Magnetic Water Treatment System + Video

Magnetic Water Treatment System + Video Tap water with a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts can create troubles in the operation of household appliances, which is equipped with water heating elements. Continuous cleaning will not solve the problem, because scale can form large build-ups and it is not easy to remove it.

A magnetic water transducer is the best solution to this problem. Back in the 20th century, scientists discovered the ability to soften water using a magnet.

By means of magnetic treatment, hard water is normalized to an optimal state, thus scale formation is prevented.

Magnetic cleansing is becoming more common.

General information

Fields of application of the water transducer (MPV)

The main task of the MPV - it is water softening and descaling.

Device magnetic conversion water applies:

Water in a modern pipe can have different temperatures, as well as have different directions. In some cases, the water may simply be in the pipeline without moving.

These factors do not affect the ion exchange device as opposed to the magnetic transducer.

Operating principle

Operating principle mvp can be divided into two stages:

  1. By reversing the magnetization of the flow, the liquid is purified from excess of various salts ... This device is represented by a toroidal electromagnetic coil, which is wrapped in a circle with non-magnetic material for about 20 turns.

    The water flowing through the pipeline is subjected to the action of a magnetic impulse that changes its direction in the course of work.

  2. Under the influence of a magnetic field, crystal formation is provoked, due to its effect on calcium and magnesium. Everything that precipitates sticks together with salts. Here scale formation occurs, but it does not tend to settle on the walls, but remains in the water in the form of large substances. Then, all this goes through settling and filtration, and the water at the outlet contains a small amount of salts.


Main Features and Differences magnet from ion exchange device:

  • Magnetic Water Treatment System + Video The magnet normalizes hard water well, and ion exchange does it perfectly;
  • Old scale deposits cannot be removed by ion exchange. The magnet will completely eliminate it;
  • The magnet does not affect the iron content in water in any way.Ion exchange can in some cases eliminate this problem;
  • Maintenance of an ion exchange device requires a constant investment of funds. The magnet does not require this;
  • It serves as a kind of protection for household appliances, but when purifying water for use in food, the use of a filter will be the best means.

Installed directly in front of appliances that only have cold water.

This is due to the fact that this device cannot operate with high temperature water.

Also, this installation has a weakness for stagnant formations, flow direction and pressure of the liquid. Experts are of the opinion that a better option is an electromagnetic device that has appeared relatively recently. It is versatile and can operate at any temperatures, and also consumes a small amount of energy.

This unit is also very easy to install.

Winding is done on the pipe without tie-in.

Types and advantages of the product


All magnetic converters can be divided into two types:

  • As a small structure having permanent magnets with high induction. They are installed in places where water lines break.
  • A device operating on a generator, in the form of an overhead element with its own control block .

In these two variants, the purification process occurs by a specific effect of a magnetic field.

Water that has been magnetically treated for a long time loses more than 85% of salts. After filtration, this liquid can be used in the washing machine, when refueling diesel or gasoline generator equipment. However, this liquid cannot be used for food and for watering plants. Experts say that this water is dead or technical.


Magnetic devices are still very common, but you should know all the pros and cons of this device.

Advantages of the magnetic device:

  • Long operational life;
  • magnet is not in any way changes water characteristics;
  • does not harm human life;
  • there are no dangerous compounds and chemical additives in the process of its work.

The filter should only be installed in a pipe section, isolated from scale. Here no dismantling work is required. It will be necessary to disconnect the desired section of the pipe, clean and install the converter device. In the future, the converter will successfully cope with the formed scale itself.

The device is multifunctional, easy to use and does not take up much space. It is these advantages that make the device very popular. The small-sized device does not need installation in the pipe, that is, it does not require a tie-in.At the heart of this device are magnets with a plastic case.


It should also be noted that this device does not need maintenance.

Moreover, the first 5 years it is not necessary to change the filter, there is no need to wash and replace the cartridges. Service life of one filter can reach 25 years.

Small devices are produced for water treatment up to 7kb. h. Magnets even for household use must have significant power.

In household models, hard salts can be converted and precipitated. But this sediment will be released on its own.