Making a cellar from concrete rings - technology, features + Video

Making a cellar from concrete rings - technology, features + Video How to make a cellar from concrete rings with your own hands - a detailed process and a photo. Not every site has a ready-made cellar for storing crops. And it also happens that there is a cellar, but its size makes it difficult to place all the conservation and harvest. Summer residents are interested in making a cellar on their own from concrete rings - affordable, simple and inexpensive products. Every summer resident or owner of a suburban area will cope with such a task, even if he has not previously been involved in construction.

It is important that you have a desire and a couple of well rings with diameters of 2 meters.

Using the cellar will make it possible to ensure the safety of the crop, regardless of the season and temperature. Let's take a closer look at the positive aspects of such a device, as well as how to perform such construction work.


The cellar, made of reinforced concrete rings, has a number of indisputable advantages, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • The simplicity of the design, which can be done by any summer resident, even if he is not familiar with the specifics of the construction plan.
  • Ease of use, allowing for quick retrieval or replenishment.

  • Suitability for repair, which, if necessary, allows you to restore part of the structure using concrete mortar.
  • Absence of negative influence of high temperature, direct rays of the sun on products, which helps to create the necessary shelf life for all preservation, crop safety.
  • Low costs for construction work, which are available to almost all summer residents with an average income.

Please note, that the only significant design flaw is the weight of the rings, for which you will need a special lift.

Differences in designs

It turns out a fairly capacious storage if you use rings with a diameter of 2 meters.

The use of such a cellar will make it possible to create a comfortable room that can accommodate the entire harvest and large volumes of canned food. The use of concrete rings as structural elements requires knowledge of their distinctive features. Outwardly, different types of products do not differ from each other, unless we take into account the sizes. But there are some nuances that can affect the method of fixing structural elements that are visible only to specialists.

Let's dwell on this in more detail:

  • Products that have protrusions in the end part.

    The concrete side at one end makes it possible to dock it with the same recess in the lower part. So you can create a reliable lock connection. If we are talking about vertical installation of a group of products, then a powerful concrete lock around the perimeter can prevent the possibility of displacement even with a large movement of the soil.

  • Products of the usual type with a flat end part, when mounted on top of each other, are fixed using brackets of their steel and concrete mortar. The stability of the structure during ground movements is associated with the strength of the metal fastening, as well as the correct waterproofing.

Please note, that if you decide to make a cellar from concrete rings 2 meters in diameter, then the design option is not important, because the probability that at the depth of the room there may be significant soil displacement, negligible.

Advantages of structural elements

Concrete rings have a number of excellent characteristics that make it possible to confidently use them as elements that can be used to build a storage facility.

The main advantages are as follows:

  • Making a cellar from concrete rings - technology, features + Video High level of strength, which allows you to perceive the pressure of the soil, prevent soil shifts in seasonal time, resist the aquifers that are located nearby.
  • Long service life, which is more than 3 decades, and this is quite enough for a pre-fabricated and inexpensive building in the country.
  • Resistant to large temperature fluctuations, which allows the product to withstand an almost unlimited number of defrost and freeze cycles.

    If you make a high-quality waterproofing, then you can not worry about the safety of conservation and products, regardless of how deep the soil freezes and how deep the cellar is placed underground.

  • Resistance to aggressive environments, chemically active liquids, which prevents the ingress of toxic chemicals that are used in the treatment of plantings in the garden and protection from pests. Chemicals carried away by rainwater after fertilizing the soil and spraying will not be able to enter the interior, which provides reliable product isolation.

Important! The number of advantages allows summer residents to confidently opt for products from well rings, which have been able to establish themselves as a reliable product for building a cellar.

Disadvantages of the product

Like any structural element, well concrete rings, along with a number of advantages, have some disadvantages.

These include:

  • Large weight of products, which is more than 1 ton for some versions, and this creates a number of problems that are associated with transportation and installation work, and also entails are additional costs.
  • The likelihood of cracking, which is associated with the fragility of the product when applied large point products.
  • The need for thermal insulation, as well as installation of waterproofing protection.

It is interesting that despite a number of shortcomings, structures made of concrete rings in the present conditions were able to prove themselves for use as a frame for a reliable and convenient storage of the pre-fabricated variety.

Construction process


When planning the execution of work, special attention should be paid to the following important points:

  1. The dimensions of a storage facility based on reinforced concrete products should provide you with the ability to store the crop being grown on your land and the conservation that will be made from it.

  2. Choose a place convenient on the site that will make it possible to use the structure with comfort.
  3. Give preference to locations on a hill to protect the premises from rain and melt water.
  4. Determine the level of layers with water, which will affect the ingress of moisture into the room.
  5. If the groundwater is on the surface, you should arrange the drainage system.

Now let's look at what kinds of storage there are.

Variety of storage

When using standard purchased products, you can build a cellar from concrete rings in the following variations:

  • In the form of a group of rings for a well arranged horizontally, which will form a ground not deepened cellar in the assembly. This option is ideal if your site has a high groundwater table.
  • Vertical type, when one or more rings of reinforced concrete will be immersed in a cylindrical pit that corresponds to the size of the products.

Each of the options has certain features that should be considered in more detail.

