made of wood, plastic, metal + Photo and Video

made of wood, plastic, metal + Photo and Video DIY fences for the front garden. What is a front garden? It is a small garden that sits by a hedge. It is also an interesting solution that will catch your eye and look very beautiful. Those who prefer classics to everything else will use a wooden fence as a front garden fence, while others will choose a brick or mesh construction. But in fact, there are many options, and much depends on the creativity and imagination of the gardener.

Naturally, do-it-yourself fences for the front garden should be done neatly and, first of all, correctly. In order for everything to succeed, let's get acquainted with the materials, their advantages and disadvantages.

Preparation. Material selection

When choosing the optimal material for the fence that you want to install in the front garden, consider the following criteria:

  • made of wood, plastic, metal + Photo and Video Service life.
  • Aesthetic parameters.

  • Ease of processing.
  • Undemanding care.
  • Installation time.
  • Ability to use fasteners and devices.
  • Cost of work and material.

Make sure that everything is done in the same style and in harmony with the design of the site. There are many ways to create a fence between the road area and the house, and still give it a nice look. But first, select the material, and only after that you can start preparing the sketch.


Forged fences

Of all types of fences, you can make forged metal fences with your own hands and they will be the most durable. These structures perfectly withstand the negative effects of weather conditions, and are also resistant to mechanical damage.

The design is carried out in such a way that these fences will also be a serious obstacle to those who want to get to the site illegally.

Another plus is that the material is undemanding to maintain. These surfaces do not need to be painted every year, and buyers have a huge selection of textures and colors. You can also use different patterns to create a unique design.

Please note, that if you want a unique design, it will have a lot of money, but it will be worth it.

There are several types of forged metal fences:

  • Standard, which act as a fence. This type of fences is a monolithic section that is welded together. Metal jewelry can be fixed in the spans with screw fasteners.
  • Beautifully designed, most often made to order. To create such a fence, an individual sketch is required.

    Most often, the connection is made with clamps. Welding and stamping technology is used only at the request of the customer.

  • Combined type of fencing, which perfectly combine both protective and decorative functions.When creating such fences, the twisting technique is used, that is, the metal is bent, and fastening with clamps and smith soldering is used.

From a metal picket

Yes, as already mentioned, metal fences have many advantages.

It is worth choosing an iron fence, although for the following reasons:

  1. The fence gives a feeling of security and transparency at the same time.
  2. Many sizes, shapes and colors, due to which your flower garden will not be like one of many of the same type.
  3. Metal fences and fences are many times stronger than wooden ones.

Only high-quality material should be used for such a fence so that it will serve you as long as possible and will not corrode. In the photo there is a metal fence for the front garden.

Important! The pillars must be placed at a great distance from each other, otherwise the sections will not be stable and even normal gusts of wind can lead to distortion.

You can install this type of fence with your own hands. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Mark the perimeter and mark the locations for the bearing supports.
  • Install ready-made metal sections on the dug-in supports, or separately each picket fence.
  • If reinforcement or metal rods are used in the construction, weld the elements to the base of the supports.

The best option would be to use stainless steel so that the metal does not corrode 100%. You can also paint it, and thereby emphasize the beauty of the structure.

Profiled flooring

Constructions made of corrugated board are distinguished by modern design, which perfectly copes with the main task - to provide protection to the house.

These fences have many positive aspects:

  1. made of wood, plastic, metal + Photo and Video Excellent performance, low maintenance requirements.
  2. Excellent sound insulation parameters.

  3. Modern design with a wide range of colors and styles for decoration. Metal-profile structures have the same advantages.
  4. Favorable price.

A modern fence made of corrugated board is a simple structure, which for the most part consists of two parts - a frame, and its structure, in turn, includes supports and sections. Models of fences for a front garden made of corrugated board differ from each other in terms of the features of the frame and the types of material that are used for cooking.

Installation is very simple. Usually, when assembling, sheets of metal are screwed to the dug-in supports with roofing screws.

Good advice! Do not make a fence too high to hide the beauty of the flower garden.


The fences of the front garden in front of the house from the mesh-chain-link are incredibly popular. Iron brackets are used for installation.

Most often, the sections are fixed using welding technology.If you use this method when connecting to a pole, this will be the maximum reliability. A wire must be stretched over the mesh, it is passed through the cells. Thanks to this simple action, the fence will keep its shape.

If you mount the mesh in the corners, it will look presentable.

Such a fence is easy to transform and make it a hedge. This is an ideal solution for the summer season, all that remains is to plant vegetation along the fence, which tends to curl and weave. So you will not hide the beauty of the front garden, and the access of the sunny color to the plants will not be blocked.

But there are certain disadvantages:

  • Nondescript.
  • Over time, the mesh still loses its appearance, it can bend or stretch.

  • It is difficult to paint it.

When choosing a mesh, be guided by the galvanized coating of the material. Thanks to this, there will be no corrosion, which means that the fence will last longer.


