LED strip under a stretch ceiling - features of selection and installation

LED strip under a stretch ceiling - features of selection and installation LED strip under a stretch ceiling - features of selection and installation

In a stretch ceiling, the LED strip looks elegant , and complements the interior of the room and is installed as a decorative lighting. You can install the tape under the ceiling with your own hands, and before how to start everything, it is important to know how to properly attach the backlight, what types of light diodes can be, and also read the recommendations and useful tips from professionals.


Advantages and disadvantages of backlighting the stretch structure with LED strip

Backlighting from the LED strip of the stretch ceiling has gained incredible popularity due to advantages of the tape.

Attractive appearance and compactness The tape is rather narrow, due to which it remains practically invisible when attached from the outside.
Brightness and excellent illumination angle The light diodes diffuse light, and the rays are able to create pleasant and soft illumination for the eyes.

Bright lamps will be perfectly visible when installed inside a stretch ceiling.

Economical consumption of electrical energy 1 meter of strip with 60 lamps consumes approximately 5 W, and strips with 120 diodes for 1 meter consume 25 watts. This is much less than conventional lighting devices spend.
Durability The strip with lamps can shine continuously for up to 100,000 hours. In fairly rare cases, a pair of diodes may go out, but this will not affect the operation of another circuit.

Color consistency Light-emitting diodes shine with a single even light throughout their entire service life, without color change after a while. To get the desired shade, you do not need to install additional filters, because the palette of colored lamps is large enough, and you can always choose a certain shade.
No warm-up operation LED strips are the only light source that does not warm up. Lamps can be installed inside stretch ceilings without the risk of damaging the canvas.
Flexibility Elasticity makes it possible to lay out patterns and drawings from it with any degree of complexity.

Possibility to adjust the color intensity The light diodes can be connected to a special regulator, which makes it possible to make the light dim or even bright at any time.

Those who have a stretch ceiling at home or in an apartment do not notice any drawbacks with this illumination.

Varieties of tapes for stretch ceilings

LED strip under a stretch ceiling - features of selection and installation LED strip lighting under a stretch ceiling can be different, and the tapes are divided into 2 types: universal and monochrome. The latter can give only one light shade, and the universal ways to change colors are regulated by means of a specialized remote control.You can change the colors of the lighting along the total length, and you can also tune the LEDs so that they glow in different colors, like a rainbow.

Light diodes can also be divided into moisture resistant and conventional. In rooms that have a high level of humidity (sanitary facilities and kitchen), the first type is required. Light diodes that are not protected from moisture are suitable only for residential-type rooms (nursery, living room and bedroom).

Selection, installation and advice

How to select an LED strip for a stretch ceiling

When choosing a LED strip as a backlight for a stretch web, you need to pay attention to the number of diodes in each meter. The more often the lamps are mounted, the more there are, and the light from this strip will be very bright.

For a dim type of lighting, you need to choose lighting in which there are few lamps.

You also need to know about the power of the power source to which the tape will be connected. Calculation example - the model SMD5050 has 30 lamps per 1 meter. One LED consumes 1 / 4W. For installation in a stretch ceiling, buy 2 meters of normal length (5 meters).

It is required to calculate the total number of diodes - 10 * 30 = 300. Next, we calculate how much energy the lighting will consume, or rather 300 * 1/4 = 72 W. This means that a power supply with a power of 100 watts is required. In a detailed table, we have given the names of the models of light diode strips that are suitable for a stretch ceiling, indicating the number of lamps and power per 1 meter.

Model Number of lamps per meter Electricity consumption per meter (W)
SMD 3528 60 4.


SMD 3528 120 9. 6
SMD 3528 240 19. 2
SMD 5050 30 7. 2
SMD 5050 60 15
SMD 5050 120 25

LED type strips can be operated with 12 V DC power supply. When connected to an outlet (220 V), a special transformer is required, which will reduce the voltage.

How to install a stretch ceiling lighting with tape

LED strip under a stretch ceiling - features of selection and installation Installation work for LED strip under the tension cloth is carried out in various ways, depending on the skills of the owner, capabilities and tastes. The color of the glowing strip should be in perfect harmony with the shade of linen, and during installation, you must follow the fire safety rules.

The main requirement is to place the backlight at a distance of 2 to 4 cm from the curtain cover. LED lamps remain cool, but the seams and other connections (via connectors) can start to heat up and cause a fire or deformation of the web. Before installing the tape with LEDs, the place to which it will be attached must be washed and treated with a means that removes grease.

If you do not complete this step, then the fastening will be unreliable, and the strip may be detached from the ceiling and fall onto the canvas. In this case, you will need to open the ceiling and do the work again.

