Modern design of a large kitchen: the best ideas of the Internet

Modern design of a large kitchen: the best ideas of the Internet Design of a large kitchen: in a private house, apartment

When a person starts repairs, he begins to think over everything to the smallest detail - and finishes for the floor, and for the walls, and for the ceiling. Do not forget that you should also choose your accessories wisely. If you have a large, light and spacious kitchen, then you are unlikely to encounter problems when arranging it. For most people, the kitchen is the real heart of the house, since it is in this place that the whole family gathers together at one table.

Those who are the happy owners of a large area should divide it into several zones and develop a special design for a large kitchen.



  • The work area is where you will prepare your food.
  • The dining room is where all breakfasts and dinners will take place.
  • Recreation areas where you can stay with friends while drinking coffee and watching TV.

A spacious room can be decorated in the style of art deco, country, minimalism, hi-tech. Since this is a special space for each family member, let's take a closer look at the proposed styles, and how they differ.

Style Design Features


In this case, mainly natural materials are used. The rubbing of pieces of furniture and the patina of antiquity present on them will also be appropriate. There are no contrasts and bright shades in the color palette.


This design will differ in its practicality. , which means, let's say "no" to unnecessary items! The room is mostly full of daylight, free space and air.

Straight lines, smooth surfaces, technological materials and multifunctional devices will be inherent in this direction.

Art Deco

Mixing of styles of China, Africa, Egypt with the traditions of Europe. In such rooms, there are many geometric patterns, namely stripes, trapeziums, curved lines. Art Deco is distinguished by the fact that the style itself is luxurious and at the same time multifunctional.


In this case, you will need to correctly think over good lighting, ease of decoration and also that all elements are functional.

Note that very good lighting is required for large kitchens. For this reason, care will need to be taken to have large windows and good localized lighting.

For those with a large area, there is a great opportunity to create their own meta kitchen. To make the room cozy and stylish, you should hang a picture and place small decorative elements in it.It will be great in the recreation area if you buy beautiful textiles - put soft pillows on the chairs, decorate the table with a cute tablecloth and beautiful lace napkins.

This will help make the room as comfortable and warm as possible.

Choosing a headset

Thinking over the design of a large modern kitchen in an apartment, you should pay attention to what kind of furniture you buy. For a large room, you can make a choice in favor of massive furniture, which will be made of different materials and have different colors. An excellent choice is an island kitchen, or a U-shaped kitchen. It will be possible to correctly divide the territory and make it more functional.

A kitchen set can be bought ready-made, complete, or you can order everything according to your individual design. The second option is more practical, since you can choose not only the materials for making furniture, but also functionality, spaciousness, design, perhaps order some chips "for yourself" (for example, a retractable tabletop).

It is quite difficult to bring such a kitchen design to life, since you should correctly approach the selection of lighting, color design and division into zones. Before how to decide on the model of a headset for the kitchen, you should:

Please note, that when thinking over the design of a kitchen set, you should not forget about engineering communications and how you have marked outlets and switches inside the room.

If you follow all the tips and rules, you will only get pleasure from being in the kitchen. In the design of a large kitchen in a private house, a separate place can be allocated for various household appliances. So, in the room you can conveniently place a hob, oven, dishwasher, microwave.

In order to get a truly thought-out kitchen design, you must first make it visually.

Important! When arranging furniture, do not forget about the triangle rule, namely, that the stove, refrigerator and sink must be correctly located.

Design Details

Country Design

Modern design of a large kitchen: the best ideas of the Internet The rustic style, which is called "country", is quite popular for spacious kitchens. For such an interior, it is customary to use only natural materials, namely brick, wood and natural stones. Painted or lacquered cabinets, rough metal, lots of wood and natural, warm colors are the main hallmarks of the rustic style.

When creating a country-style room, it is worth considering a huge number of nuances, for example, the fact that simplicity and rudeness are relevant for this direction. On furniture you can often find a touch of antiquity, scuffs.Do not focus on bright colors and contrast.

Agree that there is still some kind of charm. You can decorate the room with handmade tablecloths, as well as beautiful curtains with traditional patterns.

The use of floral and floral motifs will also be characteristic of the direction of the rustic style. You can use textiles or polka dots.

Please note, that such an interior reflects folk art and national identity. If you want the room to be designed with a Russian bias, then you should put a matryoshka doll, a samovar and use openwork textiles.

A particularly warm and cozy country style looks like it was taken from vintage photographs of the last century, and is also ideal for rooms where you can abstract from the tedious everyday life.

