Metal garden swing drawings

Metal garden swing drawings Garden swing made of metal - drawings with dimensions

Garden swing , in order to relax in the summer in the country, you can do it yourself, and you just need to choose a suitable drawing. You can use a garden swing made of metal or other materials, and also choose a model to your liking.

Garden swing made of metal. Structures made of profiled pipes, bent sheet iron, forging are strong and reliable, with a long service life. You can make a swing with your own hands, even from recycled materials.

Garden swing made of metal

Here is a list of the main materials that are used for the support and support bar:

  • Aluminum profile ...
  • Cut sheet metal.
  • Pipes with different cross-sections.

  • Steel beams.
  • Metal profiles.

Bench seats are usually made of wood because metal can be heated by the sun's heat. There are several main varieties:

  • Children.
  • Spring suspension models.

  • Portable pendant models.
  • Swing bench for several people.

When the type of construction is selected, you can go to the search for ready-made drawings of rocking chairs in the garden, or draw a diagram with your own hands. Children's models are suitable for the case when the structure is planned to be made from auxiliary materials that are on the farm. There are 3 types of leisure products, and their shape strongly resembles the letters P, L and A.

Such a construct can be called optimal in terms of reliable stability. The main advantages of metal structures are:

  • Strength and reliability.
  • Long operational life.
  • Practical because they are easy to care for.
  • Resistant to temperature changes, as well as ultraviolet radiation.

  • Excellent wind resistance.
  • Fits well with the landscape design.

Metal needs to be combined with wood or plastic.

Swing with a bench for several people

This type of swing chair for the whole family fits into the layout of the summer cottage in an original way. They are serially produced in a huge assortment, and stationary or portable structures are equipped with a canopy (awning), or make a rigid shelter from polycarbonate, wood.

A swing equipped with a roof is more profitable, and metal elements do not heat up in the sun and there is protection from rain. Additionally, it is required to arrange mosquito nets. Swing with a bench, which is designed for a couple of people, are typical models for garden areas. Let's consider the main structural elements.

Structures with A-shaped supports Completion

Seat or bench

  1. 4 main support bars for the seat (transverse and longitudinal).

  2. 2 backrests.
  3. 2 armrests and supports for it.
  4. Additional seat reinforcements.
  5. Wood planks for seating and bench backs.

Frame structure

  1. 2 uprights (angled legs).

  2. 2 spacers (top and bottom).
  3. Crossbeam (crossbar).

Dimensions must be calculated based on the model. There are a couple of types of parts joining. The welded type will be preferable, because the screw fastening is influenced by the vibration effect when swinging unwinding.

It is also required to tighten the nuts and bolts from time to time. According to the drawing of a metal garden swing, you need to drill a hole in the crossbar with your own hands, insert a bolt into it, in which an eye nut will be attached. The bench is suspended by means of a connecting ring, and the connection is lubricated from time to time so that there is no damage to the mechanism, as well as squeak.

The construction of an iron swing begins with the installation of the frame, and for portable structures it will be correct to make a connecting frame from a metal profile along the lower frame perimeter. Stationary - it is required to dig into the ground to a depth of 0.

5-0. 6 meters, and then concreted. All elements of the metal of the structure are processed by means of compounds, they prevent the formation of rust, and then they are painted.

U-shaped swing

They are structurally simpler and are made of side posts and crossbars. The stability will be provided by the upper corner strips, which connect the supports.

U-shaped structures are less stable, and therefore such a swing is deepened into the ground, with further concreting. When drawing up a plan, as well as a schematic representation of a model, it is important to consider certain points. The seats are suspended at a height of 0.5 to 0.6 meters, and a minimum indent of 0.

3 meters is made from the side supports.

Making a swing with your own hands from wood

Wood structures will naturally fit into the concept of landscape design. The farm always has materials for wood harvesting - logs, beams, boards. Convenience of processing, wood plasticity are another advantage, and unlike metal, they do not heat up so much in the sun. The durability of the structure can be imparted by means of treatment that prevent moisture from entering the material, paints and varnishes that form a film on the surface.

The frame is made with the same shape as for metal structures. To build a swing, choose a model, and then make its scheme. Before drawing, you need to decide what kind of wood will be used. Here is the layout for the three-seater swing.

Construction elements Dimensions of building material, cm Quantity
Support frame The beam will be a side support, 10 * 10 3 meters (that is, 4 pieces )
Crossbar Beam 8 * 8 cm 2.

5 running meters

Back and bench

  1. Bar 4.5 * 5. 6 cm (this is a frame)
  2. Edged board 3 * 10 cm
  3. Board for facing 2.6 * 4. 6 cm
  1. 12 running meters
  2. 6 meters
  3. 18 running meters


Self-tapping screws, bolts, metal corner, eye-nuts (swing fixing)

Measurements are made in meters, and the structural evenness is checked with a building level and a corner.

