Making a wardrobe with your own hands. The choice of design, content. Door installation

Making a wardrobe with your own hands. The choice of design, content. Door installation When arranging a dwelling, it is extremely important to carefully consider where the storage will be located.

This is especially important in small apartments where it is not possible to place several dressers and multiple shelves. Here, a good solution would be to install a wardrobe, which will help save space. Since modern furniture is not cheap, we will tell you how to make a do-it-yourself wardrobe design.

First of all, let's take a look at what types of compartment-type cabinets exist in general.


All sliding-type wardrobes are divided into categories:

By construction there are built-in and case.

Hulls are represented by a separate body, and recessed ones are a one-piece structure between the ceiling and walls.

By shape:

  • Straight rectangular cabinets;
  • Corner L-shaped, installed at the junction of 2 walls ;
  • Rectangular, connecting two walls in a diagonal plane;
  • Trapezoidal and radius.


A distinctive feature of such a cabinet is the presence of sliding doors. Thanks to such a system, space is saved, which is usually occupied by open partitions. Sliding systems are also about the convenience of storing things, placing internal shelves, hangers, drawers, which you can combine to your liking and not be afraid of breaking something.

Sliding wardrobe is also a stylish element of the interior. It can be made with a bright accent or a merging wall.


There is a certain advantage in making a sliding wardrobe on your own - you can create a wardrobe that is unique in design and fits your interior ...

There can be a flight of fantasy here. You can remove or add decorative elements, change the look of the model to your liking.

By tradition, the entrance hall is considered the favorite place of the wardrobe. In order to save space, it is usually installed in a niche from floor to ceiling. This is, as a rule, a two-leaf or three-leaf wardrobe with mirrored doors, thanks to which the narrow hallway visually expands.

Also, the interior of such a cabinet presupposes the presence of a large number of shelves and sections for storing a large number of things and objects.

In the modern interior, sliding wardrobes are located in sleeping areas, living rooms and even loggias. Sometimes, a wardrobe can serve as a partition when zoning a room.

Independent device of a compartment cabinet

It is quite within the power of even a professional to assemble such a cabinet. Just need all the instructions.

Firstly, we determine what size the planned cabinet is, what it will include, where it will be installed.

Measurements are taken

Making a wardrobe with your own hands. The choice of design, content. Door installation The most important production stage is design ... It is important to correctly calculate and make drawings.If the cabinet will be assembled on the floor, then you need to leave a small margin of ten centimeters between the ceiling and the top bar of the frame.

Otherwise, you simply won't be able to install it.

Note: If we take the finished project as a basis, then the height is usually 2400ml, depth - from forty to forty-five centimeters, width - 1600ml.

As a rule, the cabinet niche is rectangular, the opening and the depth of the shelves are about seventy centimeters. If the shelves are more than 70 cm deep, then it will be difficult to get things.

Note: Ideal placement of the wardrobe in the height of the ceiling.

Next, you need to determine what size the doors will be. It is necessary to take into account such a moment that the door should not be very heavy and cumbersome. The rails may not support this weight, making movement difficult.

The permissible overlap is no more than seven centimeters. You also need to decide on which system the doors will be hung.

There are three variations:

  • Mounting on the bottom rail, when the doors will move strictly along the guides without touching each other.
  • By monorail. It uses a separate rail for each door and two pairs of wheels. The structure is fixed to the ceiling. However, a bottom rail is also generally required.

  • To the top rail. The weight of the entire canvas will fall on the guide, which is fixed to the ceiling, which naturally makes the entire structure unreliable.

Determining the filling

When choosing the filling of the cabinet, you need to be guided, first of all, by how many things you plan to put in it. To make it more convenient for you with the choice, it is better to sketch a small drawing with several options.

Here you can use the following principle :

  • Outerwear aside;
  • Frequently used small items in the most important place.

    Arrange the valuables in the boxes.

In such a cabinet there are at least 2 compartments - for hangers, drawers, under shelves.

Making a wardrobe with your own hands. The choice of design, content. Door installation Note: The drawer should not be placed above chest level. Since you will have to use them often, and this will be somewhat difficult.

The content depends only on your imagination. It can have multiple shelves, partitions, baskets, drawers, etc.

The most convenient shelf size is from forty to fifty centimeters, and for a niche with a barbell - from sixty to one hundred and twenty in width.

Note: It is not worth the section with a very wide barbell, it is better to make it in two tiers, since the pipe can bend from a large amount of clothing.

The standard shelf height is from thirty to thirty-five centimeters. The compartment for hanging clothes on a hanger in height can be from eighty to one hundred and sixty centimeters, depending on the size of things that will be hung there.

Clothes on the upper shelves

At the very bottom it is better to place closed boxes, since dust from the floor rises even in closed spaces.

For bed linen, leave a couple of shelves higher.

Note: When choosing a cabinet design, consider the style of the room.


If you decide to design a cabinet from natural wood, then please note that it was carefully processed, since during operation cabinet from the emerging difference in humidity levels, door skewing is possible.

Lining, in itself, is a material that does not require processing, then when making doors from lining, the frames should still be made of wood, which, as already mentioned, is highly sensitive to fluctuations in humidity.

A drywall cabinet is not a bad option, but a metal frame device is required for manufacturing.

This is a rather laborious process, but not always justifiable. This material, as you know, is not durable.

Laminate, fiberboard and mdf are considered the best for the manufacture of cabinets. These materials are durable, strong, and also tolerate moisture fluctuations.

Plywood and chipboard cabinets Chipboard differ in price availability, environmental safety, but does not hold fasteners well.

Of course, it can be assembled from scrap materials, which is why costs are minimized, however, for a better result, it is still worth spending once.


The assembly should start from the main box. Holes are made in the base, top and side parts. Then it all comes together. A sheet of fiberboard is nailed to the back side.

The load-bearing elements in this structure are the upper part and the base. It is better to reinforce the connections on the sides with metal corners.

It is necessary to make grooves for the pins in the vertical slats, on which the shelves will then lie inside. This can be done with a drill.

If the floor is not even, then it is better to attach adjustable legs to the base, which will not allow the doors to slide apart spontaneously.

Installation of the sliding system begins with fastening the rails. Then they start hanging the doors, first from the farthest. Rollers are arranged on the upper guide bar, for which the door is raised and the rollers are pushed into the lower guides. Then you need to check the free play, install and adjust the stoppers. The same work is done with other doors.

The door can be equipped with mirrors.


By creating a wardrobe-compartment design with your own hands, you contribute not only to saving the family budget. But you also create a piece of furniture that suits your interior perfectly.

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