It should be noted that in such an interior it is unacceptable to use plastic products, chrome-plated or glossy surfaces and modern decorative means made of artificial materials.

Country elements for a modern large kitchen

Modern design of a large kitchen: the best ideas of the Internet If you want to recreate country, you should start from the floor surface. It can be finished with wooden boards, or porcelain stoneware slabs, natural stone. Laminate or parquet will be appropriate here. When finishing the surface of the ceiling, use whitewash, wood or stretch ceiling.

A combination of natural wood and whitewash will look actual, wooden beams look very beautiful against the background of whitewash.

But for walls in such an interior, it would be wise to use warm and delicate tones, decoration in the form of decorative plaster, tiling and wallpapering. Also, do not forget about using stripes, floral motifs, polka dots and other similar prints during finishing work. As you can see, the country-style interior is a rather original and at the same time practical solution.

Even modern wall panels can be used to recreate a rustic interior.

If everything is left in the brickwork, it will add charm and originality to the room. Brick matches perfectly with paint or natural wood. As for the furniture, it must be made of real solid wood or chipboard. It will be an advantage to use old fashioned and massive cabinets. For the design of a large kitchen with a living room in the house, it will be correct to use dark furniture, and chairs and tables can be textile, wicker and wooden.

Arrange the dishes with polka dots or flowers, and a kerosene lamp with a candelabrum can be installed to make the atmosphere as homely and cozy as possible.

Minimalism is a part of modern design

In many European countries, minimalism is quite popular, since it is in this design that there are no unnecessary items.

Its advantages include:

  • Modern design of a large kitchen: the best ideas of the Internet Strict, sharp lines.
  • Simplicity
  • Contrast of the color palette.
  • Functionality.

  • Freedom of space.

Minimalist kitchens are often found in modern apartments in big cities and metropolitan areas. Such kitchens look quite unusual and style. As a material for finishing the wall surface, you should pay attention to plain wallpaper, since the use of variegated and bright colors is unacceptable in such a design. In addition to wallpaper, wall panels, decorative types of plaster mixes, paint can be used to decorate the walls.

To design an apron, it is advised to use organic glass, tiles or wood panels. The floor can be finished with ordinary stone, linoleum or ceramic tiles, and the ceiling can be simply made light and uncluttered.

The ideal option is white stretch ceilings without decorations with a matte surface. Lighting plays an equally important role in minimalism. It must be bright, and for this, use powerful lighting lamps, glass plastic lamps of various geometric shapes, which will evenly distribute the light throughout the room.

Windows can be arranged like this:

  • Blinds.
  • Sheer light curtains.
  • Roller blinds.

Curtains should be pastel shades. Furniture must have the correct geometric shapes.

Interior features in the loft style

The loft style speaks for itself, and implies a lot of free, open space. To create a loft-style kitchen, zoning should be done correctly. You can divide a room into several zones using two main methods - using pieces of furniture or various decorative finishes. This is a kind of rejection of the framework and complete freedom for self-expression.

Loft was born in times of poverty, when there was no glamor and luxury at all.

Such an interior is characterized by walls with a rough finish, antiques, large windows without curtains or curtains. The design should be well thought out, and be multifactorial and multifaceted. During the decoration of the walls, you can leave your usual brickwork. You can finish with decorative panels, and also apply plaster and create a scuffed effect. Concrete and polished stone also look very beautiful.

If you want something luxurious and simple at the same time, designing a large kitchen in a loft-style home is the right solution. For a spacious room, you can use several shades at once, and the floor can be paved with stone, deck boards or porcelain stoneware.

But keep in mind that in no case should you use linoleum, carpet or parquet!

This design will show your non-standard solution. As for the ceiling, it should be decorated with beams, wood paneling, or simply painted with dark paint.To design a large kitchen space, you can experiment with different shades - brick red, bright lemon, light blue, purple or blue.

For a classic design, use steel, white, dark green, brown, gray. Such a kitchen is a space for comfort and technology.

Color solutions

Using the right color scheme, you can even cheer up and create an original and beautiful room design. Since people cook and eat in this place, color matching plays an important role. It is best to use those colors that help to play out the appetite - bright red, orange, green.

Choosing the right color will help you create the most "delicious" room in your home, be it an apartment or a private house.

There is also a list of colors that are suitable for those who are constantly on a diet, namely gray, black, blue, blue, white. When choosing a color scheme in the kitchen, consider not only your own preferences, but also the size of the room. In the end, it is worth noting that if you have a large kitchen, you should think over the use of space wisely, show your own imagination or use the advice of designers.