Mineral wool as a possible cause of dangerous diseases: harmful components and types of diseases

The main components that make up mineral wool, including natural raw materials from rocks, can negatively affect our body and lead to serious diseases.

Modern houses cannot be imagined without insulation, which significantly save wall thickness due to the ability to store heat. Mineral wool is a widespread type of insulation. It is made on the basis of natural raw materials, and on the basis of this fact, manufacturers declare the environmental friendliness and safety of the product. But this is not at all the case.

Mineral wool and its components

All the main components of mineral wool can cause dangerous diseases. Let's look at it in order.

The natural component is natural rocks, which are melted and drawn into fibers during the production of mineral wool. The finished product - fibrous mineral wool - constantly releases fluff and dust particles of various sizes into the air. Once in the human body, the components of natural raw materials - oxides of aluminum, potassium, calcium, silicon and other elements of the periodic table - have a fibrogenic effect and can cause pulmonary fibrosis, severe forms of which are incurable.

In the course of the manufacture of mineral wool, waste of metallurgical production - charge and slag is added to the natural rock in the melt. It contains compounds of heavy metals: lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, etc. Only the lazy did not write about the harm of heavy metals. Lead destroys the nervous system, kidneys, blood. Cadmium is also dangerous for the central nervous and circulatory systems, disrupts metabolism.

Excess copper is deposited in the liver, kidneys, endocrine glands and other organs, destroying them. A large amount of zinc can negatively affect the intestines, cause poisoning.

Mineral wool as a possible cause of dangerous diseases: harmful components and types of diseases

More details about the dangers of natural components are described in the article of St. Petersburg scientists from the University of Railways (PGUPS) "Assessment of the risk of damage to health when exposed to fine dust of mineral wool."

By themselves, mineral fibers will quickly disintegrate; binders are used to form an integral structure of mineral wool.

For this purpose, phenol-formaldehyde resins are used. These are even more harmful components. Both resins and substances from which they are made and then emitted into the atmosphere - phenol and formaldehyde - according to the classification of toxic substances according to GOST 12. 1. 007-76 have a second hazard class.

The same class is assigned to poisons such as chlorine and bromine, as well as phosgene, which is used as a chemical weapon of asphyxiation.

Vapors of phenol and formaldehyde, released from mineral wool into the atmosphere, when entering the human body, can negatively affect the central nervous system, cause poisoning. Formaldehyde is capable of irritating the eyes and respiratory tract, causing allergenic and carcinogenic effects.All this is said in many official documents, including in the technical specifications for thermal insulation plates made of mineral wool GOST 9573-2012.

Why is the insulation of walls with mineral wool dangerous?

Pneumofibrosis, cancer, poisoning, diseases of the nervous system, allergies and a variety of ailments from heavy metals, which are simply impossible to list within the framework of the article, - this is what lies in wait for residents of houses with wall insulation with mineral wool.