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main features + Video and Photo Construction today is one of the fastest growing areas. There is a huge variety of materials, textures and more. In order to make high quality fixation, it is necessary to use durable mounting devices and technologies.

One of the most durable technologies is considered to be fastening by means of threaded fastening, which prevents objects from disconnecting from each other, even when significant forces are applied. Such work, as a rule, involves various kinds of long-term manipulations with the nuts and the fastening tools themselves.

There is an alternative! The eyebolt can solve a number of fastener problems, make the job easier and more enjoyable.

What is a swing bolt?

The appearance of this bolt is interesting, for someone it resembles a key, someone sees similarities to a lollipop in it - durable a screw rod, and a ring on top, there are also configurations with a spherical tip or similar to a fork, it all depends on the specifics of the use of eye bolts.

Where to apply?

Swing bolts have found their application in a wide area, from household needs (someone uses to fasten a clothesline) to rigging (lifting various loads ). Strings are often used in bridge construction. In high-rise construction, swing bolts can play a significant role in lifting loads to a height.

The designers also did not leave this object without their attention and create interesting installations with his participation.

Note! If you live in a private house or have a summer cottage, then thanks to the swing bolt, you can firmly fix a hammock or swing without much money.

Swing bolts have also found their application as locking elements for quick access to the internal filling of devices. Furniture makers also adopted such bolts for themselves, making their interior items using these bolts, slightly modified for their activities.


For ease of operation, the swing bolts can be equipped with a special holder, as well as specialized swing bolts are made that are excellent in shape and withstand temperature conditions (used inside the oven at high temperatures).

There are also swing bolts made of various materials such as metal, plastic, as well as non-ferrous metals (brass, copper), all of them must undoubtedly be made in accordance with GOST swing bolts.

Basic models and their characteristics

Swing bolts DIN 444 (invented in Germany) are made mainly of alloy steels, special purpose, stainless steels , non-ferrous metals and their alloys, ultra-strong plastic. The demand for eye bolts in the industry is due to their high. DIN 444 has a strength class from 4.8 to 12.

9, this helps to withstand titanic loads for this bolt and is an undoubted plus.

Often common characteristics:

  • length - 25-300 mm;
  • diameter - M5-M36;
  • thread pitch - 0.8-4 mm;
  • outer section of the ring - 12-65, inner - 5-33 mm;
  • thread length - 16-97 mm.

GOST folding bolts are applicable for fastening nodes and joints in industrial mechanical engineering, instrument making, and so on, they are in demand quite widely in construction, as well as installation work.

Characteristic features of the swing bolt GOST

Note! The use of eye bolts does not require special skills and abilities, in contrast to the work associated with welding and riveting, but is not inferior to these methods in strength.

It is also possible to use them when other methods are strictly forbidden to use (rain, temperature drops).

The price of swing bolts

The undoubted advantage of this method of fastening is its relative efficiency and low time consumption compared to others. The price depends on the material and dimensional characteristics.

For example, a swing bolt M 6 x 30 * 4.6 DIN 444 made of galvanized steel on average in Russia will cost no more than 15 rubles

The price is determined by analysis 10 largest trading and construction sites in Russia

Brief conclusions

  • 1.

    The eye bolt is a pin with a thread, on top, instead of the usual head, there can be a tip in the form of a nut placed on the edge with smooth edges, a sphere or a "fork".

  • 2. The scope of application is extensive from household needs to industrial engineering.
  • 3. On the Russian market, the most popular models are produced according to GOST, as well as according to German standards.