Making a butterfly from a plastic bottle with your own hands: Application + Photo and Video

Making a butterfly from a plastic bottle with your own hands: Application + Photo and Video Seeing the beautiful design of a suburban area with decorative elements in the form of butterflies, you are trying to find the same in stores, but you can quite yourself make such butterflies from plastic bottles. Probably everyone at home has a plastic bottle.

It's quite simple, even a child can handle it, for this you just need to stock up on the necessary material.

How to make toys from plastic bottles

Things to prepare

Materials needed:

  • Making a butterfly from a plastic bottle with your own hands: Application + Photo and Video plastic bottles;
  • scissors;
  • paper sheets;
  • pencil,
  • stained glass or acrylic paint, beads, rhinestones, for decoration.

Manufacturing process

Let's describe the whole process of creating a butterfly step by step for beginners.

A light bottle is suitable for creating crafts, because they may look different on dark paint. It is better to make the body of the butterfly rectangular, this will allow the wings to bend in a straight line.

For your information: Do not cut out the butterfly from the place where the label was, because in this place, as a rule, no matter how hard you try, glue remains on which dirt can stick.

Making a butterfly from a plastic bottle with your own hands: Application + Photo and Video It is better to use a template when drawing a path. For better adhesion of the paint to the surface, sandpaper with an abrasiveness of 220 can be passed over it.

To dry the paint faster, you can use a hairdryer, but use the mode only with cold air. It is better to use tones of lighter shades, since it will be easier to apply darker colors to a light background in the future. Too thick or dry paint can be thinned with acetone or nail polish remover and can be used for crafts.

Prepare a place to create, such as a table. If you have children, they will be very interested in it.

Master class

First, take a sheet of paper in F4 format and draw on it a template for a future butterfly with symmetrical wings. You can also use a template printed from the Internet. You should draw from the calf, then draw the wings, and on them you can immediately apply a pattern in the form of circles, stripes or curls, everything that your imagination is capable of. Use scissors to cut the butterfly out along the outline and set it aside for a while. Then take a previously washed and unlabeled plastic bottle.

Note: To create the base of the butterfly, you need a part of the bottle without any patterns, namely with a flat surface and this is the middle part of the bottle.

Cut off the top and bottom of the bottle. It turns out an even cylinder, which is cut in the middle. You get two flat bottle surfaces. To make it more convenient, the template can be attached to the plastic surface with paper clips.

Place the template set aside under one cut plastic part and draw a marker along the contour. Cut out the butterfly using scissors. The wings should be bent upward to simulate a real butterfly.

This completes the creation of the layout, followed by the decorative design of the craft.


You can decorate the butterfly with the help of beads, from which the butterfly antennae are made, and the rest is painted with nail polish and decorated with beads.

In more detail: for this he paints the butterfly with varnishes. Antennae are made of two pieces of wire, on which we string several beads and attach them to a plastic model. To attach the antennae, it is worth making holes in the butterfly in advance. We also decorate the body with beads on a wire.

Note: If you take larger beads to decorate the body of a butterfly and cut the wings a little differently, you can make a dragonfly.

Butterfly with a body made of clay

You can also make a butterfly with a clay body, which will undoubtedly be an excellent option for decorating a personal plot for garden.

Here the beginning is exactly the same - according to the template we cut out a butterfly from the bottle. The body is made of clay, wires are stuck into it - antennae, decorated with rhinestones, and the eyes are made by pressing beads into lumps of clay. The finished clay belly is baked in the oven for about thirty minutes. Then we glue the plastic wings to it.

Note: For more convenient application of paint, a piece of plastic with the applied template is attached to a wooden base for straightening using buttons.

Making a butterfly from a plastic bottle with your own hands: Application + Photo and Video We begin to draw the elements on the wings with a marker, and with a thin brush and paint in the same color , but on that lighter. A special mica powder applied over the paint will help to create a shimmering effect on the wings. You can also use oil enamel or varnish here. There can be many decoration solutions, it all depends on your imagination.

Stained glass butterfly

There is another way to make a plastic butterfly. In the first case, a contour is first drawn on a plastic bottle, cut out and then painted. And in the second version, we draw and color the butterfly right on the bottle, and then we cut it out.

For this we need: paper, a plastic bottle, several colors of stained glass paints, scissors, beads, awl, wire.

A butterfly pattern is drawn on the paper.

The drawing is transferred to a plastic bottle. To do this, the narrow part of the bottle is cut off, a sketch is inserted inside and traced along the contour.

With the help of stained glass paints we paint the butterfly and leave it to dry. After drying, the butterfly is cut out. The wings bend upward.

The body is pierced with an awl in several places. In these holes, a wire is fixed with beads previously put on it. The butterfly is ready.


Such butterflies can be used not only for decorating the garden, but they will also be an excellent addition to gift wrapping, decorative element of curtains, flower pots, for creating a 3d picture.The butterfly can be attached to the wallpaper with a drop of glue.

If you attach a magnet to it, you can get a great fridge magnet. Hooking a butterfly on a long skewer and sticking a flower into the ground, you can decorate your home windowsill.

This handmade butterfly can be a great gift for people close to you.

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