Life hacks with a grinder + video

Life hacks with a grinder + video Life hacks for the grinder, which will simplify construction work

Angle grinder (i.e. grinder) has a wide range of applications. Welding work, installation processes with a reinforcement frame, as well as pouring a strip or slab foundation will not do without it.

Even a ground loop device in the courtyard of a private house will assume the use of such an electric tool.

But it is worth remembering the safety rules during work.

At the moment we will consider 5 main life hacks of working with a grinder, which will make it possible to protect home craftsmen from all kinds of injuries.

What is angle grinder and why is it needed

The name itself will say that it will be designed for grinding corners. But the work done by the grinder will largely depend on which disc is selected and installed. For example, it can be a grinding wheel, a cut-off wheel, or a special metal brush that makes it possible to peel off rust from the metal surface.

But brushes will rarely be used.

The most popular use of an angle grinder is cutting different types of metal - sheets, pipes, angles, or even channels. It is important to hold the grinder during work very firmly and in one position, while not twisting it on its side. It is cutting that will be considered the most dangerous work using a tool. In order for the work to be done faster, safer and easier, you must choose the right type of tool.

What grinders are on the Russian market

Angle grinders differ from each other not only in size and weight, but also in disc rotation speed. Heavier mid-sized units will accelerate the disc to 6,000 to 7,000 rpm. For such devices, the speed is low, but the power will "dissolve" a fairly thick metal.

Note, that the lower the number of revolutions per minute, the larger the disc diameter can be used to perform work.

For household needs, angle grinders are often used, which weigh very little, which allows it to be held with one hand, and reduced dimensions.

Such devices can reach speeds of up to 16,000 revolutions per minute, and the discs used for work are very small. There are also very large devices that can be used, if only with a special stand, but they are used only for industrial needs and in general can be classified as side saws. Such equipment will not be considered.

Secrets of safe working with an angle grinder

Life hacks with a grinder + video In order to reduce the risk of injury, various protective elements are used - work suits made of thick fabrics, a mask made of organic glass and gloves. But confidence in safety at work can give the implementation of the main rules and life hacks.

The location of the adjustable handle

The handle must necessarily be located on top, and most craftsmen screw it in from the side, horizontally, claiming that this way the cut was better seen, and hence, much higher security will be, but this is a dangerous delusion.

True, with the vertical position of the handle on top, you will be able to provide a strong grip and protect yourself and others from the moment when, when "biting" the disc, the grinder will fly out of your hands. Most people will ask why, in such a case, the lateral placement of the handle is provided. It is used for grinding work when there is no danger of "biting" the disc with metal parts.

Direction of rotation of the disc

Inexperienced craftsmen will often assume that the disc must rotate when making a cut "away from you" so that sparks fly into side of the employee.

But not a single master who has experience working with angle grinders will hardly agree with this statement. The thing is that a special casing will protect against flying sparks, and therefore they are not afraid of the operator.

Here the question is different - how will the grinder behave when "eating"? During rotation "towards itself", an abruptly stopped disc, which is jammed, will lead to the fact that the angle grinder will be pulled out of the hands of the master towards the ground, namely away from the operator.

If this happens during reverse rotation, the grinder can fly into the head of the person who works with it, and this can at least be unpleasant, and at most a person will have one way - to a hospital bed or even worse. The disc must necessarily rotate "towards itself", and then the casing will not let sparks get into the eyes, and the application will be safer.

Placement of metal when cutting

The life hack for the grinder in the video will show you, and we will tell you how to correctly place the metal when cutting. Most novice craftsmen make a serious mistake and fix the pipe being cut or even a channel on both sides and start cutting between the fasteners.

With this arrangement, there is a high probability that the blade will jam at the end of the cut. For example, remember a standard board that everyone saw at least once in their life. At the end, the hacksaw should be clamped and look for a position that will give the opposite effect.

The story is the same with pipes. One end must be suspended so that it will expand and not jam.

Please note that it is very important to monitor the condition of the disc edge, and at high rpm small chips can cause the disc to fly apart and cause serious injury.

Do not use the side plane of the disc

Most of the "craftsmen" argued that sharpening drills with the side surface of the cut-off wheel is completely safe, and this misconception sometimes costs people their lives.The fact is that the circle itself is made of abrasive, which is reinforced on both sides with a glass cloth or metal mesh.

If the reinforcement layer is damaged, the abrasive will not be able to withstand the rotation speed and will fly apart. For this reason, only the end surface can be working. Also, do not use a metal cut-off wheel to cut wood. Despite the fact that such a material is softer, when the circle rotates, its temperature will increase sharply, and this will lead to the appearance of smoke, and in the end to the melting of the adhesive base. Destruction and injury can be the result.

Features of working with a grinder

When installing a disc on an angle grinder, most people try to tighten the nut as tight as possible with the wrench that comes with the kit. This is a very big mistake.

Life hacks with a grinder + video Such a key is required only for unscrewing. The installed disk can even be tightened manually, and the grinder is made so that the nut is tightened in the process. For this reason, using a wrench will lead to difficulties, and sometimes even the inability to unscrew the nut in the future.

It is worth paying attention to the start of the angle grinder. The button should be pressed only if nothing will interfere with the disc. This means that the circle must not be immersed in the cut before it starts to unwind and enters the rotation cycle.

Life hack with masking tape

This is a very convenient life hack for the grinder. In the process of cutting polypropylene pipes with an angle grinder, as well as various rubber and plastic materials, a lot of "shavings" begin to adhere to the inside of the casing, which is difficult to clean off.

To avoid such a problem, it will be enough to stick a piece of masking tape on the casing. After work, the dirty strip can be easily removed, and the metal itself will be clean.

Life hack with a drill

If it is impossible to unscrew the screws from the board or metal with a screwdriver due to the fact that the edges are lapped on the head, then solve the problem the drill can. You should make a cut on the head, and then install a bit with a flat nozzle on the screwdriver / drill (or use the simplest manual screwdriver) and unscrew the screws.

Life hack with a toe

When cutting ceramic tiles with a grinder, a lot of dust appears, which will settle on the case and clog the ventilation holes.

To avoid this, you should put on a sock on the body when working (you can use an old one, the main thing is that there are no holes) and it will take the whole blow on itself. After finishing work, remove the sock and discard it.


Despite the fact that the angle grinder is quite a dangerous tool, sometimes it is simply impossible to do without it. If you follow all the rules that have been considered today, then you can be completely sure that the work will take place without the appearance of emergency and dangerous situations.

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