Metal nuts and facts about them

Metal nuts and facts about them The history of the nut - interesting and little-known facts about which you did not know exactly + a little about the wrench

There are so many unknowns in the world, but so interesting. Home craftsmen probably believe that they know everything about what is in their garage or tools, but not everyone knows the history of an ordinary nut, as well as interesting facts about it.

So let's take a look at the most unusual data about this fastener.

Overview of facts

Fact # 1 - the first nuts appeared in the 15th century

Metal nuts and facts about them Due to the constant improvement of weapons, as well as military tactics, it was necessary to constantly strengthen the armor of the soldiers, and to invent such high-quality armor that the warrior could move freely and at the same time successfully reflect the attacks of enemies.

This is how the first Milanese armor was created, and its main advantage was the high mobility of all parts - a plate skirt, cuirass, shoulder pads and greaves.

By the way, it was the shoulder pads that were attached to the cuirass with the help of well-known nuts. They played the role of a kind of hinges so that the hands, which are enclosed in bracers, could turn left and right (and this was not possible before), and even could be raised up.

Fact №2 - it takes only 1.5 minutes to manufacture individual elements of the nutrunner.

To release the rotor, which is a part of the engine, a special machine is used.

In it, the cutter enters the right and left in order to grind the blank to the finished part. This process takes exactly 90 seconds.

Fact # 3 - nuts are used in the new version of the "Rubik's cube" puzzle

The object is a cylinder with 2 nuts, and by rotating them you can set in motion the protrusions that are hidden directly inside the body. They must go through a labyrinth invisible to the human eye, and when overcoming it, an axis with a special code leaves the cylinder. If you communicate these numbers to the developers, then you will immediately become a participant in the puzzle solving tournament, and the prize fund is 5,000 pounds (380,000 rubles).

Fact # 4 - using a wrench, you can make an automatic ice ax from a hand tool

Back in 2009, a Swedish company called "Mora" began to produce special adapters that are designed to attach impact wrenches to a hand held ice ax. The production of such unusual adapters was focused mainly on the Russian market and, accordingly, buyers. So, now every angler will be able to assemble a tool for drilling holes on his own - you only need a screw, adapter and wrench. The manufacturer's only requirement is that the impact wrench must have a high torque (in no case less than 100 Nm) in order to be able to withstand heavy loads.Before you create your own automatic ice ax, you should definitely consult with the seller - will you extend the warranty period for the purchased tool for your particular case.

Fact №5 - there is a nut made of pure gold in the world

Metal nuts will not be a discovery for anyone, but the fact that in 1973 a nut was cast from pure gold gold when creating a golden saber is interesting. By the way, the saber itself was made as a reward for an athlete who participated in a fencing tournament. The championship was held in Brussels, and Polish, German and even Italian athletes fought for the title of the winner that year. But, oddly enough, the prize went to the Belarusian fencer, whose name was Viktor Sidyak, and he played for the USSR national team.

Fact No.

6 - a manual nutrunner is often called a meat grinder

In such a tool, the working mechanism has to be wound manually, and this is very similar to the principle of operation of a kitchen meat grinder - in the cutting elements start to rotate when you start turning the handle. Due to the similarity of actions, the wrench got such a second unspoken name.

Fact №7 - nuts are often used as bait for fishing

They are required in order to catch a large fish from the carp family, asp. It feeds only on small fish, because the asp has no teeth. If you polish the nut to a shine, then they will outwardly look very similar to the scales of fish, which glistens.

Experienced anglers use this to lure asps.

Fact # 8 - a wrench is a frequently invented micromobile in 1955

A scientist from the USSR Nurbey Gulia decided to design a self-propelled miniature car from a children's map. Its wheels are driven by a manual pneumatic wrench that operates from a carbon dioxide cylinder (that is, from a fire extinguisher). It was possible to drive such a car only a couple of kilometers, no more. But in the future, Gulia's developments helped in the creation of alternative sources of power for gasoline, as well as electricity, and they also formed the basis of the doctrine of energy storage.

Fact №9 - a large chapter in a literary work is devoted to nuts

In a novel called "Roadside Picnic", the authors of which are the Strugatsky brothers, nuts were required for in order to identify abnormal areas. The heroes of the book are stalkers, and they, throwing these fasteners in front of them, found that in front of them a zone of increased gravity.

Fact # 10 - there are children's wrenches in the world

Metal nuts and facts about them Very often children try to repeat all the actions of adults - they play scenes of life with their toys (like the popular game "mothers and daughters"), or try to fix something, like adults.

The popular German company Bosch began to produce children's models of impact wrenches, and their appearance is completely identical to professional tools.The chuck rotates and also runs on two replaceable batteries.

To avoid the risk of injury that the child can inflict on himself, only ABS plastic is used in the manufacture of toys. Moreover, all parts have rounded surfaces so that the wrench does not spoil furniture, and also does not damage real fixtures.

Fact №11 - there are sculptures that are made entirely of nuts

Manuel Martí Moreno uses nuts as the main material for creating sculptures. During the work, the details should be painted, polished, and even vice versa, artificially "aged", since much depends on what kind of idea the author is trying to implement. The main theme of creativity is people as well as events, but the highlight of each sculpture is its incompleteness.

So Moreno is trying to show that the development of the world has accelerated, and time flies by with incredible speed.

Fact No. 12 - the expression "tighten the nuts" came precisely from the principle of operation of the tool

A high torque is used to tighten the connections, and the nut itself is under pressure (i.e. a high force impulse) when working with high density materials.

If a person tries to influence other people, sets limits, toughens requirements, then his actions are characterized as "tightening the screws."

Fact №13 - the similarity of the ring and nut

Yes, this similarity could not go unnoticed by jewelers. As expected, there are many jewelry rings, including gold ones, that look very much like a nut. Wedding rings in the form of nuts are also quite popular, because they are original.

Fact # 14 - the body structure of the weevil beetle is better than the nut

For a long time, scientists believed that the threaded connection is a unique product of human intelligence, and nothing there is no such thing in nature.

In fact, in nature, everything is more perfect. So, in 2011, a group of scientists published an article on the structure of joints in weevils that live in New Guinea. It turns out that the legs of beetles are connected to the body by means of a trochanter, which is screwed into the basin (coke) - this is an analogue of the hip joint in insects. There are protrusions on the surface that strongly resemble a tapered screw. The surface of the coke is provided with a threaded recess, and this connection provides a secure attachment of the limbs, better than a hinge one.

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