LED strips in the interior of the apartment + Video

LED strips in the interior of the apartment + Video LED strip in the interior: photos, ideas

Strong, bright, not sharp and soft - LEDs have become an excellent proof that artificial lighting can combine such seemingly incompatible qualities. Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with multi-colored LED cords with ribbons that decorate windows and facades, signs and showcases, but such devices have been used for home lighting relatively recently.

Nobody knows who was the first to come up with such a plastic and even shine in a home interior, but the idea turned out to be surprisingly interesting.

Features and functions of a strip with LEDs

LED strip in the interior, or as it is also called LED lamp, has eclipsed traditional lamps and even surpassed them in many ways characteristics:

  • They are many times more economical.
  • The service life is much longer.

  • Compact and robust.
  • Temperature is lower.
  • The brightness can be easily adjusted.
  • Does not require special color filters.
  • Can serve as an excellent interior component.

Now it is not surprising that LED lighting is rapidly replacing other types of lighting, and new houses are being built either in order to be able to equip them with similar lamps, or with already built-in devices with LEDs.

By the way, "flexible neon", as this kind of illumination is sometimes also called, not only has an elegant colorful role, because in the interior it performs many different functions:

  • LED strips in the interior of the apartment + Video LED lamps and strips are used to illuminate steps, openings and corridors so that they are more noticeable during twilight.
  • With the help of contour lighting, you can zone the room, thereby dividing it into parts.
  • Illuminating moldings, niches, mirrors and cornices, it will turn out to visually add volume to the room.
  • With the help of LEDs, decorative objects can be highlighted and also accentuated on the desired objects.

  • Due to the cords and tapes with LEDs, you can embody a huge number of designer's ideas and thereby make the interior unique.

As you can see, such a lighting device has many advantages.

Varieties of backlights

Tapes and duralights are most often used to decorate the interior of an apartment with LED strip.

Duralight - translucent and colored or completely transparent silicone flexible cord, which is filled with small lights in the form of a garland. You can fix such a tape using special plastic transparent brackets.

LED Strip - a flat strip-like board most commonly sold as a coil. Almost all tapes with LEDs on the back have an adhesive base, and this was done for the convenience of installation work.Tapes can be moisture resistant and ordinary, and they can change not only the brightness and intensity of the light that they emit, but even the shades.

In addition to duralights and tapes, manufacturers offer various LED devices, panels and blocks, matte and transparent, with LED backlighting. It is not at all difficult to connect such lighting, but along with the tape you will have to buy a special power supply unit (adapter).

Ways to use the backlight

You can decorate your home with LED edging right from the threshold, or outside, behind it. If you have excellent spatial vision, then when using ribbons and cords with LEDs, you will be able to fully "reshape" the space and make the room appear wider or taller, as well as intimate, because such lamps are the perfect embodiment of delicate, diffused light.

Let's take a look at the most popular and unusual tricks with LED devices. Eaves lighting of the ceiling will magically transform the room when it comes to multi-level or tension structures. It will help "lift" and at the same time fill the space with a glareless, calm light that will resemble a sunset or sunrise.

Backlights and niches are literally created for each other - the installed illumination in the recesses will produce a magical impression due to the fact that the diffused light will be visible, but not the source of this light.

Mirrors framed by tape will get a special depth and help to visually expand the walls. You can use such an interesting technique in the bathroom, in the hallway, and in the living room. You can safely decorate a portable fountain or aquarium with a moisture-resistant tape, as the combination of light and water will make it difficult to take your eyes off.

LED strips in the interior of the apartment + Video A stretched ribbon between the living room and the dining room or the kitchen and the dining room will help to delimit both zones and emphasize their independence from each other.

On the ceiling in the bedroom, where LEDs are used, you can create a starry sky, and lay out the outlines of the constellations or some kind of zodiac sign with a cord. In any case, such lighting will be very useful in the sleeping area.

Also, this kind of lighting is safe and environmentally friendly, which means it can be used to decorate a children's room. It will not only help to form a magical and mysterious halo, but will also play the role of a night light with unobtrusive lighting. You can even create a scattering of fireflies or a winter tree on the wall with these LEDs.

You can cover the part of the room where the toys are located with flexible tape, and your child will be provided with magical dreams with the participation of favorite toys.

LED cords are so versatile that they are increasingly used to decorate furniture. In addition, there are now on sale pieces of furniture with LED lighting. The ribbon will duplicate the curves of beautiful armchairs, the shape of a sofa, and a bed with such lighting will receive the qualities of a beautiful lamp.

In the bathroom, with the help of LED strip, the interior can be transformed, since it is possible to simulate the glow of candles or, using colored cords, lay out the outlines of beautiful fish, algae and starfish.

In the kitchen, "flexible neon" will help illuminate the work surface, and here you can combine both types of lighting - bright light above, above the cabinets, and dim light below them. This idea is aesthetically pleasing, especially if you add to it the border of the bar counter.

An incredible extravaganza will turn out if the LED backlight is combined with glass objects. It can be a simple enough option to make the shimmering perimeter of a glass door / door or accentuate the light of a rack with beautiful dishes, countertops, showcases. The backlight can be hidden behind plasterboard panels, and patterns can be cut into it to create an incredibly beautiful "theater of light and shadow".

Also, with the help of flexible tape, you can turn many glass objects into beautiful floor lamps. It is a magic wand that helps transform a piece of glass into a bird's feather, moon, ice, illuminated by the beautiful northern lights.

"Flexible neon" - for which styles is it suitable

LED strip lighting is perfect for many interior styles, and will also emphasize their color, and will strengthen the character.

For example, a cosmic cool glow is ideal for high-tech style, especially if you contour a plasma TV, panoramic window or home theater. Beautiful lines must be strict, sometimes even specially sharp.

The interior with this lighting gets a futuristic look.

Not very powerful and warm color tape to add relief and shadows for the room - loft style, in which with such light it will be a little more comfortable and softer. The dense glow of diodes will become a harmonious part of the decor, and local illumination of art objects will help add energy to the modern and art deco styles. Fans of neoclassicism and minimalism will find their own ribbons with LEDs, although in this case the decor should be laconic and restrained.

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