Market "Dmitrovsky Dvor"

Market Construction market "Dmitrovsky dvorik"

For more than twenty years the construction market "Dmitrovsky dvorik" enables customers to purchase high quality products at low cost. During all this time, the market has never lost its high reputation.

Having a very large area and a fairly convenient location, the market began to occupy the first positions among the largest centers that are able to provide customers with an incredibly large assortment of all kinds of building materials.

What materials can be purchased on the construction market

The main advantage of such a market as Dmitrovsky is the ideal quality of products, and all thanks to the cooperation of trusted suppliers. For this reason, shoppers come to the place to purchase retail and wholesale.

Most people know that only there you can buy everything you need for the construction of country houses, gazebos and outbuildings.

The area of ​​the Dmitrovsky construction market can occupy more than 2 hectares, and there are more than six hundred retail outlets on the territory. In this building materials market, you can find the following:

  • Safes, locks and keys of various sizes and types.
  • Generators.
  • Market Window frames and doors.

  • Tiles and wallpapers.
  • Floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, parquet, tiles).
  • Plumbing equipment.
  • Cement and dry mixes.
  • Lumber and bricks.

  • Interior items.
  • All kinds of insulation for houses and apartments.
  • Electrical engineering and lighting equipment.
  • And much more.

There is trade all year round thanks to the huge area, and buyers will not crowd to buy this product.

All outlets are located very conveniently for reviewing the product as a whole, and competent craftsmen and specialists will answer all questions from the client and even help you choose the desired product and save on purchases.

Most sellers work directly with suppliers - this will give the advantage of selling goods at a relatively low cost. The best and proven product quality, excellent turnover - all this guarantees the presence of a large number of regular customers. From simple nails to designer wallpapers and even branded original equipment can be found here. At the construction market "Dmitrovsky Dvor" not just private repairmen make purchases, there are also famous construction crews and rather large enterprises among regular buyers.


Additional amenities

The market administration takes care of its tenants. Each point for trade is heated, the lighting is perfectly adjusted, and all pavilions take up a huge area. Security officers are constantly guarding goods 24/7 and trying to prevent theft.

When choosing products from an incredibly large assortment, every customer may feel tired and want to relax. At the service of each client, on the territory of the construction market "yard" there is a cafe where customers can relax and put their thoughts in order, make the necessary phone calls, as well as consult with relatives on the choice of this or that material.

Moreover, next to the market, within walking distance there is a guarded free parking.

If the buyer finds it difficult to carry the goods to the parking lot on his own, the delivery service workers will certainly help him and even take everything that you bought to his home. Excellent service, a huge selection of various construction products from the best foreign and domestic suppliers will guarantee a constant flow of customers not only from Moscow residents, but also from nearby settlements. But sellers are always glad to customers and are ready to offer you whatever your heart desires!

Market location

  • Market The wholesale market on the Dmitrovskoye highway is located close enough to major highways, so car owners will have no difficulty finding a convenient way to get there. The address is as follows: Moscow, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 110.

  • Operating mode - from Mon to Sat, from 9:00 to 19:00, on Sun from 9:00 to 18:00. If you if you prefer to get to the market by metro, then you need to get to Altufyevo station, or to Petrovsko-Razumovskaya.
  • Buses run regularly from the stations, or a route taxi to such a stop as DSK-1. Market "Dmitrovsky Dvor" is located on Dmitrovskoe highway, within walking distance from the bus stop.

The market place is presented near Dmitrovskoe highway.

By the way, retail outlets have moved, and the most popular stores have chosen one place - the shopping center of finishing and building materials "StroyDecor". It is located just 50 meters from Dmitrovskoe shosse, near the metro station (Dmitrovskoe shosse, 24).

Another part of the sellers left the Moscow Ring Road and settled in the shopping center "Bukhta". Naturally, getting to such points is not very convenient, but those who are ready to spend time and effort to overcome the incredible Moscow traffic, ways to study the offered assortment. The rest of the buyers are strongly recommended to opt for the more conveniently located building center "StroyDecor".


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