area of ​​the future dwelling. Very large rooms are quite difficult to cool with air conditioning in hot weather.

Bedrooms in two-story houses are usually located upstairs, but it is advisable to have at least one on the ground floor - for the older generation. Well, and later for myself, so to speak, for future use.

It is advisable to plan a private house in such a way that in cold weather it would be possible to block the doors from the natural movement of warm air from the bottom, from the first floor, up. It is convenient when the windows of popular (often used) rooms overlook the courtyard: you can look after the children playing there, see who has arrived or has come.

If, when planning rooms, a dark room is formed somewhere in which there are no windows, and this cannot be eliminated, you can equip windows between adjacent rooms.

Daylight will penetrate all rooms, and will not necessarily use daylight.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
How to furnish the kitchen and bathroom in a frame house

Sufficient space should be allocated for the bathroom and kitchen. These premises should be quite large, and you should not save on their area. There should be several bathrooms, especially when it comes to a two-story building: there should be a toilet on each floor. If you plan to place the bathroom near the bedroom, then it is better to separate them with a small vestibule, in which it is convenient to equip a dressing room.

Private house: room layout

Which rooms in the house are required and which are desirable? It is desirable to have a room for washing, ironing and drying. For this, one utility room can be allocated and equipped - a laundry. For its location, it is not necessary to choose the best place; the northern part of the house is also suitable for it.

The boiler must have a specially equipped room, which requires a window, sewerage and water supply. The area of ​​this room, its volume, the presence and size of windows, exit to the outside - all this must be arranged in accordance with the special requirements for the installation of a heating boiler.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Boiler room in the house

The boiler room can be a source of noise, therefore, it is best not to place it near the lounges. According to the rules, gas equipment (boiler) of a certain power (up to 60 kW) can be placed in the kitchen.

Many homeowners dream of an attic when planning their dream home. More often it concerns the inhabitants of city apartments.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Attic for rest

In fact, a full floor where more comfortable and more convenient than the attic.

But the construction of an attic will be much cheaper. You also need to decide on the veranda, or rather, with its presence. Someone thinks that they cannot do without it, while some believe that it blocks the light of other rooms, and prefer an additional room around the walls to it - spacious, with large windows, heated and comfortable.

Any family will need a spacious storage room, at least one, and preferably more. If the house has two floors, then it is convenient to equip it under the stairs.

Often in advance, even at the stage of planning the rooms in the house, the question of the need to set up a workshop for the owner (or a room for needlework for the hostess) is decided. If you do not think about it right away, then later you will have to sacrifice another room for her, redoing it.

Layout in a private house: vestibule or hallway

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Design of the hallway in the plan of the house

The entrance to the dwelling should not lead directly to the living room. The necessary hallway is required, or something like a vestibule. Whether to equip a vestibule at home, everyone decides for himself.

Many people think that it is much warmer with a vestibule. Others are convinced that the double door copes with this role remarkably.It is not so pleasant to dress and undress in an unheated vestibule. Often on the side of the vestibules there are those whose hallway is not heated, or too small.

A spacious, non-walk-through and warm room as a hallway is much more convenient.

With this, no additional vestibule is required. The lovers of gardening work are considered to be the supporters of the latter. In a "city" house, they do well without him. This room has a completely different meaning in areas with a harsh climate - there its presence is a necessity.

In a dwelling without a vestibule, the hallway must be equipped with doors to other rooms: otherwise, frosty air will flow into the living quarters every time the front door is opened.

If it is difficult to equip such a hallway that is completely closed, then you cannot do without a vestibule.

Layout of windows of a country house

What can be said about windows in a private building?

  • French windows look great (to the floor) or also panoramic windows. Moreover, when a delightful view opens up from them.
  • When thinking about the height of a potential window, it is worth remembering that the height of standard curtains is quite limited.
  • When planning the placement of the window, its shape and size, it must be remembered that the window needs to be washed regularly - whether it will be convenient to do this, especially outside.

  • The glass ceiling looks good, as well as the windows made in the ceiling.
  • A large number of windows provide plenty of light and fresh air. Do not be afraid that they will cause cold in the house.
    Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
    Panoramic windows in the house

    Modern multi-chamber windows have excellent thermal protection qualities.

  • It is advisable not to use the old technique - one window per room.

    A room with several windows looks much more beautiful. But you should not overdo it with this, otherwise there will be difficulties with the arrangement of furniture.

  • Windows with two opening sashes are much more comfortable and look better than with one.
  • A full-fledged window should be provided for the bathroom, and not a tiny window.

Layout of the ceiling height in projects

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Calculation of the ceiling in the house

Many do not even think about how high the ceiling should be in the house .

Those who have lived in a room with low ceilings for a long time often prefer them higher than necessary. Meanwhile, too high ceilings can cause unnecessary spending. The cost of building large walls, stairs and interior decoration, and the subsequent heating of the house, is growing.

Are there ideal heights for the ceiling? This is a complex parameter that needs to be calculated based on the area of ​​the room. It should not resemble a deep well, at the same time, it is not very pleasant if the ceiling is pressing.

In other words, the larger a particular room, the higher the ceiling is desirable in it. This means that on the same floor it is better to make them approximately equal in area, so that all of them are suitable for the ceiling height. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the finishing coat will "eat up" several centimeters of height.

Ceilings that are not too high can limit the use of oversized and voluminous chandeliers, as tall people can bump their heads. And for too high ceilings, doors can also be ordered high, elongated.

But you can also use ordinary, standard products.

Layout of a balcony in a private house

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Balcony in a frame house-example

Is it really necessary to have a balcony in a private house? Many people who have it declare that they practically do not use it: it is easier for them to go out into the yard. If you make a balcony, then it is better to immediately plan it large, and not three square meters.

There should be enough space for a couple of sun loungers, a comfortable chair, a table, flower pots.

A spacious balcony is very relevant in cases where the house is located in the city, in the absence of its own yard.

A combined terrace-balcony can be arranged above the garage, located close to the house.

The balcony railing must be at least one meter high in order to ensure safety. In the absence of a canopy, snow can be swept onto the balcony in winter. If the floor does not have a slope, then water will stagnate there after rain.

The best layout of the house: important details

You should carefully consider the ventilation system of the building.

Kitchen, laundry, bathroom, must quickly and efficiently get rid of excess moisture and steam. In advance, you should think about where the safes will be located: they can be placed in the garage. A huge classic fireplace is not very rational.

Layout of a country house and arrangement of rooms: project options- Overview + Video
Room layout

It will not be very efficient as heating, and its cost may turn out to be considerable.

But if you really want to have it, then you need to build: it gives the dwelling an incomparable charm.

It is important to take care of fire safety. It is good when there are areas in the building that are not subject to fire. It can be a completely plastered corridor, or completely tiled - a kind of fire cuttings.