Methods to paint a window sill with your own hands

Methods to paint a window sill with your own hands How to paint a plastic window sill with your own hands - recommendations

Window sills, as well as other objects in the house or apartment, require repair work or replacement. By the way, repairs will be much cheaper than installing new products, and therefore you should know how to paint a window sill with your own hands, which are made of wood, plastic or other materials.

Window sill restoration - tools and materials. The coating of any window-shed surfaces after a while becomes unusable and lose its aesthetic appearance, but the situation can be corrected by restoring the old coating and painting it. Before starting work, you should buy materials and tools that will be required in the process of restoring the window sill.


The following tools will be needed to update coverage:

If we are just talking about building materials, you should buy the following:

  • Priming solution.
  • Rinse.
  • Putty mortar.
  • Paint and varnish material.

So, how to paint windowsills made of materials of natural origin?


Features of surface painting made of natural materials

A window sill made of natural material - concrete or wood - is not recommended to be painted over an old paint layer, because it could peel off, crack and swell under the influence of water and temperature changes ... For this reason, the surface should first be prepared for a new coating, and only then painted. The restoration process for window sills made from natural materials consists of the following stages.

Removing the old paint coat

There are several ways to do this and are described below. When carrying out work, it is required to perfectly ventilate the room, because each of the methods is toxic:

  1. By means of a special wash, under the influence of which the paint and varnish old material becomes soft, like plasticine, and then it is removed with a spatula (this method suitable for wood concrete surface).
  2. By means of a building hair dryer, which can soften the old coating, and after that it can be easily removed with a spatula (this method is suitable for wood types of coatings).
  3. By means of sanding paper - first, sand the paint with coarse sandpaper, then apply medium, and finish with fine. This method allows you not only to remove the old coating, but also to level the surface of any materials.

Before the next step.

Irregularities filler

If there are cracks or pits, they must be sealed.This requires first dusting the surface, priming, and then directly applying the putty using a spatula. After perfect drying, the putty should be sanded with small sheets of sandpaper to a perfectly smooth state.

Protecting surfaces that adjoin the window sill

To keep the window frame clean, it should be covered with masking tape.

Moreover, cover the floor with newspapers or even film.


For a smooth surface, the paint should be poured in an even layer with a thickness of 0. 2-0. 3 cm, and then it should be leveled with smooth movements with a spatula.

Painting a plastic window sill

So, how to paint a plastic window sill with your own hands? The fact is that plastic window sills after a while begin to lose their snow-white color, turn yellow, and various spots and scratches may appear on it.

But you can return it to its original appearance by painting it. The restoration process includes the following steps:

  1. Methods to paint a window sill with your own hands Clean the surface of the windowsill from grease, dirt, or by means of a cleaning products and sponges.
  2. Sand the surface with the finest sandpaper.
  3. Prime the surface with a special plastic primer and, if necessary, fill in deep scratches.
  4. Re-sand the surface of the window sill, clean it from the formed dust.

  5. Window frame, floor surface and battery should be pasted over and protected with masking tape and tape or newspaper.
  6. Paint the PVC window unit with a spray can that is designed for plastic automotive parts or with an enamel compound that works with a primer.

Consider the types of paints.

Choice of paintwork materials

Before starting the restoration process, you should consider different options for paints and varnishes and understand how to paint plastic window sills and surfaces made of materials of natural origin. For natural materials, it is better to use the following types of paints:

  • Alkyd enamel - it is characterized by elasticity, durability, water resistance, it dries quickly, does not lose its color and will not turn yellow.

  • Acrylic - the paint is odorless, easy to apply, dries quickly, is "breathable" (that is, it can let air through), durable and strong.

For a PVC window sill, it is better to select the following types of paints and varnishes:

  1. Aerosol for car plastic. Apply evenly and can be applied in multiple coats. It is characterized by strength, durability, has a wide range of colors, and therefore you can easily choose the required option.
  2. Alkyd-urethane or polyurethane.

    Paints are resistant to damage (do not scratch and do not wear out), perfectly transmit temperature changes, and can also withstand huge loads and have a large, unusual range of colors.

So now a little safety precautions.

Safety measures during restoration

So, if you decide to paint a window sill with your own hands to renew, you should take precautions, because some materials will be harmful and toxic to health or human skin:

  • When working with flushing agents or a building hairdryer, the room should be thoroughly ventilated, and the skin of the hands can be protected with rubber gloves.
  • When sanding the surface with sandpaper, it is recommended to use a gauze bandage so as not to inhale the dust from the old coating.
  • When staining a window sill, gloves and a gauze bandage are also required, and especially when working with aerosol products.

It turns out that any window sills can be restored and given an aesthetic appearance. To do this, you need to remove old paint, rub out cracks, scratches, level the surface with putty, and also choose the right paint and varnish material.

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