Major manufacturers of multi-colored cements + Photo and Video

Major manufacturers of multi-colored cements + Photo and Video What are colored masonry mixtures for? In order for the facade of your house to be designed in a uniform color scheme and to look well-groomed and attractive, it is important to observe the uniformity of the brick color scheme. Colored masonry mixture is used in order not to resort to additional work - grouting and color selection. Colored masonry mix is ​​a turnkey solution. Instead of exhausting work, you only need to dilute the mixture with the required amount of water and the material will be ready to work.

What is masonry mix? This is a dry mixture, which includes many different chemical elements, when water is added to the masonry mixture, a ready-to-use composition is obtained, with which the elements of the brickwork are held together.

The masonry mixture is a kind of analogue of the classic cement mortar. Modern masonry mixtures are maximally adapted to a certain type of building material and have improved operational properties.

Main characteristics of colored masonry mixtures

Attention. There is a huge variety of masonry mixes now, but you need to remember that any mix must have two important parameters.

The main parameters of a good masonry mixture:

  • Strength (for this, the mixture must contain cement);
  • Plasticity ( this is necessary so that the mortar can be laid in a neat thin layer).

By what parameters to evaluate the strength of the masonry mixture?

Major manufacturers of multi-colored cements + Photo and Video The strength in the solution is determined by the degree of strength of individual elements in its composition and the adhesion indicator. Increasing the strength of the mortar makes it possible to increase the strength of the brickwork.

Attention. With an increase in the strength of the masonry mixture, the ability of the brickwork to be adaptive to the stresses that necessarily arise during the operation of the finished building decreases.

If the masonry does not adapt to the arising stresses, then from time to time cracks and distortions will appear in the building.

To avoid such difficulties, you should pay attention to all characteristics in the mixture.

How is a colored masonry mixture created?

To give the masonry mixture the desired color, I add certain pigments of mineral origin to it. This method allows you to achieve the color of the mixture identical to the color of the brick. Thus, the color of the joint does not differ from the color of the brickwork.


If the masonry is made of white brick, then white Portland cement is used to make the white masonry mixture.

What is included in the composition of masonry mixtures?

  • Clay or cement;
  • Crushed stone or sand;
  • Mineral components that provide certain properties for a specific type of solution.

What are the advantages of colored masonry mixes?

The range of colored masonry mixes on the modern market is huge. Colored masonry mixes have high performance properties.

Masonry mixture :

  • Dries quickly;
  • High strength when dry;
  • Stable to low temperatures;
  • Resistant to high humidity.

The composition of the masonry mixture contains a strictly limited amount of pigment, due to which the composition has high strength. The excellent characteristics of the masonry mixture make construction work much easier.

The main types of colored masonry mixes

With all the variety of masonry mixes, there are only two main types:

  • Major manufacturers of multi-colored cements + Photo and Video General building mixtures . Such masonry mixtures are used in the construction of walls of public and residential buildings. The most common compositions are M-150 and M-200 - they are distinguished by high performance properties.

  • Special mixtures . This type of masonry mixture is used in the construction of facilities in aggressive climatic conditions. They are also used when laying fireplaces, stoves or swimming pools. These mixtures have a number of additional characteristics, they are: refractory and moisture resistant.

The main manufacturers of colored masonry mixtures

Finnish masonry mixtures Lakka.

These blends have gained popularity throughout the country. The manufacturer has 13 colors of masonry mix that are suitable for working with any type of brick.

Masonry mixes from the manufacturer Hagastapel attract consumers with their versatility. The manufacturer has 15 different types of masonry mix colors and three different brands. This allows the consumer to choose not only the color he needs, but also the brand that matches any type of brick in terms of characteristics.

Perel produces colored masonry mixes in 14 shades. The line of this company represents the choice of the consumer for winter and summer types of mixtures. What does it mean? Summer mixture can be used at temperatures up to +30 degrees, winter mixture at temperatures from -5 to + 10 degrees.


When choosing a colored masonry mixture, it is important to understand that most of the facade of an object is technical seams. It is very important to choose the right color of the mixture and the performance properties suitable for the brickwork.