Models and Rating- Prices + Videos

Models and Rating- Prices + Videos BAXI is an Italian manufacturer of space heating equipment that has won an excellent reputation among customers. The main feature of the company is the introduction of advanced technologies and innovations designed to make our life comfortable.

Also, BAXI is constantly monitoring consumer requests, improving the quality of its products. BAXI double-circuit gas boilers are very popular, and it is worth noting that it is well deserved.

We advise you to learn more about the characteristics of these boilers before purchasing, this will facilitate your choice.

Boilers have a lot of advantages, while having their own characteristics.

Models and Rating- Prices + Videos

Advantages of BAXI boilers

Boilers from this manufacturer are designed for use in regions with difficult climates. The efficiency is at a high level, the strength indicators are also not lagging behind. Baksi gas boilers are characterized by reliability and long service life. In addition, many models are equipped with a special system that allows self-diagnostics.

Each model taken separately has its own performance indicators. This primarily affects the cost of boilers. The equipment is installed by professionals, which guarantees the quality of work and avoids mistakes.

There are many service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation. The price range ranges from models available to many consumers to the most expensive and elite ones.

Remarkable is the fact that even inexpensive boilers have a full range of functions, so no one will be disadvantaged.

General information about Baksi boilers

Nuances of operation of double-circuit gas heating boilers BAXI

BAXI is famous for which produces boilers that have a solid body and a reliable automatic control system. The system is tuned to regulate the operation of the nodes. The design of the equipment has a burner and thanks to its presence the functioning of the combustion chamber is controlled.

In addition, boilers are equipped with strong expansion vessels and heat exchangers of two types:

  1. Models and Rating- Prices + Videos Double - consists of two parts.

    The first part has a copper tube and heat transfer plates. The second is necessary for heating water, which is used in everyday life.

  2. Bithermal. This heat exchanger of the Baksi gas boiler consists of two tubes with different diameters. The tubes are inserted into one another.

    The part with a small diameter is used for water that comes for household use, with a large size for heating the radiator.

Gas boilers for heating a private house Baksi work in two directions. One circuit is directed to space heating according to the principle of hot water flow into radiators. The other is used to heat the water that we need for everyday life. Gas acts as fuel in these boilers.

Water acts as a carrier of energy and moves through the heat exchanger.

The principle of operation is to burn fuel and heat the heat exchanger. A pump is connected to work, pumping water for domestic use. The temperature of the water entering the radiator rises to 35 ° C - 80 ° C. Upon reaching the set temperature, the intensity of the gas flow decreases.

Thus, the boiler is rebuilt to standby mode. The heating medium is heated with the lowest level of force. After a minute, the boiler reaches its highest rate.

BAXI floor-standing double-circuit boilers are equipped with an electric ignition function. This process is controlled by an automatic system.

This allows you to maintain the required temperature. It is very good if there is a filter in the boiler. This will allow you to cleanse the water from various impurities, because in most cases it is rather hard. Filters prevent limescale build-up.


Wall mounted gas boiler BAXI has a high level of compliance with environmental standards. The presence of an automatic system guarantees the safety of using the equipment in the house.

Series of gas double-circuit boilers BAXI

  • Primer - condenser boilers with a capacity of 4.5 - 33 kW. The efficiency is 110%.

    The boilers are equipped with a biometric heat exchanger, which saves about 35% of fuel per year. The combustion chamber is made from a composite. This makes it possible to drown out extraneous noise. This is the key to the silent operation of the boilers. Boilers of this type are equipped with an automatic control system that regulates the operation of the equipment, taking into account the weather.

  • Luna - condensing boilers with an output of about 65 kW. The efficiency is 110%. This equipment is installed outdoors. Baksi Luna gas boilers can operate at an air temperature of 15 ° C. Have a self-diagnosis system.

    Equipped with two modes of operation. There should be no difficulties with the control system, since it is quite simple and understandable. To set the required parameters, you will have to spend no more than 1 minute. The main components are diagnosed by the control system.

  • Eco - a series of boilers with a capacity of about 24 kW.

