Metal staircase: drawing, photo and calculations

Metal staircase: drawing, photo and calculations DIY metal stairs + drawings, diagrams

When you plan 2-3 floors in a residential building, you need to think over a structure that will lead to the upper tiers. A drawing of a metal staircase, which is created on the basis of measurements, helps to simplify the work and make the arrangement process accessible.

The construction of the stairs made of metal has all the required parameters of durability and safety. It is for this reason that they often place bets on this type of product.

Metal is almost unaffected by corrosion, helps to emphasize the style of the room advantageously and brings rigor and elegance to the design.

Metal stairs

Looking at the incredible variety of offered metal stairs, one can understand that even a person who does not have experience in such incarnations can make them with his own hands. The most important thing is to make a choice in favor of the structure that can be drawn, prepared and mounted in the space of the room or outside.


  1. Metal staircase: drawing, photo and calculations Ladders of metal that lead to the second floor, ways to come up with them in different design solutions.
  2. They can be painted in different colors, and therefore there is a chance to choose the perfect match for the main interior picture.
  3. The material is not corrosive when properly processed, which makes it possible to mount such structures in different humidity conditions, as well as in any climate conditions.

  4. The structure of the product is reliable and durable in terms of safety. The use of metal stringers makes the structure much stronger.
  5. Ladders can be simple or intricate.
  6. Installation of the product is very simple, and therefore it can be done even by two people.


  1. The main disadvantage is the bulkiness of the handrail and gangway.

    But due to the skill of modern developers, you can easily choose a scheme that will correspond to the maximum load for a particular room.

  2. Certain decorative elements and curves are difficult to implement without special skills.

Based on the priorities and cons of material and construction in general, you can make a choice in favor or even against this decision.


Staircase construction on stringers

A drawing of a staircase made of metal is much easier to make if the structure is equipped with stringers. This is due to the fact that it is required to calculate the distance for each foot and prepare materials that will be fixed on the base in the future.

Kosoura represent a base, that is, a base in the form of a future staircase. It can be made from different materials and can be attached as required in the room. Naturally, measurements are still required to purchase suitable stringers.The fact is that the design must correspond to the parameters of the space allocated for the stairs. The metal stringer ladder helps even inexperienced craftsmen to carry out installation tasks.

The main thing is that the staircase drawings are correctly made with a mark of the place where the gangway will be placed. And you also need to have on hand the materials and tools that are important for translating such an idea into your home.


Due to the fact that the gangways, which are equipped with the use of kosour, have earned a calling, and the positive qualities of such a solution are obvious:

  • This helps to simplify the workflow.
  • Allows you to easily organize the algorithm of actions.
  • Such designs are durable and strong.

  • At the expense of kosour, even an inexperienced craftsman or just a house owner will be able to implement the idea and make everything come true.
  • An element like this allows more time to be spent on elements and designers' experiments that decorate staircase designs for the second floor.

These are not all the advantages of stairs that are fixed on the kosoura, every owner of a country house will have all the advantages.


In the diagram of a metal staircase, it is required to correctly determine the size of the base under the steps so that the structure fits clearly into the interior design. It is not difficult to make such calculations.

It is easy to measure the height, slope and width of the installation.

How to make a drawing

It is very simple to make drawings with your own hands for metal stair structures. For this, it is required to measure the space where the steps that lead to the second floor will be placed.

Materials for measurement

In order to take measurements of the space, you need to have the following accessories at hand:

  • Construction tape with maximum length.
  • Surface level meter.

  • A specialized felt-tip pen or chalk that can be used to mark the floor, wall and ceiling as desired.

This is the minimum number of accessories that will help you quickly and efficiently carry out the measurement process.

Materials for the drawing

In order for the diagram to be as accurate as possible, and also correct, it is also necessary to prepare a number of clerical objects, or rather:

  • Compasses.
  • A4 sheet or whatman paper.
  • Ruler.

  • Sharpened pencils or black marker with a thin shaft.

It is required to draw the diagram carefully and carefully, so that during the direct installation process, do not allow errors that are difficult to correct.

What parameters need to be measured

In order not to be mistaken and competently make drawings with your own hands, you need to make the following measurements:

  1. Height from the floor surface to the beginning of the level on the second floor at a suitable inclined angle.
  2. Distance from floor to steps - if you plan to mount solid structures, reinforcing them on the floor, then such a measurement can be omitted.
  3. Distance from the highest step that is parallel to the ceiling.