Parts are required to be cut with a saw, as well as an electric jigsaw. All are sanded with sandpaper, an angle grinder with a special attachment. A screwdriver is used to screw in self-tapping screws, and holes in the wood are made with a drill with drills of different diameters. We recommend watching a video of the simplest DIY wood swing assembly. The sequence of manufacturing a garden swing from metal according to the drawing is as follows:

  1. Metal garden swing drawings Make the marking of the workpiece according to the drawings - electric with a jigsaw, a saw, they cut the workpiece.

  2. Assembling the side posts of the A-shaped frame (we are talking about bars 10 * 10 cm). For stability, they need to be connected with side types of screeds (boards 3 * 10 cm), and then fastened with bolts.
  3. Fastening the finished side racks by means of a crossbar (beam 8 * 8 cm) by means of bolts, as well as metal corners.
  4. From bars 5.6 * 5.

    3 cm, a pair of frames is assembled - a seat (20 * 5 cm) and a back (20 * 6.5 cm), and a board needs to be sewn onto the frame for cladding with self-tapping screws.

  5. It is required to drill a hole in the crossbeam, insert a bolt, an eye nut and a connecting ring are fixed to it.
  6. Eye-nuts must be screwed to the edges of the bench and backrest, a cable is pulled through them (we are talking about a rope rope and a chain) and fastened to the crossbar.

Side types of posts of stationary types of structures should be longer by 0.

5-0. 6 meters. Before deepening into the ground, it is required to process them with agents that prevent moisture from entering the tree. The simplest method is bitumen coating.

How to make a swing for a garden from shaped pipes

This material is ideal in terms of the distribution of frame loads.

A simple welded type structure made of a 5 cm profile pipe will become the basis for creating a children's swing. Construction dimensions are:

  • Height 1. 8 meters.
  • Pitch width of the stack 1. 4 meters.

  • The width of the crossbars is 1.6 meters.
  • Seat (width) 0.5 meters.
  • The depth is 0.

    35 meters.

  • Height from the ground is 0.5 meters.

You will need:

  • A pair of bearings.
  • Metallic "ears" (loops) to which the swing is attached.

  • Boards for creating a seat.
  • A couple of meters of metal corner.
  • 16 meters of profile pipes with a cross section of 5 cm for racks.

It is important in advance to prepare the pit in order to concreting the supports (cement, sand, as well as a container for making mortar). You will need a welding machine, an angle grinder with attachment or metal saws, as well as an electric drill with a set of drills, a building level and a tape measure.

The assembly sequence is:

  1. First, you need to weld the A-shaped side struts, and there should be a step of 1. 4 meters between them. Remember that 0. 5-0. 6 meters of racks will go deeper into the ground and everything can be concrete.

  2. After that, install a crossbar with pre-welded metal hinges to the side supports.
  3. Metal corners can be used to assemble a seat frame by welding, and a profile tube (i.e. seat hangers) must be attached to it.
  4. Install the suspension structures on a crossbar with bearings.

Let's consider another type of swing.

How to make a cocoon swing

A swing made in the form of a cocoon is a peculiar form and the fact that it evokes the feeling of an association with secluded relaxation ... Photos and drawings of a metal garden swing are presented below.

You can make such a swing from:

  • Vines and rattan.
  • Folded polypropylene or plastic pipes.
  • Natural synthetic twine.
  • Welded and prefabricated metal structures.

This is not the whole list of materials from which the cocoon is made.

The main thing will be the manufacture of a solid base, that is, a frame. Metal hoops and arcs are decorated with various means, and the metal is treated with coloring compounds, wrapped with rope and woven material. The main thing is that you have a creative approach to work. How to make a do-it-yourself cocoon swing is shown in the video. Such a swing is usually fixed on a stationary wooden support, or to a metal profile.

Its creation requires certain working skills with such materials. It will be much easier to make a structure by attaching it to a suspended support with a lifting mechanism. The swinging effect is not achieved by millet through amplitude vibrations - the cocoon is suspended on strong springs, which are ways to withstand a person's weight.

The swing is made like this:

  1. Metal garden swing drawings Draw a skeleton diagram - recommended height cocoon for each person is 1-1. 4 meters, and the depth is 0.

    9-1. 2 meters, width 1-1. 2 meters. All indicators are chosen depending on the height and weight of family members.

  2. On the basis of the drawings, a cocoon frame is made, made of a hoop around the perimeter and 1-3 ribs for rigidity along the total radius.

    Additionally, everything is required to be reinforced with transverse types of jumpers made of metal plastic or plastic pipes.

  3. The third step is to decorate and fill the cocoon frame. Depending on the material, you can mask the wireframe or leave it open. The space between the stiffeners needs to be filled with twine (artificial or natural), rattan and fabric materials.
  4. The cocoon is attached to the suspension support by means of rigging connections for a chain, cable, rope and straps.

    They will be attached to the upper part of the frame, and if everything is suspended on a spring, then it is better to weld a metal ring at the assembly stage.

Pillows equipped with soft filler can be placed inside the cocoon.


It is required to start all work from the drawing in order to calculate everything correctly, and the mechanism was convenient, functional to use. A swing made with your own hands will give special pleasure, because imagination and inspiration are embedded in them. They will become a source of pride for the work done.