    The efficiency is up to 93%. The main advantage of this type of boilers is the ability to work without interruption even with drops in water pressure. The Baksi Eco compact gas boiler operates on natural and liquefied gas, has a high level of environmental friendliness with the ability to connect a boiler.

  • Nuvola - a series of equipment for heating a home of the 3rd generation, with a capacity of 32 kW. The efficiency is 93.

    2%. The boilers are equipped with a large stainless steel boiler with a capacity of 60 liters. It is a kind of large water heater that can operate at low pressure, and is equipped with a temperature sensor.

  • Main Four 24 - boilers of the 5th generation, in which nanotechnology is embodied. This equipment can satisfy the desires of many consumers.

    The power of the boilers is within 24 kW. The efficiency is 92.9%. The use of advanced technologies makes it possible to use boilers in harsh climatic conditions. Baksi Mine 24 gas boilers are equipped with a bithermal heat exchanger, which allows, when hot water is turned on, to heat it for domestic use.

    An automatic bypass provides regulation and changeover.

Models and Rating- Prices + Videos

Operating principle

Boilers are equipped with a circulation pump, which has the ability to remove air from the system. Ignition is provided in an electronic mode, in addition, the boilers are equipped with a temperature control unit and a draft sensor.

Models and Rating- Prices + Videos Double-circuit gas boilers Baksi Main Four 24 have a liquid crystal display on which all system indicators are displayed. Also, the package includes a self-diagnosis unit, protection against overheating and scale formation.

In addition, there is frost protection. The temperature in the radiators is maintained by the automatic machine. There is a warm floor mode. The price of this gas double-circuit boiler Baxi 5 24 F ranges from 40 thousand rubles.

When purchasing a double-circuit boiler, you must take care of the possibility of purchasing a coaxial chimney.

It is made from tubes with different diameters. They must be inserted into each other. Combustion products pass through the smallest tube.

The pipe of maximum size has the function of providing air access to the boiler. Also, there are times when the chimney is made separate.

The BAXI product range includes floor standing turbo boilers. These are a kind of small home boiler rooms. The main part of boilers is a fan, which carries out the function of removing combustion products and supplies air to the equipment. Such operation of the boiler allows to increase its productivity. The power of these boilers is very high.

So, the decision has been made, the choice was made on a double-circuit gas boiler BAXI. Next, you need to calculate the power of the unit. Typical values ​​are in the range of 1 kW per 10 m². from this it follows that for an ohm area of ​​120 - 150 m² it is necessary to buy a 12 kW boiler. But, in any case, take into account the heat loss, as well as the level of insulation of the house.

To get accurate calculations, contact the professionals. In this case, the chimney is of great importance. It must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the combustion chamber.

How to be prepared for malfunctions?

The most frequent malfunctions of Baksi double-circuit boilers include:

  • Scale build-up on biothermal heat exchangers. To avoid a problem, it is better to mount them where there is the least amount of salt in the water.

    Cleaning should be done annually.

  • Weak chimney draft leads to unstable operation of the boiler equipment. To fix the problem, the chimney must be cleaned periodically.
  • There are situations when when you open two taps at the same time, warm water flows from one, and boiling water from the other. To solve the problem, you need to install a post-circulation pump or a thermostat to control the boiler.

Note. Condensing double-circuit boilers acquire energy from gas combustion and from decomposition products.


Summing up, we will try to systematize all the advantages and features of the operation of double-circuit boilers BAXI:

  • Advanced technologies ensure stable operation of equipment;
  • Automatic operation and self-diagnostic function;
  • Saving fuel resources;
  • Instant adaptation to changing operating conditions;
  • Maintaining a certain temperature in the circuits thanks to electronic modulation of the fire;
  • Composite hydraulics guarantee a long service life;
  • The thermal control system ensures stability in case of overheating;
  • The presence of built-in and portable consoles makes it possible to operate the boiler without hindrance;
  • Boilers built into the system supply hot water instantly;
  • Thought-out to the smallest detail units guarantee the quality of work.