Not in-depth version

If you prefer a horizontal structure, then you should carry out construction work in the following sequence:

  • Making a cellar from concrete rings - technology, features + Video It is necessary to dig a pit in the soil, while at the same time deepen 50 cm from the zero mark at a minimum.

  • Thoroughly compact the soil on an area that will be 40 cm larger than the size of the future structure on each side.
  • We fill in three layers, each of which should be 5 cm, gravel, and after that each tier is gradually compacted.
  • We fill the base with a layer of sand 10 cm, the surface is tamped.
  • Next, it remains to lay a plastic wrap, which will act as waterproofing.
  • We assemble wooden formwork.

  • We install a steel frame made of reinforcement with diameters of 1.2 cm and a side size of square cells of 0.2 meters.
  • Now pour the base cushion using concrete mortar to a thickness of 10 cm.
  • Using a template made of metal or wood, form a landing area on the hardened concrete that will correspond to the radius of the element's shape.

  • Allow time for the concrete to harden.
  • Roll the elements onto the base.
  • Now you need to lay the back element using brickwork, while they should be set to 1.5 thicknesses. As the last element, a product with a bottom should be used.

  • Install an exhaust pipe during laying.
  • Connect the structural elements with steel staples.
  • Seal joints with cement mortar.
  • Fill the vault with soil.
  • Arrange the entrance by installing doors and laying out the last gaps using rubble stone or standard bricks.

  • Insulate the outside wall from the inside.

These stages of work are not difficult for the construction of a cellar from reinforced concrete rings.

Arrangements of vertical cellars

Execution of works on the construction of a storage of a vertical type will not be something complicated. Such a process will be easier than arranging a standard cellar, where it becomes necessary to strengthen the floor, create complex waterproofing and build walls. Performing a common complex from and to is possible even for one person, but if you have assistants, then the work will be completed even faster.

To be able to store a small crop, you can install one well ring made of reinforced concrete. The use of 2 or more elements will significantly expand the possibilities for storage, i.e. increase the capacity. It is not difficult to buy products that are used for wells, sewer systems or septic tanks, since they are widespread in the construction market.

When performing work on creating a cellar from concrete rings, observe the following sequence of all stages:

  • First, dig a cavity of the required size in the ground, while you should focus on the diameter of the element, as well as on its height. The size of the pit should make it possible to lower the reinforced concrete ring without significant effort.
  • Pour a mixture of crushed stone and sand into the pit, and then tamp it thoroughly to form a base.
  • Pour the entire surface with concrete mortar or make a screed based on a sand-cement composition.
  • Using a special hoist, lower the concrete rings to the very bottom of the dug hole.

    Care should be taken when performing work, as there is a high probability that the products may crack if handled carelessly.

You can try to lower the elements without the use of specialized lifting equipment, and simply undermine them around the perimeter - then the rings will gradually begin to go down.


At the time when you are building a cellar, you should be serious about making high-quality waterproofing. Use special compounds with which it will be possible to cover the entire surface of the concrete, which will prevent groundwater from getting inside.Since the cellar has butt joints, you will not get off with simple waterproofing, and you will need a special one.

Processing is carried out both from the outside and from the inside, while it is better to use liquid glass and roofing material for the outside, and special mastic for the inside.

Please note that after the isolation measures are completed, the gaps should be concreted with mortar. Fill the gap around the entire perimeter of the structure with soil and then compact it. Next, you can start to equip the internal space.

Interior improvement

It is possible to arrange the space inside the cellar made of concrete rings taking into account all the wishes of the owner.

It is important that the entire volume is used rationally, and comfortable radius-shaped shelves are placed around the perimeter.

Important! The minimum volume will be occupied by the extension ladder, as well as attached to the surface and removable. The main thing is that you succeed in providing secure conditions for accessing the storage.

Next, the top cover should be sealed to the maximum. Use materials for thermal insulation of the finish, and then you can install a hydro-barrier.

Use strong wood, which will be upholstered on top with sheets of roofing material. This will be able to create a comfortable temperature in the room, and will also prevent the ingress of cold air. The presence of a special pipe that carries out the flow of air helps to ensure excellent ventilation, and this makes it possible to store the harvested and harvested products all year round. In a room that is well ventilated and ventilated, there will be no problem with condensation on the surface of the lid. Reliable protection from precipitation can be provided by creating a gable roof, which will be located on top of the cellar.

The relevance of creating a storage

A concrete ring cellar is a proven choice for owners of summer cottages and private houses, if it is not possible to build or use a built-in cellar inside the building. It is required for such owners:

  • Those who permanently reside in a private house and do not have built-in storage in the house. Also, the design of the premises that is available does not always make it possible to equip a reliable storage facility, taking into account building codes that require compliance with the required waterproofing, as well as thermal insulation.
  • Owners of small summer cottages that grow fruits and vegetables, and do not need a huge stationary cellar. Compliance with all the tips for organizing the storage makes it possible to ensure the optimal temperature regime inside the cellar within +4 all year round.

    . + 5 degrees Celsius.

Concrete storage, which can be quickly built, is a great alternative to the capital premises that are located inside the house.


The cellar, made of well rings, is a proven and simple structure, the construction of which does not require special construction qualifications, equipment, tools. Even with the seemingly small size of the structure, the storage makes it possible to ensure the safety of the crop, subject to the construction technology provided in this article.