Materials for making + Photo and Video

Materials for making + Photo and Video In the modern world there are a huge number of styles and interior solutions, including stairs. Nowadays, a cantilever ladder is a very common type. This is largely due to its showiness and the feeling that its steps are hanging in the air. However, its weightlessness is only the first impression; in fact, this structure is solid and very reliable.

Features of the cantilever design.

The main difference between the cantilever ladder is the attachment of the elements. Such steps have no visible support, they are open on all sides.

This floating feeling is achieved due to the fact that the steps are fixed on one side only to the support located in the wall. Railings are replaced with wall railings. Light is distributed unhindered, since there are no risers and the treads remain uncluttered.


Note: For safe use, steps can be reinforced without disturbing the overall design concept using metal cables or rods attached to the edge of the steps and the ceiling. So, the ladder seems to be suspended.

The following advantages of such constructions can be distinguished:

  • Materials for making + Photo and Video Lightness and compactness;
  • Spectacular appearance;
  • Saving costs on building materials;
  • Saves usable floor space and total space, which is especially appreciated for small rooms.

However, there are some drawbacks here. Due to the fact that there are no fences on it, it is not safe for movement, especially if there are children in the house.

Also, design, calculation part, as well as installation work is not very simple.

The wall to which the ladder will be attached must have a bearing capacity, preferably with a margin. Here you need to take into account the mass of the steps themselves. For example, steps made of wood or glass will not need additional wall reinforcement, but cast concrete steps will require a fairly reliable support.

Important: Even at the design stage, take into account the fact that the tread must withstand a load of 150 kg.


The following materials can be used to create an air structure:

  • Metallic elements as metal steps are rare;
  • Wood is a favorite in stairs;
  • Plastic treads;
  • Concrete. This material is also used, but it is very heavy for this option, requiring reinforcement of every part.

Attaching the ladder to the wall

As already mentioned, the cantilever ladder does not have a support as such, instead there are the following methods of their construction:

  • Materials for making + Photo and Video Built-in niche.In the depth of the wall by 20-40 cm, depending on the material of the wall and the width of the cantilever march, steps are cut in;
  • The steps are attached to a stringer - a complex welded structure. This is a replacement for wall fixing when the wall has a low load-bearing capacity.

    This frame is located as close to the wall as possible and is made as less visible as possible. ;

  • On the bolts. The free part of the treads, with the transfer of the load to the next element, before fixing to the floor or ceiling;
  • On a cable. This is an additional support that replaces the handrails. Here, the entire load from the free side of the step is transferred to the ceiling slab;
  • The fixation to the profile is similar to a stringer.

    It is considered the most reliable way, where the steps are fastened to the profile, after which they are sheathed with plasterboard.

If you are still at the stage of construction of a brick or block house, then it is better to perform the device of the treads at this very moment.

Important: The distance between the steps must be one quarter of the length of the step itself.

When installing steps using a cantilever support bracket, a cantilever support in the form of a 1 m pipe is mounted into the wall. The depth is taken from 25 to 30 cm.

In this method, it is allowed to use solid wood and chipboards, since the tread here does not play the role of a bearing part and the bracket receives the entire load.

The method of fastening with anchors is used on an already erected wall and when it is impossible to use a ready-made structure using fasteners. Of course, the main indicator here is the material.

Important: A block or brick wall on anchors is not able to withstand heavy weight.

However, even if the wall is not strong, there is a way.

To prevent the anchor from pulling out, it will be necessary to expand the support. For this, a welded metal cantilever support with a platform is used.

Ceiling fixing is also considered an excellent alternative for low wall strength. It is better to fix the steps before finishing. The method consists in using a heavy-duty metal frame made from a professional pipe or channel.

Attachments can be made both to the ceiling and to the floor.

A step bracket is welded to this post. The finished structure is finished with plasterboard or laid out using light blocks.

The fixation of the bowstring is considered a difficult and requiring a professional approach. It consists in screwing the bracket to the bowstring, which is fixed on the ceiling with an impressive support or anchor.

Important: This device must be equipped with welded trusses with perpendicular and diagonal stiffeners. This intricate structure is necessary to prevent the bowstring from rolling under heavy loads.

Permitted errors

Since the construction of a cantilever staircase is quite complex, designers can make mistakes such as:

  • Wrong mounting method. Do not fix with anchors on a weak wall;
  • Insecure fixing with brackets to the wall surface. For example, steel anchors of unsuitable diameter or plastic dowels were used.

    Which will cause loosening of the treads;

  • Unsuitable material for the handrail. It is not recommended to use metal (forged, cast) elements for the fence because they will exert great pressure on the entire device;
  • The structure is not sufficiently deepened in the niche.

In case of non-execution of the technological process, such a structure becomes unsafe for use.

Ready-made cantilever ladders are rare. Usually, such a staircase is made to order according to clear calculations and dimensions.

The cantilever ladder is a non-standard piece.