All tapes have a sticky layer, which is covered with a special smooth paper. It is not recommended to tear off such protection immediately along the total length. It is required to separate it in parts, which will facilitate the installation process.

If you peel off the papers immediately, then during installation, debris can stick to the sticky layer, or the diodes will stick together if the strip is accidentally bent. When the LED strip is fully loaded, the connector end must be connected to a power source. If there is no connector, it needs to be soldered. The main thing is that the polarity of the wires is observed.

Stretch ceiling with LED tape around the total perimeter

You can place the LED strip along the perimeter of the stretch ceiling, and then you get a decorative type of lighting that will illuminate the upper wall part and the canvases around the perimeter.

To install the strip in this way, you need to follow the usual instructions:

  1. From the plaster-type ceiling they retreat downward in a degree from 5 to 10 cm. Next, markings are carried out and a narrow metal profile is installed to fasten the wires.
  2. The surface needs to be primed and putty, and after drying, a channel is laid for the strips of light diodes. It is important to thoroughly degrease its surface with special means.
  3. Carefully peel off the backing paper, and the strip is glued to the channel.

    Devices for power supply are required to be located in those places where the structure has been reinforced.

  4. Next, it remains only to connect the type of lighting to the power sources and stretch the ceiling.

Fastening to the cornice is the standard installation method, and it is convenient in that the strip will remain hidden from prying eyes, only the effect will be noticeable. An alternative method of attaching the tapes is behind the skirting board, and the lighting effect remains the same as when mounted on a cornice.

Stretch ceilings with a strip of LEDs inside

A light diode strip can be placed in a stretch-type ceiling recess, and this method makes it possible to create non-standard patterns Sveta.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. In this case, the lighting is attached directly to a smoothly primed and plastered ceiling. The surface should be treated as best as possible with a degreasing agent and dried.
  2. Marking is required to keep the stripes straight.
  3. Cutting and soldering is required at the folds, and professionals advise to do manual soldering and not to use connectors. Often the wires in them warm up and begin to oxidize.

    Stable diode operation is disrupted and they may start to extinguish and blink.

The power supply unit is installed at the edge of the canvas so that it can be easily removed.

A large pattern of LED strip with a huge number of lamps can be the main source of lighting. How to mount a tape with light diodes under a stretch fabric, see the video.

How to change the LED strip under the stretch fabric

In exceptional cases, the LED strip may stop working, and the first thing to do is to check if the power supply is working.

It is important to unscrew it from the cornice, disassemble and inspect for small elements burned out. You can usually just solder the part back on and the LEDs will continue to work. Sometimes you need to replace the power supply, and if this does not help, then you will need to change the entire strip in full. Unfortunately, such a procedure cannot be carried out without dismantling the stretch-type coating if the lighting is installed under a stretch ceiling. If the backlight is attached under the skirting board, and then it must be carefully removed and replaced with a new one, pre-cleaning the attachment point from the old adhesive.

Recommendations and useful tips

When installing an LED strip in a stretch ceiling, certain rules must be observed:

  • Professionals advise buying strips from European and Korean manufacturers. The material from China is not trustworthy, because their LEDs are dim, power supplies burn out regularly.
  • You cannot cut the strip in any direction, the cut point is marked with perpendicular lines, which will be repeated every 3-5 lamps.
  • Most often, light diodes are required only for decorative lighting, and to make it the main light source in the room, you need to buy a special canvas with light transmission. This coating is thinner than standard and perfectly transmits light, and also diffuses it.

    As a result, the entire ceiling is illuminated without clear lines.

  • Films will not work to create a pattern inside the ceiling. It is better to give preference to a fabric cloth, because it has a high light transmittance.
  • Experts think that the optimal distance between the stretch ceiling and the diodes is 2 cm. When placed close, it is possible to damage the canvases, and if you put the light diodes higher, the light will turn out to be very diffused and muffled.

  • If the usual length is not enough to illuminate the total area of ​​the room, when connecting an additional length, an additional power supply is needed.
  • When soldering individual pieces, it is important to secure the joints with heat shrink tubing.
  • The pattern of ribbons with light diodes looks beautiful only on a plain canvas, and if there is a photo print on it, then it is worth highlighting only along the perimeter.
  • Combined illumination looks great on a multilevel type structure, for example, point and perimeter lighting.

To distinguish a fake from an original product, attention must be paid to the placement of the lamps.

They must be level, and the edges are even, and the protective coating and markings must not be damaged. The light from any lamp has the same intensity.


The LED strip in the stretch fabric helps to give the room an unusual design. You can install it yourself, just have all the tools at hand and follow the main tips. Before closing the backlight with a canvas, it is required to check its performance.