Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all

Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all How to make an outdoor shower in the country + photos and videos

During the hot summer season, often during while staying at the summer cottage, you want to freshen up, but situations happen that there is no clean reservoir or hand nearby, and it is very difficult and expensive to equip a full-fledged pool. To find a way out of this situation, you should try to make your own outdoor shower in the country, which will save you in the summer heat and refresh you.

It is especially pleasant to take it after a hard day of work is over. The shower helps to relieve stress, refreshes, invigorates you, and also calms and distracts from negative thoughts.

General information

In addition, such a structure helps to perform another practical and no less important function - maintaining normal health.

We advise you to rinse from time to time to remove summer dust from your skin, which may contain microscopic particles of fertilizers. Doctors have noticed that those people who neglect taking a summer shower, and also like to postpone hygiene procedures until taking a full bath, in the future, more often than others seek help from doctors with problems such as skin diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But what if there is no shower at the dacha? If you do not want to splash in a basin or trough, then you should equip a comfortable shower in the field, and at the same time use ready-made photos and drawings, as well as study the description step by step.

Choice of location and materials - the most important parameters

Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all Let's designate right away that such a structure has many options for construction, a technique from both the aesthetic and technical sides. But the general details will be the same for any option, namely that we are talking about the tank, frame, fence, pallet.

But there are no assembly options available. The most affordable and simple option would be to take a bucket, make many small holes in it and hang it in a place that is convenient for you. The main advantage of the device will be that it is absolutely accessible, but sometimes 10 liters may not be enough in order to properly wash. In addition, such a device is generally unsightly from the aesthetic point of view. But another advantage of the option is that you do not need to build something.

If simple ways to solve the problem are not for you, then an outdoor shower can be made from a metal profile, wood and different plastics. The choice of material will depend on which tool you plan to use. If you don't have a welding machine and a grinder at your disposal, then the structure will have to be made on planed bars. As a material for finishing, you can take boards, plastic lining, or fix a waterproof film on the racks.

Note, that each option has its own subtleties.

For example, when assembling a summer shower from wood, you can use a huge number of design methods, but metal and plastic structures do not need special processing.

A very important point is the beginning of the assembly, since it should be calculated how often the shower will be used and how many people. Based on such data, the volume of the tank should be calculated, as well as the presence of a specialized drain should be determined. The comfort of using a shower stall can be different. If possible, the shower room should be equipped with a changing room in the country.

In this case, you will not have such unpleasant moments as accidentally wet clothes. But the highest degree of comfort will be a structure that contains a toilet, dressing room and shower. Naturally, to create such a comfortable structure, you will definitely need money, as well as a lot of time and effort for construction. If you paint the water tank black, the water will warm up much faster.

When choosing a shower location, you should try to choose a sunny area, and trees and buildings should be as far away as possible.

This is extremely important, since there is only one source of heating water in the country, and this is sunlight. Another point is that the shower should not be mounted on noticeably lower ground, as this will impede the flow of water. It is important to pay special attention to the drain itself.

What is important to consider

To make an outdoor shower in the country like in the video, you should consider the frequency of use. If the shower will be used infrequently, and you will use a small amount of water, then even a small layer of drainage under the tray is sufficient.

And if the shower will be used by a family of several people, and the use is frequent, then it will be necessary to equip a septic tank. It must be located 2-3 meters from the structure, and this is done so that an unpleasant aroma does not get into the shower from it. Plants that love moisture can be planted close to the summer shower to decorate the space and provide a natural drainage system. After you choose a place and decide on the type of construction, as well as the material of manufacture, you can start building the structure. To do this, we propose to study at once the 5 simplest options that will help you make a shower stall in the country yourself.

Overview of options

DIY wood shower enclosure

Before you start the construction of a summer shower on an area with a country house, you should prepare all the required materials, as well as tools for carrying out the work.

To create an outdoor shower, the following components may be required:

  • Lumber.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Rubber hose.
  • A set for a shower enclosure, in which there will be a bent pipe, bracket, adapter, nozzle and mixer.

Next, we will consider in detail all the stages of a garden summer shower:

  1. Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all Dig a hole for a shower, and its depth should be 0.4 meters and a size of 1 * 1 meter, and add a layer of rubble to the bottom of the hole, which will help the soil to quickly absorb soapy water. Next, after that, the cinder blocks should be laid in the corners, and it is imperative that they be level.
  2. When the first step has been completed, you can start making the frame. To do this, you need boards, the width of which is 15 cm and the thickness of 3 cm.

