Mirror paint - characteristics, properties, scope

Mirror paint - characteristics, properties, scope Aerosol mirror paint - properties and application features

Chrome-plated parts, objects and products attract attention with their expensive appearance, and this is not surprising at all. Various elements, accessories and details with their shiny surface help to give the interiors of premises, cars and other objects a chic look. It is for this reason that mirror paint is currently widely used to decorate the design of various surfaces!

Mirror-type emulsion, which should be applied subject to a large number of conditions and rules, makes it possible to obtain a specific coating that can fully imitate perfectly polished metal surface.

This effect can be created due to the fact that in the composition of special paints there are small particles of the metal itself, as well as an unusual varnish composition. It is due to such a combination of components that a very thin layer is obtained during application, which is able to form a shiny, perfectly smooth surface on almost all objects.

The range of application of such a novelty in the field of paints and varnishes is increasing every year, and the popularity of such an invention is only growing.

How chrome paint appeared

Chrome products are ways to constantly attract attention with their incredible brilliance. The very same chromium plating technology received rapid development only in the middle of the twentieth century. By the way, this type of coating is most widespread in the field of plumbing. With proper care, this type of item is always capable of pleasing the eye with extraordinary brilliance and irresistibility.

At one time, this composition was widespread in the field of automotive construction. This is especially true for North American car manufacturers back in the 1950s and 1960s. If you look closely at the cars of that time, you will notice that they almost shone like diamonds due to the abundance of chromium. The moldings, bumpers, side-view mirrors, a large number of overlays are all chrome-plated, and aesthetically they look very beautiful and also provide an excellent anti-corrosion coating.

But such an achievement of the effect was possible only when manufactured in a factory and with strict discipline to comply with complex technology.

Even if there was even a small indent from the technological process, it threatened that chrome began to flake off from the metal. At that time, there was also a drawback - chrome plating could only be applied to metal surfaces. Progress moves, does not stand still, and at the moment it is possible to chrome all kinds of surfaces. However, real chrome plating even now remains the lot of enterprises and industries. This is directly related to the fact that the deposition of metallic chromium is an electrical process.

An alternative method of applying metallic chrome will be the "chrome effect" paint.Here you can use two options at once - we are talking about the use of compositions using the most common spray gun and liquid inside the cans. The first option can be divided into simple staining using a thermal treatment method.


Characteristics and composition of the product

As noted earlier, on Today there are two main types of mirror effect paints. One-component paints and varnishes are available in cans, and spray chrome paint has found widespread use among ordinary users when painting a small-sized product that does not require a mirror finish is required.

The second type of paint is required for professional staining, and here the compositions are produced in cans, and the funds include two components at once. Consider the type of composition in spray cans. Mirror chrome paint for metal is just one type of paint that is available in spray cans. But the nomenclature of paints is wide enough, and manufacturers offer various colors of paints for a chrome effect.

The greatest distribution could be obtained by special compositions with an additive in the form of aluminum powder.

The can then contains microscopic aluminum particles. The composition of such emulsions will include nitrocellulose base varnishes, and the varnish will play the role of a reliable fixer, which gives stability to the dried paint layer. To obtain a mirror effect, special components must be added to the composition, which contribute to obtaining reflective properties and uniform distribution of aluminum powder on the surface of the painting.

Advantages and disadvantages of aerosol formulations

Compared to two-component paints, which are intended exclusively for professional use, chrome paint in aerosol cans has many advantages.

Main advantages of one-component material:

  1. Mirror paint - characteristics, properties, scope The paint is ready for use right from the start, and this is its biggest advantage.

    It is enough to shake it for 1 minute, and then it can be sprayed onto the desired surface.

  2. Glass, plastic and wood lend themselves well to coloring.
  3. To use this type of dyes, no additional equipment is required - a spray gun, a compressor and other tools. This will ensure the possibility of its use in almost any conditions and significantly reduce the cost of the process, and also makes it possible to process hard-to-reach surfaces.
  4. There is a wide variety of chrome colors in spray cans.