    Such a space should be at least a couple of meters so that a person of any height, without bending, could climb to the second floor.

  4. To competently make metal stairs with your own hands, you need to determine the width of future steps. Moreover, they must be at least 1/4 meter.
  5. The height of the membrane under the step is still important to calculate. Its ideal size is 0.

    15 meters.

After taking measurements, you can transfer the recorded characteristics to a paper sheet, creating a diagram of future gangways.

Nuances that are important to consider in the process

When taking measurements, it is important to pay special attention to the following factors:

  • It is imperative to measure the height at a certain slope.
  • It is also important to consider that the height of the future gangway should be at the level of the 2nd floor, and not at the level of the ceiling of the 1st apartment tier.
  • When installing metal stairs in a house, it is important to take into account that such structures weigh a lot.

    For this reason, it is required to strengthen the walls before starting work or to make sure of the strength if the house was recently built.

Consider the types of stairs.

What can be metal stairs

The design of house staircase structures can be very different from each other, but each of them is worthy and they are often chosen by the owners of country country houses. Metal staircase designs can be different.


Such gangways help to maximize the storage of useful space in the room .

.. The steps favorably emphasize the design sophistication and add spark to the main picture of the spatial interior. The only thing that can be stopped is the difficulty of drawing up the drawing yourself. Without special skills, a person cannot cope with measurements, which are important for a complex design.

And the direct process of installing staircase structures requires a certain skill and skill. If you know about all the features of a spiral staircase, a person is able to implement ideas with the installation of a gangway structure. After the realization of the idea, the interior will be able to sparkle with new colors.


This option is usually used in order to realize ideas for the installation of structures stairs. For such an array, you can easily draw a diagram, even if you have not done this before.

Marching stairs can be straight, lead to the second floor or with turns (this will help save space). Measuring the parameters required for drawings of any kind of gangway is not difficult. It is enough that you have all the accessories and tools at hand. Direct installation of the structure is also elementary. It is required to follow step by step instructions.


There may be structures that lead to the second floor, holding on to the wall ... No props are installed under these structures. The base for the supporting and load-bearing structure is the wall.

For this reason, make sure the walls are strong and ready to withstand high loads before starting work. If yes, then you can equip hinged stairs made of metal. They will help you save space and also make your room look sophisticated.

What are the advantages of the drawings

When the structure for the future staircase is drawn, a person will facilitate the task in the process of assembling the gangway. This helps:

  • Make the editing process fast.

  • DIY drawings save money.
  • Include imagination in the process of developing a design plan.
  • Make the ladder you've dreamed of, not a company template.
  • Feel like a real owner of the house.
  • Eliminate common wall patterns at home.

  • Make the perfect structure that fits into the interior.

For this reason, it is required to pay tribute to the issue of independent execution of work on the drawings in planning the future stairs.

Metal stairs from the street

Metal is a material that can be used in all spaces. For this reason, the decision to equip the steps that lead to the second floor from the street side is quite acceptable.


  1. Metal staircase: drawing, photo and calculations Material will not deteriorate from the effects of climate factors.

  2. With proper processing with special means, it will last for many years without changing the original look.
  3. When equipping a stepped structure on the street, certain flaws can be made when measuring spaces, and certain measurements are not needed at all.
  4. Metal gangways fit perfectly under any house facades. It is enough just to paint the product in a color that matches the maximum.
  5. If you choose an exclusive design, with unusual lines or beautiful curves, you can decorate the view of the house from the street side.


No convenience in cold weather, and the steps can become slippery when precipitation falls. But this can be prevented by installing special stops on the stepped edges.

How to facilitate work

  1. Drawings of a staircase made of metal help to carry out the staircase installation process correctly and to the maximum. For this reason, this factor should not be neglected. A well-thought-out scheme helps to make all the elements of the steps practical, even sophisticated.

    The stepped structure helps to decorate, refine and add new solutions to the interior of a country house.

  2. But the work can still be facilitated by inviting friends or relatives to help. When working in pairs or three, the installation process will be performed much better and faster.The main thing is that you correctly distribute tasks among assistants.
  3. You can prescribe detailed step-by-step instructions for yourself in order to clearly follow it.

    This helps not only not to miss important details, each of which has a tangible effect on the final result of the work.

In order for everything to work out at the highest level, one should not hold oneself in such zeal. Naturally, it is not easy to draw and mount a metal staircase with your own hands. But such difficulties must be challenged and won. When a ladder made with your own hands appears in the house, a sense of pride will fill and inspire new victories.