Legend for a fire escape plan

Legend for a fire escape plan Legends for the fire escape plan

An evacuation plan is required to familiarize each person which goes into a room or a building with existing evacuation routes, as well as emergency exits of their structure. In addition, with the help of symbols on the fire escape plan, means of primary fire extinguishing, a first aid kit with first aid equipment, additional life-saving equipment and equipment that can help notify people in the building about the fire and call rescuers are marked.

How to make an evacuation plan - requirements for plans

In 2017, an evacuation plan was developed in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 12. 2. 143-2009 ( it came into force only on 01.

07.2010) and contains text and graphic information.

The plan should be made on the basis of photoluminescent materials. the evacuation scheme is designed so that people know the plan of the building, where the fire cabinets, fire extinguishers, cranes, medicines and additional equipment are located, for example, gas masks, first aid kits and GDZK. Thanks to the symbols on the evacuation plan, you will find the location of the fire detector buttons and emergency telephones that are designed to call the fire department.

Locations of the evacuation plan

Legend for a fire escape plan The plan must be hung in a conspicuous place, at a height of 180 cm. As a rule, it is placed at the entrance to a room or building (on a column or wall). Directly on the evacuation plan, its location is indicated by the point "you are here", and it is in that place that the plan should be.

Number of plans and dimensions

The number and dimensions of plans is determined for all buildings individually, according to GOST. General evacuation plans must necessarily be developed for the entire structure as a whole, and in general plans there are floor and sectional sub-plans for evacuation, which are kept by the person on duty or the person who is responsible for fire safety.

Sectional evacuation plans are developed if the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach of the floors of one building is more than 1000 square meters, there are several exits, or if the creation of a single plan makes the potential evacuation process difficult. Floor plans are usually developed in A2 format (40 * 60 cm) for the whole floor.

There are also local plans that are made in A3 format (30 * 40 cm) for individual rooms, for example, for a dorm room, hospital room, hotel room, and others. Evacuation symbols are presented in the form of a photo below.

Requirements for evacuation plans

Legends on the fire evacuation plan are required, since the plan itself should consist of text and graphic parts.

the latter must necessarily include a sectional or floor layout of a building,

a vehicle, objects with an indication of:

  • Places where fire protection means are located, which are indicated by special fire signs security.
  • Places where life-saving appliances are located, which are also marked with signs.
  • Locations of the immediate evacuation plan.
  • Emergency exits, smoke-free staircases, open exterior staircases, and more.
  • Places for placing rescue equipment.

  • Evacuation exits.
  • Escape routes.

The textual component of the evacuation plan contains:

  • Legend for a fire escape plan Methods to notify about the occurrence of an emergency (accident, fire, etc.).
  • The sequence and order of evacuation of all are in the human structure.

  • Actions and responsibilities of people, including the procedure for calling emergency rescue or fire departments, ambulance and others.
  • Procedure for emergency stop of mechanisms, equipment, power outages and other things.
  • Procedure for manual (that is, redundant) connection of emergency and fire safety systems or installations.

The textual planned evacuation part must necessarily contain instructions on actions in case of emergency situations (accident, fire), which for clarity are supplemented with special symbols and signs.

Telephone numbers for calling the rescue services

By order 32, rule No.

360 of 2013 November 20 of the Ministry of Mass Communications and Communications of the Russian Federation - for user access and subscribers to fixed telephone communication services, as well as mobile communication services, a single number 112 is applied to the operational emergency services throughout the Russian Federation, as well as the numbers of such operational emergency services as 101, 102, 103 and 104. By the way, the usual numbers 01, 02 and 03 do not work after 2017. This happened on the recommendation of the International Telecommunications Union and the general unification of the standard of transnational prefixes for all countries.

Log of working out the evacuation fire plan

In all organizations, measures should be taken to train personnel actions in case of fire at intervals of at least 1 time per year. When working out an evacuation plan, it is required to make timekeeping, and enter the date of such an event in the journal, as well as the name of the person in charge.