Making an orthopedic knee chair

Making an orthopedic knee chair How to make an orthopedic knee chair with your own hands + drawings

You may not know, but knee orthopedic a chair, which is not at all difficult to make with your own hands, helps to evenly distribute the load on the back and observe a beautiful, even posture, however, it is very expensive. But it is not at all necessary to spend time and money to buy such a product.

If you have a drawing of such a chair indicating the exact dimensions of the future design, then you can freely make it yourself.

Distinctive properties of orthopedic chairs

The direct area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of orthopedic products is not just comfort, but a positive effect on the human body and its health in general. Scientists have been working on the design of such an orthopedic chair for several decades.

And only at the end of the last century it turned out that when the seat was placed at an angle of 15 degrees, it was possible to relieve stress from the spinal sections, and also redirect it to the legs.

By using reclining chairs, it is possible to keep the back upright and also to keep the shoulders straight. With such a fit, it is possible to prevent the appearance of such an unpleasant feature of the spine as scoliosis, and also maintain correct posture. But by introducing only an inclined seat, it turned out that it was completely inconvenient to sit on it, since as a result of the action of gravity, the body began to gradually shift downward. I had to change the position of the body very often.

To eliminate this flaw, it was necessary to make minor changes to the design of the orthopedic chair. It was decided to add a special footrest, and when sitting on such a case, the legs in a bent state keep warm, and the knees themselves rest against the support. A little later, they tried to refine and improve the design more than once, presenting consumers with more and more new models of orthopedic chairs.



Today there are such models on sale that are equipped with the following elements:

When choosing a particular model of orthopedic specialized chair, it is important to consider the following:

  • Individual human parameters (weight and height).
  • Recommendations from doctors.
  • Features and personal wishes.


The orthopedic chair has several advantages at the same time:

  • Helps to eliminate the load from the back.
  • There is no pressure on the thoracic region.
  • Maintaining and maintaining correct posture.
  • Blood circulation in the thighs is significantly improved.

It also happens that due to prolonged sitting on a chair, the feet begin to numb, and pain in the knees appears.

You can prevent discomfort by taking short breaks every hour.

Preparation of tools and materials

Orthopedic furniture items are sold in most retail establishments. But its price is sometimes so high that not every person can afford to buy such a chair. You can use alternative suggestions and make an orthopedic chair with your own hands. To begin with, the production does not require interruption and delaying the final, if you prepare all the materials in advance.

It is advisable to have all the tools in the workshop, but it is still worth checking if everything is in stock. To make an orthopedic knee chair with your own hands according to a drawing, you will need to prepare:

  • Plywood sheets.
  • Wooden blocks (it is important to give preference to hard wood species).
  • Upholstery fabric.
  • Soft filler.

It is also required to prepare materials for fastening in advance. The finished product must necessarily look as attractive as possible, and for this it will not be superfluous to prepare in advance a varnish composition with which you can cover all wooden elements. In addition, you also need tools:

  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Pencil for marking.
  • Electric drill.

  • Screwdriver (if it is not possible to purchase one, a screwdriver will do).
  • Grinding machine (the grinding process can also be carried out in manual mode using sandpaper).

Next, let's go directly to the process.

Step-by-step instructions

Making an orthopedic chair with a knee support will not be accompanied by special difficulties. But in order to prevent the appearance of even small errors, it is imperative to perform actions following this instruction:

  1. Making an orthopedic knee chair From in advance prepared bars should be cut into blanks in compliance with the dimensions indicated in the drawing.

  2. Cross bars must be attached to the bottom support, which acts as legs in the structure.
  3. The single strip should be installed on the back of the backrest and then connected to the seat support.
  4. Cut grooves on the plank to adjust the height.
  5. Attach the base to the seat to which the knee rest will be attached so that it protrudes slightly forward.
  6. You also need to install a rear slot jumper.

  7. Using an electric jigsaw, two rectangular shapes should be cut out of plywood (a seat will be made from the first, a footrest from the second).
  8. Cut out a couple of pieces of foam that are important to stick onto the blanks.
  9. In order to give the seat a complete look, it and the footrest should be tightened with upholstery fabric.


Professionals in the manufacture of pieces of furniture recommend gluing all the bonding points in advance, and then fixing them with bolts.

Such simple actions will make it possible to increase the degree of reliability, and will also give the structure additional strength.

It is recommended to additionally tighten the legs of the support using metal corners. When the chair is fully constructed, cover all wood elements with furniture varnish or paint, as shown in the photo. To make a knee chair with your own hands, it will be useful to watch videos, as well as carefully study the drawings with all the dimensions indicated. When assembling the chair, it is important to follow the step-by-step instructions strictly.