  5. Other positive aspects include ease of storage, as well as ease of removal if necessary.

To summarize all of the above, it can be noted that chrome paint in aerosol cans is an excellent option for use for amateur purposes. Naturally, it is quite convenient to use such compact paint formats, but with the many advantages of this type of dyes, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages.

The main disadvantages of paint in a spray can:

  1. Mirror chrome effect, which many want to get at the output, is not always possible. Most often, the surface simply becomes a light silvery effect, and this is largely due to the composition, as well as the components of emulsions in a similar format.

  2. The painting process requires careful preparatory work on the surface, as well as adherence to the application technology. Compounds, in particular with a specular effect, are quite sensitive to dust. This must be taken into account when painting, and the room itself where the composition will be applied should be as clean and protected as possible from drafts, as well as the ingress of cold air.
  3. Liquid from spray cans is suitable only for painting small-sized surfaces.
  4. If it is planned to use several cans at once in one application, then you should take into account the fact that they may even differ in shade from each other, and for this reason we strongly recommend buying paint in cans from the same manufacturer, as well as the same shade.

Now for some tips for using paint.

Recommendations for use

Each type of paint and varnish product will provide for a certain range of areas where they can be used. Mirror spray paint in cans is also not suitable for all surfaces.

There are several recommendations for using this type of emulsion:

  • Mirror paint - characteristics, properties, scope The best effect can be obtained when using formulations from world and famous manufacturers. It is best to abandon unpopular brands in favor of famous companies - even if it comes out more expensive, but the result will definitely be worth it.

  • The application of the paint composition requires a certain skill and prior to painting the product, a practice painting is required to fill the hand.
  • Training is also required in order to learn in time to prevent smudges, which will significantly reduce the visual appeal of the final product.
  • It is not recommended to use such a colorant on flexible plastic surfaces.
  • If you plan to further coat the painted product with a varnish, then you should select the desired composition in advance. Otherwise, there is a likelihood of damage to the paint coating, and this can lead to the need to repeat the painting process.

Compliance with such recommendations makes it possible to reduce the time spent on work, and also save money.

Painting different surfaces

The principle of using mirror-type chrome paint in spray cans is common for any surfaces,

but still here it is worth considering certain features when painting metal and other surfaces.

  1. Painting of metal surfaces. Basically, such emulsions are used specifically for metal. First you need to thoroughly clean the surface before painting.

    Next, you need to perform anti-corrosion treatment, and also degrease the surface. All damaged areas must be putty, sanded, and then polished, and then cleaned again. If necessary, apply a primer solution, and when it dries, polish. Before spraying, the can with the paint and varnish material should be shaken thoroughly for at least 1 minute. The paint is applied in a thin layer, and to achieve the full effect of chrome plating, several layers may be required, definitely at least three.

    Polishing may be required when completely dry.

  2. Dyeing of plastic products. Before staining, the plastic should be polished as best as possible, after which it is imperative to apply a primer solution, since otherwise the staining may be short-lived. It is recommended to warm up the surface a little before application, and after drying, polishing will be required.

As you can see, staining and preparation for the process for different surfaces have a lot in common.

The best manufacturing companies

Chrome paint with a mirror effect has gained quite a lot of popularity, and the popularity of the material is growing every day.

For this reason, we propose to consider the most popular means:

  1. RUSN Rower is a very inexpensive paint and varnish option, the cost of which is no more than 340 rubles. The spray can has an excellent spray and can give the desired effect from just one layer of paint. But keep in mind that this type of paint is definitely not suitable for use when painting a car, and such a spray is more suitable for applying graffiti.
  2. Bosnu CHROME is a very budget option that can be used to paint small-sized metal parts.

    For a more lasting effect, the use of varnish is recommended.

  3. Сhrоme Еffеt - today it is the most popular paint among those who want to update their car relatively inexpensively. The option is not the cheapest, but the manufacturer gives the most worthy look of the end result from the use of the product, which looks like a real chrome finish.

Today there are many types of mirror chrome paint, and an incredibly large range of colors makes it possible even for ordinary people to use chrome paint without special training and skills.

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