metal, wood, lightweight, with forging elements- Ideas + Video

metal, wood, lightweight, with forging elements- Ideas + Video It is necessary to think about building a porch with a canopy at the initial stage of creating a house project, as well as planning a house plot. The formation of the porch is postponed for last during construction, but this does not mean at all that you need to forget about it and finish building it at a gallop.

Since the porch is the first to meet you at the entrance to the house, its design must be safe, especially if there are children and the elderly in the house, and comfortable.

The design of the porch of a private house with a canopy implies the construction of a canopy over the steps. Very rarely, a veranda or terrace roof acts as a roof.

The main functions of the canopy are to provide protection from the weather, sunlight, prevent the formation of an ice crust on the steps, as well as create an attractive appearance of the facade of the house.


What is a porch for

A porch with a canopy absorbs less moisture, thus preventing destruction and deformation under the influence of rain, snow, falling icicles and snow caps, the development of rot and mold.

It is very important to take a responsible approach to the choice of the construction of porch canopies. The use of massive variations makes the structure look gloomy, dark and unattractive. Green spaces and flower pots can remedy the situation.

Porch construction

It can be attached to the house, in particular to its foundation, or fixed on the load-bearing cross-members on the first floor.

Wooden canopy over the porch

When building a porch to a house, it is important to adhere to the rule of a harmonious combination of the shape and material of the visor with the design of the staircase. For example, wood is best combined with natural stone, metal, brick. You can tint wooden elements with an aged surface effect. For country private houses or summer cottages, a large canopy over the porch made of wood will be a good solution.

This option will be ideal for the same wooden buildings.

In the case of constructing a wooden porch with a canopy or metal, the canopy can be made of wood. The roof can be gable. The design is often complemented with carved railings. The completely wooden structure of the porch and visor, together with balusters, looks very nice.

In any case, the selection of the shape of the canopy is carried out taking into account the functionality and attractiveness.

There can be many options for porches with a canopy made of wood, and they will not always be limited to small sizes. The structure can be made larger and more colorful, complex architectural form with additional stone elements. To implement such grandiose ideas, you will need the hand of an experienced craftsman. Professionals know and use some secrets and nuances in working with such structures.

metal, wood, lightweight, with forging elements- Ideas + Video The combination of beautiful awnings over the porch made of wood with the roof of the terrace or veranda is quite popular. Very often they are designed as a single structure.To create a flight of stairs, 3 - 4 small steps are enough.

A porch overhang made of wood rarely protrudes beyond the boundaries of the porch entrance. A long visor requires additional stability.

For this purpose, support posts and stiffeners are used. The canopy frame can have metal or wooden struts as supports. You can also use a chain or cable to help reduce the load, but in practice they are rarely used.

Note. To simplify your task of building a porch, order a polycarbonate porch canopy.

Metal canopies with a plastic roof and a ladder created by welding are the simplest and most affordable porch options. The frame of the visor or canopy can be supplemented with decorative elements, forged parts, lanterns. The stairs are complemented with steel balusters and racks, carved wooden structures.

Considering the fact that metal has special strength, it can be used to create simple lightweight parts or a wrought-iron porch with a canopy. Low alloy steel is ideal for creating decorative elements due to its ductility.

Porch made of metal with a canopy

A canopy over the porch, created in the classic style, is made of metal. Despite all the variety of ideas for construction, the form of construction has its own implementation rules. A canopy is often made in the form of a gable roof, with a slope angle slightly less than that of simple structures.

Metal is used for the manufacture of the canopy frame. Thus, the resulting structure a priori cannot be light, on the contrary, it has a rather large weight, given that materials for roofing, as well as decorative elements, are attached to it.

In order for the porch to be able to support the weight of the structure, it is necessary to install sheer supports. Very often they are decorated in the form of columns, which are decorated with elements of forged metal or cast iron.

Possible options for constructing a roof in the form of an arch that unites the porch with the house. If desired, you can create an architectural composition of metal and natural stone. This option implies the use of a classic style in the design of the porch.

It is very important to strictly adhere to the specified proportions, to observe the clarity of the lines. Classical architecture loves columns, monolithic staircases with stone steps, porch with railings and balusters.

To create such a massive structure, the first step is to take care of a solid concrete base. Also, it is desirable to have experience in laying, scrupulously approach the choice of material for the frame and steps, support elements and external decor.

Popular options for a porch with a canopy

The main rule for the successful construction of a house is the harmonization of annexes and detached structures with a general view the main building.

This rule also applies to the porch of the house, since this is what you see before entering the building.Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the structure looks presentable. It is advisable to use granite and marble if your house is conceived in a monumental classical style, because a wooden structure and even metal will look, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

The same can be said about houses made of timber, such expensive natural materials simply will not fit into the overall look. For everyday life, which has nothing to do with rich estates and mansions, simple wooden structures are best suited.

The canopy over the porch made of wood can be supplemented with details, decorative elements, and made more perfect and attractive. Due to its low weight, the wooden canopy does not carry a large load on the facade of the building. A roof with dimensions of 120 cm x 150 cm weighs no more than 35 kg, and this makes it possible to fix it with anchor bolts or dowels. If the structure gets bored over time, it can be removed and remade in a new way. Wooden structures have a wonderful property of creating a feeling of comfort and warmth, which cannot be said about metal and glass.

Note. The canopy over the porch with your own hands must be designed in such a way that it matches the size of the area in front of the house.

metal, wood, lightweight, with forging elements- Ideas + Video Depending on how the area in front of the house is designed, a porch will be created. Large sizes provide for the presence of a lawn in front of the entrance, and, if possible, a place for a car park. This method makes it possible to demonstrate a certain style and standard of living.

Also, the large size of the porch will help to emphasize the beauty of the facade of the house. You can place flower pots, decorative elements on it.

A metal porch with a canopy is often used in cases where there is a limited space in front of the front door or it is covered with trees. Very often, a metal structure is created in a minimalist style, but at the same time it has special strength and reliability. In most cases, no foundation preparation is required for roof installation.

Screw piles are immersed in the soil, which are able to hold the pillars of the canopy supports and the stairs.

Welding of the steel frame is carried out following the generally accepted scheme for constructing a domed or pitched roof. If the construction of the porch is not provided for large sizes, then 1 - 2 support racks are enough in order to cover the area in front of the first step of the stairs or part of it. This design option is considered the most convenient if there are children and the elderly in the house. The canopy canopy over the porch prevents the formation of ice on the steps, which can create a traumatic situation.

Quite often, a porch with a canopy is used as a small veranda or gazebo. If the dimensions allow, if you wish, you can put a small table with chairs or a rocking chair here, and enjoy the fresh air with a cup of tea or coffee in your hands.

Variants of canopies over the porch

Often, a shed roof is used as a canopy and canopy over the porch. This is the simplest construction to carry out. Even someone who has never done this before can cope with the task.

Material and related costs will be low.

The lean-to canopy over the porch harmoniously fits into various compositions of the porches, as well as the general appearance of the house. Various materials are suitable for their manufacture, the choice of which you can make at your discretion.

For those who find the single-slope version too boring, there are other types of structures: concave canopy, single-slope with a valance, convex, gable, dome, arched.

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