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Location Tips + Photos & Videos In summer, on hot days, you just want to swim in cool water. But it happens that not always we can get out to a lake or river, and even more so to the sea. For those who have their own private house or have a summer cottage outside the city, there is a way out. You can build your own pool and enjoy relaxing after a hard day in the garden or at work.

Swimming in the pool is not only an opportunity to relax, cool down, but also a way to boost your immunity.

Swimming in the fresh air is a huge contribution to human health. Especially if you have small children in your family, a pool is a must. Therefore, the question of how to build a pool in a private house worries many people, here we will consider all the nuances of construction.

It's not so difficult to build a pool with your own hands and it requires little money, the main thing is to study all the information, where to place it, from what you can build it and how to make it correctly.

The correct choice of the location of the pool on the site

In order to start building the pool, you must first think over everything well and start from its location.

If you decide to build a pool on the street, then you need to choose a place based on these recommendations:

  • - it is undesirable if there will be or in the future, trees are planted, because of this, debris will constantly float in your water and the roots of trees can grow strongly in the future, which can damage the frame of the pool ;

IMPORTANT! If your pool does not have water heating, then it is best to place it in a sunny place so that there is natural heating.

  • Location Tips + Photos & Videos - building a pool is also not recommended right next to the house or next to other structures. This can lead to a destructive effect on the foundation of the house;
  • - provide that a source for supplying water is nearby in order to easily fill the pool, as well as a power source and a suitable place for draining water (vegetable garden or ravine, but the best option is a sewage system, or a drainage system);
  • -the pool in the courtyard of a private house should be placed so that you can easily pass;
  • - it is best to put the pool on clay or sandy soil. It will stand stable on such soil, clay is an addition to waterproofing, plus also protection from groundwater;
  • - if you do not want to dig a pit for the pool yourself, then you need to provide that you can drive up to the construction site special equipment.

Pools for construction on the site

If you have already decided on the location of the pool, then you need to think about what kind of pool you should make.

IMPORTANT! The choice of the type of pool will depend on how much financial investment you will spend.

  1. Location Tips + Photos & Videos Frame pool - this type of pool is sold in a store, installed on the ground.The kit will include: ladder, pump, filter for cleaning and other accessories. It is easy to assemble; instructions are attached at such a pool. The downside is that it will need to be dismantled after the summer.

  2. Inflatable pool - such pools have a low cost, but they will not last long. It is unreliable and can be deflated from any mechanical stress.
  3. Plastic pool - this type of pool will also need to be cleaned after the end of summer, it is purchased ready-made.
  4. Stationary pool - this type of pool will serve you for a long time, you can make it yourself, investing physical effort and finances. But it will be worth it!

The first three pool options are sold ready-made, we will not consider them, we will dwell on the stationary pool in more detail, we will analyze the options from which it can be made.

Construction of an outdoor stationary pool with your own hands

Here we will look at what materials a pool can be made for outdoor use.

  1. Polypropylene or fiberglass . These materials are environmentally friendly and safe for human health. The polypropylene pool surface is non-slippery to prevent injury.

IMPORTANT! The cost of such a pool comes out lower than that of other materials.

For the construction of the pool walls, sheets are used thicker than for the bottom, preferably at least 8 mm. This is necessary so that the shape does not change during welding. The tool for welding sheets is a heat gun. The polypropylene is heated to a predetermined temperature, where the seam should be, a rod is placed, which melts and becomes the joint of the sheets.

When the bowl is completely ready for the pool, the distance between the bowl and the ground must be poured with concrete.

A fiberglass pool is bought ready-made, it is resistant to environmental influences, there is the possibility of transferring to another location.

After choosing the type, we must make a drainage system. In the middle of the pit, you need to make a hole up to 2 m deep, fill it with gravel, and pour sand on top. Then the pool reservoir is installed, and the distance between the bowl and the pit is filled with soil.

  1. Location Tips + Photos & Videos Monolithic concrete .

    Concrete pools have the longest lifespan. For construction in a country house, it is well suited. Heavy concrete is used for construction. A drainage system is also needed here. It can be done as follows: before making a pit for the pool, markings are made on the ground 60 cm larger than the plan.

    As soon as the foundation pit is made, pipes are laid for draining.

Roofing material is placed on the bottom in 2 layers as waterproofing, then a sand pillow is made, gravel is poured behind it. A concrete pool requires formwork at the height of the walls and reinforcement. Moisture-resistant plywood is used for the walls.In the formwork, a reinforcing cage is made, which is made of two rows of rods on the walls, the edges from the bottom of the rods are fastened to the mesh at the bottom.

When the concrete dries, waterproofing is done.

To make the inner insulation, check the surface of the bowl for cracks. Then the top layer is plastered using waterproof compounds. For walls, bitumen-based materials are chosen as waterproofing.

After all the work, they are finishing the pool.

For facing the pool bowl, you can choose ceramic tiles or mosaics.

IMPORTANT! In order for the water to heat up faster, it is better to use a facing material in dark colors.

  1. Wooden pool . A wooden pool can be built at the dacha in a short time and at a low cost. A frame is made from a bar of 100 by 50.

    Holes are drilled in the corners and stands are placed, the void is filled with gravel. The horizontal boards are installed after the vertical posts.

If you purchased unedged boards, then you should first clean them of bark and process them from insects. Inside such a frame is a PVC film bag. Here's a fairly simple way to get a pool for relaxation.

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