Manufacturing Features - Pros and Cons + Video

Manufacturing Features - Pros and Cons + Video When creating any type of cabinet furniture, stylistic elements and finishing material of the front part are of primary importance. Currently, a huge variety of materials and technologies are used in furniture production. Among this set, the main place belongs to the frame mdf, from which products are made that meet all the requirements of consumers.

Frame facades made of MDF are a prefabricated structure consisting of a frame and a shield.

General information

Scope and characteristics

Now, as mentioned earlier, mdf is considered a common material in the manufacture of furniture.

Thanks to modern processing, including lamination, they make it even more popular.

Frame profiles are used in the manufacture of any cabinet furniture, but are most often used in the creation of kitchen cabinets. They are used to create the facade of a drawer or swing door in kitchen sets, as well as in narrow cabinets, as a fixed decorative element of various furniture.

Mdf has the following characteristics:

  • resistance to dirt and scratches;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • easy to maintain;
  • repels moisture;
  • shock-resistant;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • resistant to chemicals.

Facade structure

The main element in a frame profile is a frame made of a profile.

Blanks for the frame are cut from mdf boards, then milled and given the desired look. The surface can be smooth or embossed. On the inside of the profiles, a groove is made into which the facade filling is inserted. The facade can be laminated with pvc films, finished with veneer or painted.

Frames are trimmed at a forty-five degree angle and grooved for fastening.

Additional brackets are installed at the connection points.

The material already planned by design is inserted into the grooves of the finished frames. It can be mdf, glass, mirror, plastic, etc.

Pros and cons of such facades

The advantages include:

  • are made using simple technologies;
  • are relatively inexpensive;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • the ability to combine various materials, colors and textures;
  • these fronts can be used in a variety of furniture;
  • the structure has a small weight;
  • can be made in non-standard sizes.

With a large number of advantages, unfortunately, there are also disadvantages.

This is most likely in relation to kitchen furniture, which is always subject to increased requirements due to the peculiarities of its use.Such furniture should be resistant to high humidity, high temperatures, not lose its appearance when it comes into contact with acids and fats, have increased wear resistance, and not deteriorate when washed with cleaning agents.

Important: The reliability of specific furniture will depend on the quality of the profile coating and facade filling.

Manufacturing Features - Pros and Cons + Video Probably one of the most reliable options would be to use a painted facade. But, any prints are very clearly visible on the laminated surface.

Therefore, these surfaces require regular maintenance.

One of the commonly used finishing methods is lamination with pvc films, but they have the peculiarity of peeling from the frame, since it does not have good resistance to high temperatures and hot vapors.

Note: Natural veneer is also not a guarantee of the durability of your kitchen profile, since it has a weakness for moisture.

A common problem with all frame facades is the seam joints, which are very vulnerable to moisture, especially if the fastenings are weak. With regular contact with moisture, the frame deforms.

Features of the production of a frame facade from MDF

Assembly steps:

  • markings on the profile;
  • cutting according to the marked dimensions;
  • milling the mounting grooves for the dowel;
  • assemble the corner joints by direct gluing, install the dowel;
  • mount the insert - filling.

To connect frame profiles, it is required to cut it at an angle of forty-five degrees, and also their joining must be of high quality and not have visible gaps.

You can cut a profile using the following methods:

  • Manual using a miter box. It is the most optimal option for domestic use;
  • Electric end plate cutting;
  • Using a sawmill.

With high-quality execution of any of the above methods, it is possible to provide a high-precision connection.

Cutting on the miter box is done as follows:

  • The profile is placed tightly in the miter box;
  • Using a hacksaw, sawing is performed;
  • After the cut is cleaned with sandpaper.

Note: To cut a profile, it is better to take a metal miter box. The wooden and plastic version will not work, since during long-term use such tools are not able to create the positioning accuracy of the hacksaw, and therefore an even cut.

The simplest method is cutting with a miter saw.

Here the sequence is as follows:

  • The profile sheet is placed tightly against the boundary element;
  • The cutting disc is lowered to the profile and here they determine the correct installation of the workpiece and its size;
  • Then they turn on the saw and the cutting disc is cutting;

The advantage of this method is that the lowering of the disc occurs strictly under the desired corner without any deviations on the sides.

This will ensure the accuracy of the cut, and the frame will not have gaps.

The latter is used if it is possible to use the sawmill, but there is no miter saw. Then the profile is fixed at an angle of forty-five degrees relative to the disk and sawing is done.

After the cutting of all the elements is finished, you can start gluing.

The assembly will consist of the following stages:

  • Manufacturing Features - Pros and Cons + Video Blank placed in a milling machine;
  • Grooves are cut with a curly cutter;
  • Then a quick-acting adhesive is applied to the ends and the elements are quickly joined;
  • The grooves are placed in the grooves and hammered with a hammer ;
  • Excess glue is wiped off;
  • Then the inside of the frame is coated with glue and the insert is placed.

After everything dries well, the product is considered ready for use.


Even in spite of the presence of shortcomings, frame facades from mdf are currently considered the most demanded. And the main advantage here is their availability and a large selection. With the help of this technology, you can create the most unique and exclusive furniture in various styles from ctext_links to hi-tech.