    A base should be made of them, and its size will also be 1 * 1 meter, and to it attach 4 beams, the cross section of which is 7 * 10 cm. Using two transverse jumpers and two side ones, insert everything into the grooves, and then bandage the frame. They will also play the role of reinforcing the roof, where a 100 liter tank will be installed.

  3. Frame sheathing. To accomplish the task, it is allowed to use a fake timber, lining or blockhouse.

    The gaps between the grooves should be 0.2-0. 3 cm. This is required so that the lumber can expand easily when it gets wet. It is a great idea to use a shower sheathing material that mimics logs.

  4. Next comes the finishing phase. Before painting, the wood should be primed, and for this, bioprotective impregnation against fungal diseases is perfect, and after it dries, the surface can be painted with 3 layers of facade acrylic varnishes (it is interesting that such varnishes can be diluted).
  5. Then all that remains is to hang the tank, the minimum allowable volume is 100 liters, the curtain, and also install the shelves for accessories and attach the hooks.

In order to make an outdoor shower in the country with your own hands, you will need to spend 1-2 days. But such a booth will delight you throughout the summer.

Country polycarbonate shower

If we talk about polycarbonate, then for some reason a greenhouse immediately comes to mind. Most people began to wonder how to use such a shower stall, because it is transparent. It's simple - there is a special material for the shower that will hide everything. An outdoor shower made of polycarbonate and on a metal profile will be more durable than a wooden version, while not so difficult to clean. This may require a profile pipe with a cross-section of 2 * 4 cm and a wall thickness of 0.

2 cm, as well as steel corners 5 * 5 cm.The number of profiles will be determined based on the dimensions of the shower - length and width by 1 meter, and height 2. 1 meter.

The dimensions of the shower room are not critical, because the length and width for the most part depend on the size of the tank. The posts must be 10 cm larger than the height of the frame, and this is required for concreting.

For convenience, the sidewalls are best assembled on an asphalt or concrete area, and welder magnets should be used to fix the profiles.

Let's consider step-by-step instructions on how to make a shower from a profile pipe and polycarbonate:

  1. Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all On the site, two racks and two crossbars should be laid in pairs, and then welded together overlapping.
  2. After installing the side frames vertically, two cross sections should be tacked to them by welding, and the corners should be checked and all joints should be fixed with a working seam.
  3. As soon as the concrete screed for the booth is poured, the finished frame can be placed on it so that the legs from the posts can sink into the concrete. It remains to check the installation for verticality (if necessary, adjust the depth of immersion in the tie rod).

  4. All that remains is to weld the door frame and attach the hinges to it. The final touch is cutting of cellular polycarbonate and its installation with self-tapping screws on the frame. To collect water, you can use a steel pallet or make a special channel for water drain during concreting.
  5. Flat plastic tanks are best used as water tanks. They are much more convenient for installation and will play the role of a roof, since they completely cover the booth.

A polycarbonate outdoor shower can look quite attractive due to its color scheme. Naturally, you should not put such a design at the forefront, and the owners and guests will be pleased to use such a shower. What's more, polycarbonate doesn't require much maintenance.

Shower for a dacha made of bricks

Creating a structure from bricks is not difficult, but a foundation is required. To do this, you must first dig a trench around the entire perimeter of the future structure with a depth of 0.

4 meters and a width of 0.2 meters. Pour broken brick into the recess and fill it with liquid concrete so that it seeps between it. A week after the concrete has set, you can start laying bricks on the cement mortar. Also, do not forget to install a door frame.

The door itself can be made of wood, or welded from a frame profile and a sheet of corrugated board sewn into it. When the last layer of brick is laid, transverse wooden bars should be embedded in the masonry, preferably not as thick as a brick. Attach the tank to them and lay the roof.

Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all For the manufacture of a roof, a rigid material is required, and for this use slate or corrugated board. After the roofing material is fixed, a hole must be drilled in it in the middle of the roof.

Next, install the tank so that the feed tube fits into the hole made. You need to screw a watering can and a tap on it. How to make an outdoor shower in the country, and how much tank to choose? The optimal tank size for such a shower is 200 liters, and a galvanized or plastic tank can be purchased at the store. As a tank, you can use any container that has a neck for pouring water.