If we talk about the differences, the Euroshtaketnik practically does not differ from the standard material. The top of these fences has a horizontal cut or rounded edge.

With the help of a horizontal strip, the upper ends with a rounded edge are covered. The edges must be seamed. All elements are molded and processed.

Profile pipe

made of wood, plastic, metal + Photo and Video The main advantage of this material is the ability to take various forms - both whimsical and uncomplicated. Note also that only short pipe sections are used.

Such a fence includes a large number of types of shaped pipes that are used to create fences.

They can be of medium diameter or thin-walled. The main task is to build the foundation without mistakes.


Wood is one of the most popular materials used to create a variety of structures, and especially for fencing the front garden near the house.

They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to build, which is a big plus for beginners.

Although the option is not the cheapest, the environmental friendliness of the material will be a pleasant bonus.

The advantages of wooden fences can be safely called:

  • Huge selection of sizes and design.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Convenience of design.
  • Reasonable price.

Please note, h that wooden fences require processing with protective compounds, since without them they will wear out quickly due to natural factors and the service life will be significantly reduced ...

Oil, acrylic and enamel paints can be used to paint wooden fences. Antiseptic formulations are needed in order to extend the service life.

Such fences can be divided into several categories:

  1. Solid.
  2. With openings between the main parts.
  3. With planks arranged vertically.
  4. With boards arranged horizontally.
  5. With diagonal planks.

Installation is easy - first you need to dig in the bearing pillars at a distance that should not be more than 3 meters. After that, the pillars that have already been dug in should be connected together with horizontal lags. When everything is ready, we put picket fences on these logs using self-tapping screws or nails.

Brick, concrete and stone

Concrete fences

You can buy ready-made models, where the pattern will be only one-sided. Consider this moment when building.

It is necessary to decide in advance on which side of the fence for the front garden the drawing will be - from the inside or outside. The structure itself is highly durable, due to which it performs its task well, or rather, protects plants from animals. For front gardens, low fences are usually bought so as not to hide the beauty of the plants.

But there are also disadvantages, namely:

  • Large weight.
  • Installation cannot be done alone.

  • Closed type.

Although the installation itself is simple, you will need a companion who will be ready to help you dig in the supports around the perimeter, and then insert the individual concrete sheets. Even when installing ready-made structures, you cannot do without outside help.

Stone fence

Used from time immemorial. There are tons of ideas on how to arrange flower gardens using ordinary stone.

So, you can create a wall or surround the front garden with boulders around the perimeter. How much stone to use is up to you.

But I would like to note that fences of this type will perfectly match the landscape, and emphasize the beauty of the front garden. The lower the fence is, the more interesting it will look. If you build a high stone wall, it will only block the front garden.

Sandstone or granite is ideal for a fence.

Brick fence

Looks rich at low height. This design can decorate any front gardens and emphasize originality. But in this case, you will have to buy cement and brick, and the price for these materials, to put it mildly, is not low.

There are many ideas on how to create a fence for a front garden near a brick house.

It can be a solid structure, or it can be block. The material itself has many advantages. The first is that it heats up well in the sun and keeps warm for a long time, thereby creating a greenhouse effect, and this has a beneficial effect on plants. Second, the material is durable.

Please note that you will have to make a foundation for the brick fence.

It is more difficult than installing a fence made of reinforcement or corrugated board.

Brick, stone and concrete fences are the most durable and reliable. They are durable, resistant to the negative effects of the natural environment and mechanical damage (of course, only subject to quality standards in the manufacturing process).


Fences made of ordinary bottles gained popularity only a few years ago, as it is original and you can easily make a fence for a front garden with your own hands. The option is interesting because he likes to create masterpieces from simple materials.

Fences from old bottles will add zest. Even children can be involved in the creation process.

Unusual options - hedges and wicker fences

The owners of summer cottages are trying in any way to ennoble the property that they own. Summer residents are trying to implement their ideas when decorating their backyard territory. Among the most effective options for decoration, we note a hedge, which must be created from ornamental plants.

But keep in mind the following points when creating:

  • made of wood, plastic, metal + Photo and Video Give preference only for unpretentious plants that are able to form a voluminous crown.
  • Create optimal spacing between plants.
  • Fertilize and water your hedges in time.
  • Remember to trim the shrubbery.

Wicker fences look presentable and natural.

A great idea is to use willow twigs or thin twigs from fruit trees. But since willow rods are considered the most flexible, there will be no difficulties with their use. First, the twigs should be steamed in hot water so that they are very flexible.

Ready-made structures - price

The price largely depends on the cost of the material used and the dimensions of the structure:

  • Wood will cost from 10 to 13 rubles per piece (that is, for 1m 3 , you get about 3400 rubles).
  • Euro fence for the fence will cost you about 50 rubles apiece (with a length of 1.

    5 meters and a width of 12.5 cm).

  • A PVC fence costs from 1850 rubles per running meter.

It is more profitable to order material directly from suppliers than through stores. Please note that prices may differ from those indicated above.