To make a brick heated shower, a 2 kW heating element should be installed in a metal tank.

Paint the container on top black. Such paint will strongly attract the sun's rays, which will allow the water to heat up faster. If you also install wood-burning titanium in the booth, then in addition to heating the water, you can also heat the booth itself. In this case, you need to install another tank, but with cold water.

There are two ways to create drainage and shower floor in the country:

  1. Dig a hole that will be similar in size to the booth and with a depth of 0.

    3 meters , and then fill with rubble on top of which, install a lattice wooden pallet. This kind of drainage will do just fine with a small amount of water.

  2. If you want to build a heated shower for a summer cottage, and many people will use it, then you should make a drain. To do this, lay a sewer pipe with a diameter of 5 cm from the forged pit to the drainage well. We fill the hole with rubble and fill it with concrete so that the drain is flush with the floor.

    A wooden pallet can be installed on top of the concrete.

A brick-type summer shower is not built for one season, but for many years, so it would be wise to equip it with heating.

Outside shower made of corrugated board

A successful solution is the construction of a shower in the country from corrugated board. This material is distinguished by the fact that it is lightweight, strong and durable. For sheathing with such material, you can use both a metal and a wooden frame, but it must have additional crossbeams of the transverse type.

The additional emphasis will not interfere due to the fact that such material is soft enough. For a metal profile, you can build a frame according to the options listed above.

Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all It is best to weld the door frame from a metal profile. Attach the profile to the galvanized self-tapping screws with sealing washers in one wave. To begin with, attach the sheets of corrugated board to the side walls, and then to the door.

If you need to cut the material, then use scissors or a special disc with teeth for the grinder, and this is done so that the special polymer coating of the material does not burn out during cutting. The frame of such a shower is made of metal pipes. The wall cladding is made of brown profiled sheet. The roof is also made of corrugated board, and the hole between the wall and the roof will allow light to enter the room with a shower.

A simple option for building a summer shower

Often, many people think about how to make an outdoor shower, and at the same time spend as little money as possible.

This type of shower is capable of providing 1-2 people and at the same time makes it possible to save as much as possible. The simplest design of a shower will be installation near a blank wall of the main building. In such a wall, you should attach a water container with a shower head, which will be attached.

A wooden pallet will be used as a floor for such a shower, or a platform will be concreted and covered with a rubber mat. The walls are cellophane curtains or tarps that are wrapped around a wooden frame.

All available tools can be used as shelves for gel and shampoo. For this, you can even use plastic bottles that are cut in half and nailed to the wall. the bottom of the bottle can be a great shampoo stand, and the top for a washcloth and soap, which will allow water to drain without obstruction and not stagnate. From the aesthetic point of view, such a structure will lose a lot, but still it has a right to exist.

Ideas for organizing a shower at a summer cottage

Making an outdoor shower in the country is not difficult at all So, how to make an outdoor shower in the country? A fairly inexpensive and simple shower for a summer cottage is a frame that is made of wooden bars, sheathed with a planed board.

If you have a grinder and welding, then you can make a wonderful summer shower from a metal profile with your own hands and cover the walls with a tarpaulin fabric. In the absence of a welding machine, you can assemble the frame for threaded connections, as well as reinforce the corners with steel gusset plates. The sides can be covered with a film screen, which is put on the cord and rings.

The shower room frame does not need to be built if you attach it to the wall of the house. To do this, you need to lining with a waterproof material and bring the mixer and hose to the surface.

Cover the floor with large pebbles, and so you will make the simplest drainage for a cozy and bright corner in which you can take water treatments after work. If you don't like a wall-to-wall open shower, you can put a light screen against the wall. When considering all options for a summer shower, it should be noted that it can be made not only from purchased, but also inexpensive materials.

Look at the photo. The frame of the structure is made of wooden blocks, and the fence is woven from willow vines, which can be found in abundance near the summer cottage.

Also, a shower can be made of a metal corrugated sheet that is bent in a semicircle. For this option, you do not need to install a tank for heating the water, but you just need to connect to the water supply.

Now you know enough about how to make your own shower. If you are sure of the need for construction, then go for it and remember that the best will come out after preliminary calculations.